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Description of Diabetes Connect

With Diabetes Connect you have your diabetes under control at all times, regardless of where you are. Simply sign in and your documentation is a snap!

By diabetics - for diabetics.

Now you can record all your diabetes-related data fast and easy and create all your documentation with just a few clicks. Blood sugar, meals, insulin injections, medication and many more can be tracked with Diabetes Connect while all your data is always in your pocket. Everything you don't need can be turned off, so everything stays nice and neat.

Your values can be synced over multiple devices, handing you an up to date documentation - wherever you are. You can also access your data over our web portal and create your exports and statistics there.

Nice and clear graphics and statistics help to get a perfect overview of your current diabetes therapy.

For your next doctor's appointment, your values can be exported into a well-formed PDF-file.


- Administer all your diabetes-data

- Suitable for Type1- and Type2-Diabetics

- Support for mg/dl and mmol/l

- Track your meals as bread units, carbohydrate units or carbohydrates

- Get important medical staticstics right in the app

- Synchronisation over multiple devices

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:2.6.5 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:SquareMed Software GmbH

User Reviews


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Phatphong Ham 2016-12-28

Thank you so much !..it\'s Easy and Useful. My kid\'s just diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes last week. This app helps me a lot in tracking and tuning his insulin & meal. ..anyway it will be much more good if having comparison graph before/after meal , same timing of the day , delta insulin/delta carbs...etc
Noel D Pulleine 2019-03-31

I could not get this app to communicate with my phone after pairing. Pairing was also faulty and I found this to be very annoying. So after reading many reviews, I have decided not to buy until many of the reviewer based problems are ironed out. At about $30.00 USD, it is a very expensive app with far too many bugs. If the bugs were ironed out.. then the lifetime membership would be worth it.
Russ Nesvik 2018-02-18

Best Phone app I\'ve found, after trying many of them. Most meters vs phone apps dont work so don\'t bother. This one is great on the go on your phone. There are options to enter any meds that are not listed as well. Best part is you can track activity etc and there is room to enter many notes as well. Friendly to use and easily see how you\'re numbers are doing. You can export & email reports. Only negative i can say is the reports are huge if you print them.
Will Who 2018-03-28

This App Does More Than Advertised! I have a great review to post, but copy/paste does not work. If it did, there are others who have expressed concerns that I have resolved. My last four A1C\'s have been between 6.0 and 6.4. These are the numbers this app predicted!
A Google user 2016-12-25

Unreliable upgrade Spent 1.99 for a one month upgrade, the app says its been upgraded, but the ads won\'t go away so I can actually use the upgrade. Google play and the app company wont answer my email, guess I am out 2 bucks
Janet Masters 2018-01-12

What a POS app. After paying $40 for the meter associated with this app I am not paying any additional money for the app-it should be included. It won\'t import any data from the meter, every time you try and sort out why you get an annoying screen demanding you sign up for premium membership when you cancel that it boots you out. I will go back to my simple easy and FREE excel spreadsheet for recording.
Jim Berk 2020-02-10

I have tried numerous tracker \"apps\" promising to be user friendly and take care of what is needed, yet this one truly delivers. The fact that it not only records multiple aspects but gives the option to share with whomever needs it. Give it a try and you wont be disappointed
Jordan Westfall 2019-10-28

It works. However, logging in on a new device is an incredible pain. You get the wheel of death then it closes the app. I have to register a new account each time. Update: I let it sit on the wheel of death for a three hours. Finally loaded my account.
Kim Tabel 2018-04-06

Great, clean app with all the info and stats you need. One improvement I\'d make however is simplify the action required to indicate if you\'ve exercised and how intense it was. There\'s not enough room on the screen to show that currently and can\'t be bothered scrolling across to check. Should be a small symbol or sth showing in the box that shows the time perhaps so it\'s readily seen
VOiD. C 2019-08-29

Where has this been all my life? Its clear, clean, effective, efficient. After mapping this app to my bixby key I can log my entries in a flash. No fiddling around and wasting time! 10/10. The free version is magnificent alone, but for how efficient this app is and how much use I get out of it, the lifetime fee is absolutely worth it for the full version.