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Diabetes:M - Management & Blood Sugar Tracker App APK

Diabetes:M - Management & Blood Sugar Tracker App

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Description of Diabetes:M - Management & Blood Sugar Tracker App

Designed for both smart phones and tablets, this application will help you manage your diabetes better and keep it under control. Whether you are Type 1 or Type 2, have Gestational Diabetes or just want to help and monitor a family member, this is the logbook app for you.

The application tracks almost all aspects of the diabetes treatment and provides you and with detailed reports, charts and statistics. You can send the reports to your supervising physician via email. Diabetes:M also gives you various tools, so you can find the trends in blood glucose levels and allows you to get an insight about normal and prolonged insulin boluses using its highly effective, top-notch Bolus Advisor.

It also has a vast nutrition database, to help you keep track of your food intake and nutrition information, as well as exercise time. Never forget another check with our simple but powerful reminders system.

Diabetes:M can analyze the values from the imported data from various glucometers and insulin pumps via the exported files from their respective diabetes management software systems.

Supports Wear OS smart watches.

The Diabetes:M platform is CE certified as Class I Medical Device.



If you’re really serious about your health, our subscription plan includes:

+ No Ads – Subscribing removes all advertising from the app, so you can concentrate on what is important.

+ Smart Assistant – Utilize the power of artificial intelligence to help you with your diabetes.

+ Bluetooth Integration – connects to some of the most popular bluetooth glucose meters.

+ 2 Additional Profiles – You can set up to two additional, fully featured profiles. This allows you to keep track of your loved ones (or even pets).

+ Additional lab result records - Add a comprehensive metabolic panel, kidney function tests and much more...

+ Expanded Food Database – This will allow greater access to server food database, as well as an option to save selected food as Meals and Dishes

+ Pattern Analysis – Advanced glucose analysis of logbook data with explanations for the most probable problem causes.

+ Synchronization – Automatically sync multiple devices on data change. Allows you to use any of your available mobile devices to keep track effortlessly.

+ Reports - Get your reports in PDF or XLS format

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:8.0.13 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Sirma Medical Systems

User Reviews


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psylencecy 2020-06-01

As a diabetic, I use this application a lot however it is too expensive to subscribe. The only benefit I see is the removal of ads which are incredibly annoying, for which again it is too expensive. The other thing I would need the paid app is to get reports in excel format (instead of the free html option) however it is not difficult to get the html report and convert them myself into excel. Recommended, but leaves a lot to be desired.
Michael Schmidt 2020-07-16

I can\'t say enough about this app. I have been Type 2 for 20 years and was just started on Basaglar and Novolog this month. This app has helped my practitioner and I track and modify this new part of my regimen. The charts, reports and trending statistics are amazing and robust. The UI is beautifully designed and easy to use. This is a big plus for newbies like myself. I used the app for one day and immediately went premium. Thank you for your time and effort. Simply amazing work.
Philip Fowler 2020-12-14

I\'ve been using this app for over a year now. Yes, it sometimes has issues; however, I still think it\'s the best choice on the market. There\'s still a lot of room for improvement though. In today\'s connected age, I would like to see it communicating better with other apps. I really like the data display on the Wear OS watches. However, not simultaneously displaying my Dexcom data really is a failure. It would also be nice if it pulled in exercise data from Google fit as well.
James Grant 2019-04-06

Third app I\'ve tried to pair with freestyle libre sensor (and MiaoMiao transmitter). Best so far. Pleasant GUI, good inbuilt analytics (very handy and time saving), can access your data from a PC to make review easy. Not designed around CGM though, so certain things aren\'t optimised yet to make use of the stream of data available. Minor issue, do recommend.
Jeremy Smith 2020-01-10

The app has everything you need for tracking your glucose, food intake, blood pressure etc.. I have been using it for several months and find it quite thorough and easy to use. They respond quickly and thoroughly to emails. Very impressive communication I was rather pleased. If I could have one thing added to the the app it would be to add a slot for tracking sodium intake. I realize that is not diabetes related but would still be helpful to many of us.
Michael Stokes 2020-10-28

I have been using this after using Glooko for several years. it is more complex and send to have more features. I switched because it will read my Libre Freestyle sensor directly. The Fitbit integration is not reliable; it is not picking up my weight. MyFitnessPal does a much better job of tracking nutrition. This app should just give up on nutrition teaching and instead integrate with MyFitnessPal. Overall I really like it; I have become a Premium subscriber.
Rene Rosenbaum 2020-09-05

This is a great app!! I showed it to my Doctor on my last visit and he was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with it!! He like it even more when I told him that it connected with my meter!! He noticed the estimated A1C, and later when he got my lab reports back, he made a point to tell me that my level was just as this app had estimated it to be!! Had another visit with this same Dr. on 8/5/20(MASK ON!). To emphasize how impressed he is with this app, he requested to see my latest results from this app!! 👍🏽
laura cleary 2021-02-15

Had to download this as the official Freestyle Libre app wouldn\'t work with my new Pixel 4 phone. Abbott wasn\'t going to do anything about that so did some research and found this app. Thought it had to connect to the sensor through the Gimp app but actually it can scan the sensor directly so very, very happy! Also has way more useful features than the Freestyle Libre app. Much nicer interface look too. Thank you developers! EDIT: I JUST HAVE STARTED THE LIBRE 2 AND IT DOENST READ THE SENSORS
Erica Lynch 2019-09-25

We have been using this app since day 1 of diagnosis. It has been almost a year and we are still very happy with it. My husband contacted the creators with suggestions and they were open and very responsive. Thank you for making our day to day a little simpler. P.S. love the new night mode. It is a life saver on my eyes for middle of the night treatments.
Richard Colbert 2019-04-19

Went through lengthy setup only to find out FreeStyle Libre 14 Day sensors are NOT supported! Author should state that upfront instead of boasting Libre support.