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Description of Dialysis of Drugs

The guidelines contained in this application are designed to provide extensive, easy-to-read information regarding the dialyzability of drugs. Numerous literature sources have been used in preparing the guidelines. For many drugs, including newly-approved medications, investigational agents and medications available in other countries, there have been no dialysis pharmacokinetic studies. In some cases, the available data may conflict. Conditions of dialysis used in published studies may not reflect current dialysis practice and technology. Variations in the duration of dialysis, blood and dialysate flow rates, dialysis membranes, and whether peritoneal dialysis is continuous or intermittent, will all affect drug removal. These guidelines distinguish between conventional hemodialysis and high permeability (high-flux) hemodialysis where such data are available. No information is provided on drug dialyzability with continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) or with plasmapheresis. For additional information on specific drugs, the reader should consult the primary literature.

Users of this application are referred to www.renalpharmacyconsultants.com for background and explanatory material to assist in the interpretation of the tabular data. The website provides specific information about factors that influence drug dialyzability and special considerations, such as CRRT, plasmapheresis and drugs of abuse. Users must be familiar with this information prior to using the content of this application. The website also includes a table presenting sieving coefficient data from in vitro and in vivo evaluations, which can be used to predict dosing requirements in CRRT, and a table regarding removal of drugs of abuse.

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Twila H. 2017-02-13

Needs to be more interactive, more frequent updates for a medical app that is not free.
Peter Aguilar 2017-03-01

App crashes when starting. On ZTE Axon 7, Android 7.0
Michael Beamer 2016-10-12

Free ---} now $7.99! Raised to $9.99 Just why was it necessary to add a subscription charge?!? I\'m sure the Rx companies would love to advertise on your app! I\'m a dialysis nurse and this was a very valuable tool in my job, but I\'ll just go back to looking it up in my pocket manual or charts that I get free! Just a Greedy move... Shame on you!
Thomas Bolin 2019-04-04

Not a lot of information, DO NOT PAY FOR THIS APP!!!!!!!! NOT WORTH IT. It charges you 15.00 plus tax. will not let me cancel monthly subscription please help!!!!
Brandi Wilson 2014-07-17

Drug guide This was a great app until they false advertised about it being \"free\" and when you download it you have to pay $7.99 for a \"subscription\". They could advertise for drug companies to cover the cost of the subscription. It needs to be free again or change it in the play store to show it costs.
A Google user 2014-06-04

Was good I haven\'t needed to use this app in a few weeks and when I opened it I now have to purchase a subscription to use it? Yet on Google play it\'s listed as free. When I had access to it, it was a wonderful app.
Ashraf El-Meanawy 2016-09-17

Not free. Just a front for payment The free pdf online will do the same job.
iamk9mom 2019-10-06

Needs to be updated and more interactive.
Hider ridr 2014-08-28

good reference
Noah Kromer 2013-09-22

Works on Motorola RAZR. The app works fine on my Motorola RAZR. It\'s fast to search for drugs and gives concise information. Differentiates between HD and PD. Nice to have this info. Looked up my handful of RX\'s in just a few minutes.