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Description of Diary for Garmin


- List with the recent activities

- List with the recent activities of the connections

- Steps from today

- Current health values

- Current VO2 max value

- Graphical representation with the count of activities (grouped by activity type)

General search

Map with all the activities


- List with the activities

- List with the connections

Health & Fitness / Calendar / Gears / Course / Goals / Personal Records

Movement (VivoFit)

- Overview with a summary

- Comparison with the last years

- List with the daily steps with a detailed view

Training plans and workouts

List and overview of all activities or of an activity-/eventtype

- Overview with a summary of the total distance, duration, etc.

- Map with the activitites

- Comparison with the last years

- Comparison with the connections

- Comparison of the count, duration, distance from the current month with the last months (even with the current week)

- Display of the activities with the longest distance, duration and with the highest calorie consumption

Single activity

- General overview with the statistics

- Various graphs about the speed, heart rate, altitude, etc

- Analysis with the combination graph-map


- Single activity (file)

- Manual activity

- Health

- Gear

Pdf Export

- Complete detail views

- Single overview pages

A Garmin Connect account is required for this application!

In the simple version there is everything a little bit limited:

- Only the last 5 activities can be opened

- The activities of the connection can not be opened

- All statistics are disabled

- The calendar is disabled

- For all other elements like courses, gears etc can be opened only the last item

Everyone should have the possibility to check everything before it will be purchased.

For problems or suggestions, please contact me via e-mail.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:3.0.31 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Elmar Rainer

User Reviews


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Olivier Bezombes 2018-12-03

I have the pro version and I\'m a little bit disapointed. Nothing more than Garmin connect which is free. Please, try to include more features than Garmin connect, like better statistics, coaching, advice...
Chris P 2019-09-10

It doesn\'t work. I connected to my Garmin account, it even shows my little image, but it doesn\'t load any data. Just says \"nothing found\". I tried everything. I emailed the developer and never got a reply. Great idea, massive disappointment.
Pan Talon 2016-11-13

Excellent tool, clean interface compared to Garmin Connect True offline app (as opposed to Garmin Connect that requires internet access for any report). Developer is quick to solve problems. Last version (.25) lost Training Plan integration and I miss this feature.
David Z. 2018-12-03

Not as flashy looking as Garmin Connect but it offers those views in the app that Garmin connect only offers through the web (e.g. color coded path view, real time map cursor synced to the HR graph etc.).
Mark Pearson 2017-11-22

Why have your Garmin account synced to this when you have to buy the premium package to see your overall stats!!!!! Do not download
John Cesta 2016-01-20

Pretty cool. Worth it if you want to see more.
Danilaw Rakitic 2020-02-09

Why does the app keep syncing everything even from 2016? I have my account since mid 2019. And why does it keep syncing my connection\'s activities. No way to restrict that.
Todd Krupa 2017-07-19

I paid for this app & it\'s now useless! \"Authentication failed. No internet connection.\" This is using 4G or any wireless connection. Tried uninstalling & reinstalling with same result. Shame. This use to be one of my favorite apps.
A Google user 2021-03-03

👍🏼Mar 2021 - Diary for Garmin Pro provides metrics that are more accessible than the Garmin Connect app. All synched data (11yrs) stored on phone so available when Garmin Connect site is down. Great for running and cycling👏🏼This app provides detail similar to the Garmin Connect website. LIST VIEW with sort by field and/or filter by field is helpful when analyzing/comparing data. Synchs reliably and quickly. I appreciate the focus on detailed data. Excellent dev. Been using for years. P2XL
Horst Kurz 2019-07-02

Still getting used to app\'s features, but looks like a useful companion to the Connect app and website.