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Description of Dicast: Rules of Chaos - Dice Battle RPG

Control chaos in a random world, Dicast!

Defeat the competitors around the world and become the best dice dominating Dicast of all!

Now, it is your turn!

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Insert [DICAST10000] to get free $20 worth of 10,000 Gold.


Simple, fast-paced, mix of strategy and randomness!

Not an ordinary monopoly type classic board game you’ve played.

Instead of selling and buying properties, set up your hero and base!

Roll the dice, attack your opponent to drain their HP and win the match! Get ready for RPG Dice battle!


Combine your Hero with the powerful Base to find the best winning strategy!

Set up your own deck with Special cards to unleash amazing strategies!


Discover dice cards to control your destiny!

Decide where Hero to land and plan the moves strategically.

Fate of the game lies in your hands!


New Heroes, Bases, skins, special cards will be regularly be released!

Monster Jack Mode - Team up with 3 players to hunt the giant monster!

Hero Jack Mode – 4 vs. 4 team battle!


- Fight in real-time turn-based duels on board against players from across the world

- Innovative battle system with dice-cards to control your moves

- Global and friendly rankings

- Invite your friends to private battles

- Unlock different worlds as you progress up the leagues

- Aim for consecutive victories to earn Victory Keys

- Unlock and collect new, mighty Heroes

- Collect and unlock Special cards to build the ultimate deck

- Upgrade your Base to unlock crafting system

- Participate in Monster Jack event with other players to defeat giant monsters!

PLEASE NOTE! Dicast: Rules of Chaos is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 12 years of age to play or download Dicast: Rules of Chaos.

▣ Access Permission Guide ▣

We request access of [Storage] permission to use and save necessary files when providing the game services.

[How to change Access permission right]

▸ Android 6.0 and above: Settings> Apps> Advanced > App Permissions > Select Storage Permission > On/Off Permission

▸ Under Android 6.0: Upgrade your operating system to revoke access or delete applications

※ If you are using Android 6.0 or lower version, you cannot set the optional access rights individually, so it is recommended to update to 6.0 or higher version.

Support: Having trouble? Contact us at game_support@bsscamp.com

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DicastRulesOfChaos

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More Information Of Dicast: Rules of Chaos - Dice Battle RPG

lable: Board - Games Current Version:4.9.0 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:BSS COMPANY

User Reviews


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Ib Wads 2020-08-30

This game impressed me with it\'s appeal. Graphics and concept. Installed and was doing great until I reached Gold rank. That\'s when you realize like many other players have mentioned this game is rigged. Game decides who wins or loses. Other person is full of luck while you\'re at misfortune. No matter how hard you try... You\'re going down anyway. Not worth it. I am uninstalling and will never play this again. I am glad I didn\'t pay anything on this game so far. Was planning to.
Tom Girou 2020-09-20

I love playing it, but I\'ll say the same as others. And as it may sounds like raging, it\'s actually pretty true. When the opponent use dices with 1/6 chance of going to the attack land, and can do it 3 times a row without failing, while you are using dices with 2/3 chance to get a good spot, but you always get the trap, or somewhat. Well, it really looks suspicious. Edit : They added Monsterjack mode, that could have been really fun, but again, it is scripted to make you lose, and buy tickets
Mathom Hewes 2020-07-24

A rare find! This gem of a game plays just as it looks like it would in adds and the demo video. Its a board game plain and simple. 1V1, hopefully more expansive later. Matches are fairly quick. Getting into a game is almost instantaneous. The upgrades are a little bit of a grind past LV3, but they will come. Sometimes the game seems a little \"rigged\", but any game with that chance element is going to have a bad luck streak sometimes. If you have patience, back luck changes.
Dinesh Choudhary 2020-08-06

Loving the game . I would appreciate if we had an option to sell the cards we don\'t use, for gold. Because I mostly use only two heroes and a single base and it\'s difficult to collect enough gold to upgrade them. Guilds are useless because I don\'t see any differences after entering one. No prizes for improving your rank. The game automatically exits if I get a call or have a fluctuating network. It would be nice to be able to enter the game after a connectivity issue rather than being kickedout
DAN SAM 2020-06-28

I\'m changing from 5 star because as time goes on I get more annoyed. There\'s exceptions to when specials work. (Vloot doesn\'t get heal when enemy imprisoned etc.) No consistency. Sometimes, you won\'t be given roll dice after last update. Bugs. One of the characters (Breeze) hits you, flings you, and then imprisons you, then you have no dice to roll, your gonna want to smash your phone against the wall. No balance. The annoyances keep piling on. You\'ll see. Looking for something less annoying.
Nico C 2020-07-23

Imbalanced and rigged. It\'s not random but predetermined. Certain characters are ridiculously overpowered. Matchmaking constantly pairs you up with max charcter level max gear max base level opponents who just two shot you. Getting a single character or base past lvl 3 is a huge grind and is pay to lose at that point. There is no reason for the league ladders as nothing comes from the season resets. Guilds are worthless as nothing comes from being in one. Uninstall and find a better game.
Shade Katt 2020-08-08

Fix Exer\'s guard skill when in kill range. It had a 100% fail rate when your health is equal to or less than the opponent\'s AP. It\'s not just me having this issue. Ive tested this in training and with friends. This game is a lot of fun. Use to play Game of Dice a couple years ago but had to stop after it grew too big. This game fills the void quite well. Its fun, random and the characters feel unique.
Darrius King 2020-05-20

I enjoy this game. I do and before I go into this rant. My issue with this game and I\'ve seen others complain about it, is Rolling. I have had way more than a dozen matches, where I legitimately feel like the game is more against than for you. Putting it simply, the dice ARE NEVER in your favor UNLESS you have that specific number you want to roll. Devs, fix the dice! Make us AT LEAST feel like it\'s a physics based dice. Make us AT LEAST feel like the game isn\'t rigged against the players.
Alan Rossi 2021-01-25

The game design itself is amazing. The character progression has diminishing returns after level 5, which creates plateus of power on the leaderboards. More experienced players do have the literal advantage with HP and AP, but it has a limit. Enjoy! (I initially rated this game poorly before I discovered that all advantages in pvp can be gained for free, just takes time.)
Isaac Ray 2020-08-10

Not so much \"pay to win\" as \"pay to progress at all\". The amount of gold required to progress compared to the amount of gold it gives out make it almost impossible to even get a character to level 3 let alone to level 5 where the game seems to open up and get a tiny bit of complexity without paying. It would take a year at this rate.