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Dice Clubs® Classic Dice Game

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Description of Dice Clubs® Classic Dice Game

Dice Clubs (previously known as Dice Duel) is a classic competitive dice game with simple rules. It’s a unique combination of luck, skill and strategy that you all know and love. Challenge your buddies or look for opponents online, start rolling dices and show them who's the master!

ATTENTION! This game is based on the original rules of the classic dice game. No additional cups or dice rolling - the only thing that counts is your skill (...and a little bit of luck ;))!

Most important features:

★ classic competitive dice game that you know and love (also known as Yams, similar to American Cheerio) in a multiplayer version

★ win Diamonds and collect beautiful cups and dice

★ the real-game feeling and design (rolling the dice, shaking the cups)

★ Quick Mode allows you to play with your buddies in real time

★ You don’t like the time pressure? Play in the turn-based mode!

★ find opponents on Facebook, by email, contact list, username or using random mode!★ create an account and continue playing the classic dice game on a different device

★ built-in chat allows you to communicate with other players

★ Achievements and Daily Challenges will always keep you busy

★ level up and climb the Leaderboards (monthly / weekly / all-time) to become the real dice master

★ The only competitive game that allows you to test both your luck and strategy skills!

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lable: Board - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-06 Developer:b-interaktive

User Reviews


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Michael Hunt 2018-05-02

Keeps freezing between rolls. Not my internet. Happens all the time. I uninstalled and reinstalled works fine 4th time doing it. Soon time to find a better dice game.
Tobias Boceck 2020-03-15

Basically Yatzy online but it has too many Intrusive apps and hints. Quick games are fine but once you play the Dice Duel mode there is an ad on the bottom and a full screen ad after every second or third turn summary (during the game!!!). Once you go back to the main menu you get hints from the top and the bottom of the screen about customizing your cup/dice or to play different game modes! Ad free version is also based on a greedy subscription model rather than on a one time purchase.
Darren J 2019-02-09

Edited my review down to a 2 because the alythograms in the game are beyond bad now and seem to get gradually worse. People hitting 5 of a kind almost every other game, runs of 10 defeats on the bounce etc the game is not realistic its become a farce. Pair that with constant adverts, ridiculous price of diamond and silly pricing of ad free and this game is dying. The software itself is smooth and works well but that\'s it.
Char S 2019-01-16

This game is rigged. Not playing it anymore. Uninstalling. zero*
Ariel Monroy 2018-12-18

Fun and Addictive you can play multiple games and not hurt any of the games your playing because there not timed so its like your pausing a game when you come off that games screen it keeps the ball rolling if you get my drift so if your play and a player is taking a long turn just bring up your other game or even start another one up dont worry when that person has gone his turn the game will suggest if you would like to take your turn on the prior game you walked off of.
Eleonore VENTURI 2020-08-05

The game allows too much time between turns , 36 hours!!! Which means one game can last days. Very annoying when playing Arena games
Larytube films 2020-04-25

There\'s never been a social platform where you can play games and have fun with random users. But I\'d suggest that you upgrade the chat option and also add group chats, it will make the users want to come back asap. Great app this is.
B ee Bo 2020-11-25

Fun! Well made! Only too much advertising...
Dark Cloud 2018-11-13

New to game, so this is my initial review. So far so good. The one issue I had (shake cup) they had an option for... nice! Community rocks, smooth play...was wanting yatzee without the battery drain...so far so good. Only issue is fat thumbs and touching the wrong \'score\' spot...but that\'s on my old eyes and small phone. Go-to yatzee game unless you love constant notifications.
Akpomena Emmanuel 2020-09-26

I love the app it\'s very nice and easy to play