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Description of DifferenceLand Online

Welcome to DifferenceLand Online! Exciting family story, funny characters, unexpected plot twists and adventures are waiting for you! Play online, spot differences and complete levels to open new episodes and reveal secret of Rosewater family mansion.

DifferenceLand Online means breathtaking difference spotting challenges, funny game characters, interior design, mansion full of secrets and puzzles. Complete and win challenges, decorate your mansion, restore it and choose your own home interior design.

Compete with other players online, spot differences, win to make Rosewater mansion great again! Enjoy beautiful seascapes, relaxing sound of waves and interesting story. Leave boring daily routine and go to sunny mansion to spend magical time with new friends spotting differences in brand new game!

DifferenceLand Online features:

- addicting gameplay: play favourite spot the difference to challenge and compete with other players

- exciting plot: breaking story full of secrets and puzzles of the old family mansion

- design and decoration: plenty of variants to choose your own mansion and rooms design

various characters: unusual heroes with their own story and secrets ;)

- charming pet: playful and absolutely irresistible little fluffy fennec fox!

DifferenceLand Online will be regularly updated with new puzzles and interesting story chapters.

DifferenceLand Online is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.

Join Rosewater mansion explorers’ community on Facebook to reveal even more secrets:


Have some questions? Feel free to contact our support team: support@bluembo.com

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More Information Of DifferenceLand Online

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:0.5.5 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Bluembo Entertainment Corporation

User Reviews


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Den Smith 2020-08-31

Good I really enjoy playing this app but there are places on the picture which are clearly different from the other picture which has not been drawn/finished off properly and highlights a slight difference. If you click on these tho, they penalise you and stop you playing for a few seconds. This can put you off. Then, if it happens again, they throw you out and ask for money to allow you back into the game. They need to ensure that the pics are TOTALLY accurate, prior to including them.
Danielle Scott 2021-01-25

It would be a much better game if you had lives to play with, and it would be better if you didn\'t have to play against people for every level. It\'s not fair that way, especially since everytime you lose you have to wait 12 minutes before you can play again or pay to speed up
kyshari chidumlong 2021-01-25

If I could give it less than a star I would. I\'ve seen some pay to win games but this takes the cake. The only way to zoom is spend coins and you get coins by buying them or going through a ridiculous amount of ads. On top of it not being a life based game if you lose you automatically have to wait for so many minutes. Overall don\'t recommend this game
Anton Pasashkov 2020-03-19

actually fun! nice animation)
Julie Gruhn 2021-03-05

I like this game a lot, but there needs to be a time limit on the puzzles. I sat for 15 minutes and none of us found all the items. It really is annoying. I don\'t mean a FAST timer, but 15 minutes is way too long to sit waiting so I ended up quitting which means now I have to wait for another chance to play.
Lauren harvey 2020-08-31

Keeps saying my Internet isn\'t working when it is
Sofie Griffin 2021-01-06

Would be a good game if you were given say 5 lives, instead if you lose a round you have to wait 12 minutes to try again. It\'s a game that\'s trying to force you to spend money or watch an ad that they will get paid for showing. Would not recommend in it\'s current form.
Khadija Nadat 2020-11-04

Wish you could find the differences on your own and the game would work offline
Anupama Kar 2020-09-19

When three design furniture in choose one and then I choose other design furniture in same task buy five coins really??? please change this option... otherwise games are good...👍
Chloe Woods 2021-01-04

This is a great game bur you shouldn\'t have to pay to zoom in it should be free