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Description of Digfender

"There’s a million tower defense games but only one like this" - GAMERANX

"Digfender is easily one of the best tower defense games I've played in a long time" - TOUCH ARCADE

Beneath your castle an enemy lies waiting. Grab your shovel and prepare your defenses!

Dig deep into the ground and find valuable treasures and ancient relics to help you on your mission. Then use your loot to build powerful towers, set clever traps and unleash spectacular magic on your enemies.


- Over 70 challenging levels

- 5 upgrade trees to customize your defenses

- Survival mode - challenge your friends to beat your high score

- Leaderboards and achievements

- No paywalls or wait timers

- Digging. Everyone loves digging

Terms of service: http://www.mugshotgames.com/terms

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.4.6 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Mugshot Games Pty Ltd

User Reviews


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Eric Strayer 2019-04-15

this is a lot of fun. The difficulty rises slowly as you\'re introdced to new enemies and towers. The upgrades you can get between levels require careful consideration, but being able to undo the purchase at any time encourages experimentation. Going for 100% completion requires a good understanding of how towers and traps work together. And the ability to earn the premium currency at an acceptable rate by playing is greatly appreciated.
Druslan Luominen 2019-08-04

Yet another game with great potential to be absolutely riuned with microtransactions that you need to progress after a certain amount of time. You will get stuck later on and it becomes near impossible to win unless you sumbit to paying more and more. This game is yet abother insult to gaming. Until they release the game in full for a one time payment they don\'t deserve a single cent. Truly dissapointing.
Keenan Purser 2018-12-07

This game is great. I\'ve played through bit to make sure it wasn\'t a sham, but the developers made a fun game, and put it front and center for free. You don\'t need microtransactions to progress. Not at all. But I bought some because they removed ads , and I thought it was fair. This is the icon of the mobile business market in my eyes, and if more games were like this, I\'d actually play more mobile games.
Ocean Violets 2020-06-04

I want to rate this higher, im enjoying the game so far(up to level 10 with all stars and relics so far), but the game CONSTANTLY crashes. Ive played for maybe 2 hours, and its crashed 6 times. If that is fixed, then the game is a solid 4.5 stars in my opinion. Theres a constant introduction of new mechanics, I love that theres a constant progression. Theres a lot of good here, and Id be willing to spend money to support it, but not in its current state. Please fix this so I can change my review
SinReaper 2020-01-24

Wanted to like this game, but am sick of misleading AD Removal purchase options. The purchase items state they remove Ads, not some Ads, some times. Purchasing items removes the banner as, but after you discover the level where you are introduced to diamonds, the ad option for increased diamonds appear regardless. I understand dev\'s got to make a living, but be CLEAR what your Ad Removal does.
L\'Epouvantail 2019-06-29

Neat little game. Seems to be entirely playable without spending money and without invasive ads, which should be the norm, but since it isn\'t, good job on that. Gameplay wise, it\'s pretty straightforward for a TD. The need to dig your own pathway, and the relics you earn by playing levels a second time with less path options and stronger ennemies are the reasons I enjoy it over other TD games. My only complaint is that some towers feel very weak compared to others.
Phil Cook 2018-12-10

Very good game. They\'ve done a great job combining the two genres, mining and tower defense. I really like the ability to attach / unattach and re-use upgrades as needed. Would be nice to have an in-game cash system to purchase extra buffs. Currently there is no need for \"grinding\" to earn cash on easier levels. The upgrades are so great, but there\'s no incentive to replay levels with those new powerups.
Joaquin 2019-04-26

Once u fight armored orcs its pretty much not fun after that u dnt get enough rss to build towers and upgrade them the power attacks cost to much crystals i can see the p2w slowly coming lvl after lvl its not fun after that got to lvl 8 n was done once i seen that u cant really fight the armored enemys only with one type of tower its a waste dnt DL this game. n why do the towers go up in price seems stuipd
Kunal Bhalla 2020-07-09

This was a lot of fun: I paid to get rid of the ads but didn\'t need to pay anything else to unlock all chapters -- just finished the full game with all stars and all relics unlocked. It takes quite a bit of tuning to make choose the most optimal paths and upgrade strategies: there are some tower combinations that are overpowered and help a lot (eg. fire + orb). Once you have the relic power up that strengthens all towers of that type start aggressively grouping towers: multiple electric towers with range become super powerful, and multiple earth with range are good at taking out enemies. Fire is great for blobs and weak enemies. I sprinkle ice all over to slow down attackers.
Kyle Kovacs 2019-03-12

Digfender is a pretty cool game. Standard tower defense, but with a little innovation in how you get to choose your path. My only problem with the game is that it\'s a bit too easy. In the beginning you are learning how it works, and getting introduced to the details takes some time. But then there are 40 levels of the same thing: you beat it in 1 try and then you beat it again for the relic. Then randomly there\'s a couple hard levels thrown in the mix. But getting all 72 relics did feel good.