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Description of Digistore24

As a Digistore24 member, use the free Digistore24 app to get an overview of all your earnings and transactions in real time

Keep your online business under control on your smartphone

You are on the way and want to know how the sale of your products via Digistore24 is currently running. Or one of your employees calls you and asks you for advice on a sales case. If only you were sitting at the laptop now? With the Digistore24 app you can do all this on the go.

The Sound of Money: Incoming payments via push notifications

With the Digistore24 app you get an overview of all your incoming payments, divided into days, months, quarters and years. Once you have received a deposit, the app will alert you to the typical Kaching sound. You can see your gross and net proceeds in EUR, USD and CHF.

Switch between several accounts

You have several online companies or accounts? With the app, you can now flexibly switch between all your accesses.

Easily access all transaction lists

Access all the transaction details on the smartphone that interest you. You can filter by order ID, product ID, product name, customer email, first and last name, payment method or currency. This way, you remain capable of action in every situation.

Ticketing made easy

For those hosting an event, the ticket scan is now even easier. You or one of your staff members with support-access easily scan all e-tickets directly with the app. This way you keep track of your event and lose no more time.

What is Digistore24?

Digistore24 is a European automation and affiliate marketing platform for digital products, seminars and software. All Digistore24 users use the app for free. So do not miss out on any opportunities and stay well informed about your online business.

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More Information Of Digistore24

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:3.4.1 Publish Date:2022-02-22 Developer:Hulk AG

User Reviews


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Philipp Bauer 2017-06-29

So viel verschwendetes Potenzial... An die Devs: Macht eure App nativ für Android und IOS. Diesen html crossplatform Müll kann sich keiner geben. Für\'n Hunderter programmier ich euch ne bessere Version im Material Design für Android. Schreibt mich an bei Interesse.
Michael Garcela 2020-08-08

This app is worst, when I trying to login it direct me to the website and when tried login on website it repeatedly said incorrect password or email untill now anyone can\'t login on this app.. I\'d almost waste my 20 minutes here, it suck to everyone!!
Anthony Bastiaansen 2020-11-17

Currency selection has to be reset every the app is opened. Notifications do not work, even though Android battery optimization is set to \"Do not optimize\"
Felix Staudte 2020-05-04

Currently not working on Android. All you get is a white screen with the digistore24 logo at the top. Please fix soon!
the enchanted billionaire 2020-08-10

SCAM--- Do NOT USE This is obviously a PHISHING SCAM!!!. The app installs and then forces you to visit a webpage to enter your details.but the app does not activate after correct details have been entered.it just captures your login details on the website! IF YOU HAVE BEEN TRICKED Login using a different browser and IMMEDIATELY CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD NOW!!!ⁿ
Isaac Narh 2020-08-11

This is bad and even the same problems I\'m facing when I log on to their main Website, I kept on facing contact validation problems
Nikki Okun 2020-05-02

Does anyone know why the app is not working right now today
Navi Pudhvoth 2020-12-04

Can\'t login in the application because its showing that something went wrong
Paris Edwards 2020-05-01

Mine is not working all i see is a blank screen woth 2 play buttons at the top. Can you fix it!
Motivational visionary 2019-11-01

I love it