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Description of Digit - Save, Budget, & Invest

You deserve a smart bank account that helps you get better with money. Digit budgets for spending, bills, savings, and investing by smartly guiding your money where you need it most.

It’s easy to get started:

1. Set up direct deposit to get paid up to 2 days early*

2. Add expenses (things like rent, internet, cable, etc.)

3. Tell Digit your saving or investing goals

Digit does the rest, planning for today, tomorrow, and way, way later. Digit budgets for you so spending, bills, savings, and investments all work together.


No more mental math. Digit tells you how much is available to spend, so you can make smarter spending decisions daily.


Skip the spreadsheets and let Digit budget for you. Digit calculates the right amounts to slowly budget into a dedicated Bills account, so you’re in a good place when it’s time to send a payment.


Digit saves a little every day, so you don’t have to. You can add an unlimited amount of savings goals and Digit will help you reach them all.


Interested in investing? It’s easy to get started with Digit. Digit knows your spending habits, bills, and how much you’re saving. That info helps Digit calculate how much is right to invest for your situation.

There are two ways to invest with Digit:

Long-term investing

Open a long-term investing account and Digit will help you invest effortlessly. Digit matches you with a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds that are designed to grow over time.

Roth or Traditional IRAs

Just like saving up for goals, Digit finds small amounts each day that you won’t feel. You won’t notice it today, but your tomorrow self will thank you very much.


The Digit Visa Debit Card keeps your money safe and looks good doing it.

No ATM fees***

Use your app to find 55,000+ Allpoint ATMs and get cash without paying a fee.

Card locking

Lose your card? No biggie. Lock your card with a tap in the app.

Daily updates

Get daily balance updates and notifications about your account.


Digit is free for 6 months and then just $5/month.


Digit is now part of Oportun. Direct℠ is a deposit account powered by MetaBank®, N.A., Member FDIC. Digit Visa Debit card is issued by MetaBank, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. *Availability of this feature depends on when we receive your direct deposit instructions from your employer. **Investment advisory services for US-based users with Invest and/or Retire goals are provided by Digit Advisors, LLC, an SEC-registered investment advisor. Brokerage services are provided to clients of Digit Advisors, LLC by DriveWealth LLC, an SEC-registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA/SIPC. Investment accounts are: (i) not insured by FDIC; (ii) not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by Digit, its affiliates, or another depository institution; (iii) subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal amount invested. SIPC protects securities and cash in your Digit Investment and Retirement accounts up to $500,000. For details please see www.sipc.org. ***A fee may apply at ATMs outside the Allpoint network.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:4.19.0 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Hello Digit, LLC

User Reviews


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Elaine Cramer 2019-06-09

Please listen to the other people rating this one star!!! The creators want you to think this app is painless but you actually pay a monthly subscription fee. I had this app for almost a year and I only just realized they charge a monthly subscription fee because they are so sneaky about it. They make it look like it\'s an auto-save withdrawl and that that money is going to your digit account. I am considering reporting due to how carefully they hide this subscription fee
Dustin Johnson 2019-08-01

love this. I usually dont have much in my account and I live paycheck to paycheck. it\'s nice to need a few extra bucks inbetween checks every now and again and I can find it in my rainy day savings. I really like how I can have all kinds of different savings goals and digit will distribute according to my wishes and only take a percentage of what my acct has in it so sometimes it\'s pennies but it will add up eventually and then when you need it, it\'s there.
Zachary Keller 2019-06-13

So Practical, So Easy, Absolutely Fantastic. I can not stress how much I struggle with saving. I have difficulty meeting financial goals and too often live week to week and don\'t look to the future. I can not stress how easy digit has made my life with automatically saving without me even knowing I\'m missing anything. This is truly brilliant. The only thing I can\'t get to work is auto credit card payoff. Overall this has made my life so much easier. THANK YOU DIGIT!
Danielle Russell 2019-07-10

Digit was doing a great job at saving me money until it started charging me $2.99 a month without my knowledge. I\'ve tried to close my account twice now and it keeps showing \"error\" then won\'t let me log back in, yet keeps taking money out of my account. I\'ve contacted them and nothing. I liked the service until this but now it just feels grimmy. I just want my account closed and my money back.
Fitness Queen 2019-06-06

they take out some times 30 bucks at a time. reminding you they are taking money out daily. I feel like they shouldn\'t try to empty your account. they should be saving money every 2 to three days so that transactions can clear before they take money out again. they take more money out b4 even their own transactions clear and I\'m sure I can go into settings and change it or something but it\'s common sense if I dont have $3000 in my account, obviously I can\'t give 30 bucks and more every day.
Lynee\' Schmunk 2019-02-20

So frustrated with this stupid app! Didn\'t work as advertised, no one to contact for help, basically stole money from me!! I am so upset! Will only link to my business checking even though it advertises that it isn\'t compatible. Can\'t get it to link to my personal checking, and when trying to get my money back it tells me my identity cant be verified. What a headache! i want my money back!!!!!
alxus davis 2019-08-10

this app absolutely sucks. 1st of all it takes about a week for it to actually figure out that you do have money in your bank account. And then if you don\'t go to a lengthy deleting and process it will still charge You a monthly subscription fee. They charged me the feet outside the leader digit off my phone. The app told me about 2 weeks that I had nothing in my bank account when I had over $600. has some cool features if the app would work properly. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!!!!!!!
Anastasios Bouikidis 2019-07-03

The $3 a month is nothing compared to what I\'ve been able to save with the app. If you function paycheck to paycheck, I highly recommend it. It\'s definitely helped me organize and save my money. I knew about the fee before I downloaded it, and I got a pretty accurate rundown about how it works by another Digit user. The bank balance it shows might sometimes not be up to date, but that\'s not an issue as long as you periodically check your actual bank account. Overall, would definitely recommend
Amy Mayo 2019-05-16

The first week I had the App I received 2 $24 overdraft fees days apart. I requested a reimbursement for one of the overdrafts and was reimbursed. \"Cool.\" But the last straw came this week when I realized I was being charged a \"secret\" $2.99 subscription fee that was disguised to look like an \"auto-savings\" but this time it caused an overdraft. So for the last 3 months they charged me a $3 fee but never actually \"saved\" a dime. The \"Daily Low balance\" feature only works in Theory. No Bueno!!
Vincent Peluso 2019-02-27

Iv been using digit for just over a month now and I all i can say is that i wish i had known about it sooner. Digit makes saving easy. You set up your goals, set a date for your goal(this is optional) and you can even set a limit on how much to save for each goal which is particularly helpful if your income changes month to month. The reason I give this app 4 stars is in the fine print. After your first 30 days of saving, Digit will start charging a flat fee of 2.99/month. So just be aware that.