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Description of Dinosaur Slayer

1. Game Introduction

"Dinosaurs Slayer" is a defense game of guarding the castle from attacking dinasaurs.

You must defeat the various dinosaurs and great Boss with 7 different weapons and magic.

2. Game Instructions

> Operating Method

- Set the direction of attack by moving up and down while touching the screen.

- Attck by pressing the weapon or magic button.

- The arrows can be shot longer in distance with the longer pressing of the attack button.

> Processing of Game

- Player can move to the next stage after defeating all the dinosaurs during the time of each stage.

- The Boss appears in the specific stages.

> Upgrade

- Weapons and magic can be learned and upgraded with the gold that is earned during the process of the game.

3. Tips

> Gold

- Use for learning or upgrading your weapons or magic.

> Food

- After stage clear, it is used as maintenance fee for number of men.

- For lack of food, it is substituted with gold but for cases without gold, the men die.

- Tanning dead dinasaurs will cause the increase.

> Mens

- Total number of hired men.

- Number will gradually increase when upgrading the magic and weapons.

> Battle with the Boss

- The great Boss will only be damaged when attacking his weakness.

- When the player is unable to place damage on the weakness of the Boss for the settled time, the Boss will attack.

> Certain attacks of the dinosaurs and Boss are possible of defence with arrows.

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More Information Of Dinosaur Slayer

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.3.10 Publish Date:2021-03-08 Developer:D&D Dream

User Reviews


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Trevor Deane 2016-11-10

Good Good but whould be better if you added a story to it
Xenodragon77 2017-03-27

Very hard to hit things I nearly lost on lvl2 also I prefer taping not dragging very annoying and takes to long to upgrade and no tutorial lvl and u can\'t go back to other lvls if stuck
E10 has left the chat 2019-04-08

The people saying this game is to difficult are just really bad at mobile games and are a bunch of cry babys. I played this game when I was 5 and made it to stage 65.
jurassic world maniacs 2017-07-04

Can it be so bosses dont have a super hard place to hit,what I mean is can you make it do you can hit the bosses anywhere cause level 15 is inpossible OK
Gister 2016-07-28

Loved it Thanks You so Much For This Game
Alexis Garrison 2016-03-08

I loved this game before it made its way to Android and it\'s still good. There\'s just one problem: the challenge mode is glitched. Now this mode ran perfectly fine on iOS but on Android use cannot unlock any of the challenges even if you have the gold too. Please fix this as it\'s the only thing in my opinion that\'s significantly wrong with this game. Thank you!
Phil 2016-08-13

heyman trashtalker getting destroyed 2019-10-27

Bad graphics,too easy,laggy,ad is not like the game,too much ads,way too easy
cameron mccurry 2016-02-16

BUG REPORT: double tap If you select an arrow and tap it a second time it gets stuck on that choice until you fire then you can change again
Roze Mazdo 2019-08-01

it\'s not boring or hard to play if u want to level up upgrade the increase castle and increase arrow power me I\'m already level300 DiA Brus-The wanted Boss on level 300 I love this game