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Dioptra™ Lite - a camera tool



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Description of Dioptra™ Lite - a camera tool

Dioptra™ Lite - a camera position and angle measurement tool for navigation, surveying, positioning, and measurement - - with over 35,000 users!

Stay tuned for an enhanced Dioptra app in 2020 with more features, better sharing integration, and supporting more phones and devices!

Instructions: Press the on-screen camera button to save an image. View saved images in your device's gallery app.


Dioptra™ Lite provides the following information like a theodolite optical instrument -

• yaw indicator (compass)

• pitch indicator (tilt degrees)

• roll indicator (tilt degrees)

along with -

• GPS position

• azimuth and bearing to photo subject

The ancient greek "dioptra" was a classical astronomical and surveying instrument, dating from the 3rd century BCE. The dioptra was a sighting tube or, alternatively, a rod with a sight at both ends, attached to a stand. If fitted with protractors, it could be used to measure angles.


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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.0.10 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Workshop512

User Reviews


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John Harvey 2016-07-23

I use Dioptra often to \"characterize\" trail segments for slope in order to provide less-than-able people information where to go to enjoy the outdoors. I second all the good enhancements others have suggested and that Nanomics has put on the upgrade list. Please add one more: the white font color is nearly unreadable in normal daylight so making it chrome yellow or similar (or adding font color to the Settings menu) would make the data snap out.
Daniel Gray 2016-10-10

Straight up groovy. This app is awesome. Only a couple suggestions. 1 - selecting font color because sometimes the background makes it hard to read in winter landscapes. 2 - camera zoom. 3 - an image mark up to so you could draw dimensions on the picture to show clients distances between certain objects without driving to the job site... But this is an amazing app. Good job developer.
Georgescu Cristi 2016-11-20

nice concept i9505 s4 problems display roll and pitch.i allready do the 8 patern movement and still showing bad numbers.maybe a flatback and upright calibration sesion if you can ad as manual calibration or permit to corected in settings as numbers with + or - in front.
syed abbas 2019-02-02

very Useful. Could you please also add an option to show or hide specific data. it would be nice to select which information is displayed on the photo and that some fotos are not flooded with the information which is not required. an optional small compass will also be helpful.
Daniel Matthews 2016-04-07

Useful Could do with damping control. And to eliminate having to calculate between two points, if this app could lock onto a target and calculate the results as you aim at other targets, showing a small red dot on the first target and a pointer when the dot is no longer on screen would make this app as near perfect as device limitations could allow.
bubba fat 2019-07-26

The bearing display is completely wrong compared to the azimuth display. The app must be using a buggy formula to convert azimuth to bearing. It has the bearing Southeasterly and Northwesterly readouts backwards (the degrees move in the wrong direction) Hasn\'t been updated in almost 2 years so I doubt it will be fixed.
Oscar Smarty 2018-02-26

I like it but... 1) I wish there were more formats. For SAR both UTM and USNG would be good. 2) I wish I could change the storage location for the photos. Other than that, great little app for documenting clues while searching. 3) I believe the time stamp on the photo is off by a month. Not good if I have to go to court and the evidence was photographed a month before the child disappeared.
Brian Smith 2018-03-08

Quick install and decent UI. I was looking to get something like Theodolite though which allows us to label pictures on the image itself. I perform environmental surveys so the ability to label the photos as i take them would save a lot of time and eliminate confusion later. If that feature could be added, it would be perfect.
Donald Beaton 2020-06-10

Dioptra lets you take a selfie (or regular photo) with Time & Longitude & Latitude added to the top-left corner of the photo. It\'s useful for documenting the time and location of important events. I\'ve been using Dioptra for 12 months, and I\'m very satisfied with it. Suggested future enhancements: - Let user choose color of text (currently, white is the only choice) - Get Dioptra to work with videos
Chris Chierchio 2019-11-04

It is the best option for photos with location / angle / compass - would be nice to have more exif data embedded in the photos -