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Description of Disney Frozen Adventures

The World of Disney’s Frozen comes to life in an exciting new match 3 puzzle adventure. Join Elsa, Anna and Olaf as you build, renovate and decorate the Kingdom in a brand new game based on Disney’s Frozen & Frozen 2 movies. Design and decorate the Kingdom of Arendelle and beyond, all while playing match-3 puzzle games.

Explore and embark on an all-new Frozen adventure that takes you to new and familiar locations around Arendelle and the entire Frozen world. Embark on quests to Oaken's Trading Post to collect supplies in this amazing decoration game. Play hundreds of match-3 games and earn snowflakes to decorate the castle and make it look amazing!


EXPLORE THE FROZEN WORLD: Explore new and familiar locations in Arendelle and beyond in the World of Frozen.

PLAY EXCITING MATCH 3 PUZZLES: Play hundreds of match three puzzles in this all new game.

CUSTOMIZE THE KINGDOM: Earn snowflakes to make the castle beautiful in this decoration game.

EMBARK ON AN ALL NEW FROZEN ADVENTURE: Continue the Frozen story beyond the films along with Anna, Elsa and Olaf.

ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW: Ongoing events to keep the action exciting! Unlock special in-game prizes by solving match three puzzles.

PLAY ALONG WITH FROZEN CHARACTERS: Play and interact with Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and more! Embark on quests into the forest with Kristoff and also travel to Oaken's Trading Post.

Join Elsa, Anna and Olaf on a new puzzle matching adventure inspired by Frozen and Frozen 2. Play 100’s of match 3 puzzles with the help of your favorite characters. Explore the Frozen world as you advance in this new match-3 game! Enjoy new locations as you complete quests to help decorate and customize the Kingdom. Decorate the castle entrance, great hall, and many more rooms throughout Arendelle through your own design choices!

Play Frozen Adventures and decorate the Arendelle castle! All you need to do is to play and solve match 3 games. We hope that you will enjoy our castle restoration game!

Discover the exciting fun by diving into the adventure of the World of Frozen. Play match 3 games to design and decorate the Frozen castle and Kingdom! Explore new worlds as you play this epic Frozen game!

Download an all-new match 3 decoration game inspired by Disney Frozen and play for free. Includes in-app purchases.

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More Information Of Disney Frozen Adventures

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:19.0.4 Publish Date:2021-11-07 Developer:Jam City, Inc.

User Reviews


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FierceQueen23 2020-06-26

I enjoy the game, but currently it has a tendency to freeze on my phone for no reason. It\'s very frustrating. Especially when it does it when I\'m about to beat or could potentially beat a level. It will also take one of my lives when it freezes, which I hardly think fair since I couldn\'t finish my moves (I understand the program can\'t necessarily tell the difference between a freeze which requires a reboot of the game and a truly lost life, but it\'s annoying).
Peggy Stewart 2020-09-23

I really like this game. Unfortunately, as you get higher in the levels, you give me challenges and then basically make it impossible for me to complete them by making it impossible to pass levels. Almost every level is hard or super hard, and the ones that aren\'t rated that way are all just as hard anyway. The game seems to be based on diminishing returns, and the only purpose that I can see is to force people to spend real money to keep playing.
Ann Vandehei 2020-05-23

I am losing interest in the game because if not getting credit for completing a level. Played level 356 twice now completed it and it says I ran out of moves. Spend the snowflakes and don\'t get what you chose to do. Fix the problems or I will probably delete the game. It would be to bad cause I like the game.
Nancy Spillar 2020-01-20

I absolutely love the scenes in the app and the new and different crystals and other pieces in the game. I love the story line and being able to decorate the scenes as you would if living there in the castle. I believe this game is great for young and old, and is challenging, but not impossible, to move to higher levels of skill. Plus I love playing with other characters and their special abilities. Put on your snow boots and gloves it\'s time to get \'Frozen\'.

It\'s graphics are so beautiful . Very funny for children . My children enjoys this game a lot . I hope many children likes it . It must do more good . Though it bugs sometimes . After winning it does not count the win and my children had to play . I hope they do not have to face it any more . Please see about this thing otherwise the game is good . I will feel very bad if my children stops playing it for this reason. I hope you will look after it. Hope for the best THANK YOU
Laurie Andrews-Lester 2020-03-30

Since the most recent update the sound/music keeps coming on even though I turn it off in the settings. I play where I need it to be silent. Please fix this bug! The game in general is fun, but I have had a bug on level 125. Twice I have cleared all of the carrots but the game isn\'t registering all of them. Once it showed one carrot still needed, and another time 2 were still needed. I am unable to get past this level if the game won\'t accurately count all of the carrots cleared.
Jeff Grimes 2020-11-13

This is an enjoyable game to play, but it is so buggy and unstable. From phantom invisible jewels to squares with jewels stuck on top of others to an inability to cope with lots of concurrent on screen action it is poorly written code. Loading and logging in is slow. As for the watch an advert for 3 extra moves - it freezes most of the time. The programmers need to debug and use testers not involved in the coding! The latest update is stated as fixing some issues: wrong, it\'s still bad!
Arelis Najera 2020-05-18

I\'ve tried to play this on my Moto X Play and it just doesn\'t work for me, I can never get past the level with the lights? I placed the carpet and most of the texts were laggy at best, music is playing fine but the screen has been frozen for 10 minutes and I can\'t do anything. Sad. Uninstalling.
Sara R. 2021-01-19

*update* A a couple hundred levels later and I\'m not sure if they changed or if I just leveled up enough for it to start happening, but the in-game sales pop ups are now frequent and tiresome. There are like 3 to click through when you first log on and 1 or 2 between some levels. It\'s by design, I get the concept. But I choose to play anyway... at least \'till it stops being fun. :-)
Kim Christman 2019-11-29

I enjoy the game, but after today not so much. I was at lvl 147 and when I tried to play that lvl, nothing happened when I pressed the button. It wouldn\'t take me to the puzzle. I tried restarting the game, restarting my phone, clearing the cache, I finally reinstalled the game and it dropped back to lvl 118, Not Impressed because I made some purchases during the lvls that I now have to redo!!!