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Description of Disney Frozen Free Fall Games

Play 1,000+ exciting levels in Disney’s amazing puzzle game, Frozen Free Fall!

Get ready for an epic puzzle matching adventure in the Kingdom of Arendelle, inspired by Disney’s Frozen movie! Join Anna, Elsa, Olaf and more of your favorite characters on a puzzle journey to slide and match-3 hundreds of icy puzzles for FREE! This game contains in-app purchases.

Unlock MORE seasonal puzzles and game modes as you explore the land with our new updates! Enjoy playing puzzle games along with Olaf the snowman and other Disney characters!

EXCITING MATCH-3 PUZZLE GAMEPLAY – Slide beautiful and colorful ice crystals to match 3 or more gems, and test your matching skills with extra challenging objectives!

UNLOCK YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS – Follow the story and play with even more characters like Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, Hans, and more!

UNIQUE POWER-UPS SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR EACH CHARACTER – Use Anna’s torch to burn up an entire row of crystals, or Elsa’s glacier power-up to make all of the same color crystals magically disappear! Try Hans’ sword to slash right through the crystals, and explore many more cool power-ups!

BRING YOUR OWN ARENDELLE TO LIFE - Earn coins & rewards by completing puzzles to decorate and customize your own Plaza in Arendelle with shops, fountains, carts, and more!

GOOGLE CLOUD SUPPORT-Sync your game progress across multiple Android devices through Google Cloud!

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Terms of Service: http://www.jamcity.com/terms-of-service/

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More Information Of Disney Frozen Free Fall Games

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:11.0.2 Publish Date:2021-11-07 Developer:Jam City, Inc.

User Reviews


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Alolan Trainer Lorage 2020-10-31

I am unable to enter this game after the latest update. It just keeps a \'loading\' screen and never goes into the game! I hope you can fix this issue as this game is really nice to play and has good graphics. This problem is back again so please fix it Yet again!!!
Marta Edwards 2020-12-11

I played this years ago, the levels were much easier and not too challenging. The new event stuff is nice, but I can\'t stand that they use up my lives. Also, these other specials that only give you 3 hearts to beat, I can\'t stand that you have to start over from the beginning! It\'s 16 levels and you expect me to beat them without losing?! The building arendelle is cool, but how you get coins isn\'t fun if you can\'t beat half the levels. Only 12 per new level to beat and 3 for a redo? No thanks.
Amy Shirbroun 2020-08-23

Downloaded this app for my daughter but I took it over. LOL. My only complaint is that Arendale Plaza is kinda dumb...you just keep building and rebuilding in the same area. Perhaps I\'m missing some way to unlock other areas?? Plus the scenes you need to create are so tiny, with no way to expand them, that I can barely figure out what the task is sometimes. I got tired and frustrated with that part of the game quickly and make my daughter \"build\" stuff.
Melisa Suzanne 2020-07-23

I have only had this for a day or two but there are a lot of maps and seems like plenty of challenges to keep me coming back for a while, even while trying to avoid in-app purchases as much as possible. Edit- downgraded my rating, as I am no longer able to complete any of the Plaza Quests. No buttons work (to put away or flip item) except the check mark one. Please fix this glitch.
joan dodd 2020-08-21

This game used to be a nice distraction while waiting, like at the doctor\'s office, but since Jam City took over the new levels are consistently almost impossible to win without using boosters, making the game a stressor, not a relaxer. Also, the game is now really stingy in awarding boosters. I thought this game was aimed at children since it\'s bases on a kid\'s movie, but I think it would be too hard for children now. Seriously considering deleting it.
*Wonder Woman* 2020-11-03

All my game data vanished but my achievements appear in gaming history.. I now have to start all over.. I had been playing this game since 2015. My issue hasn\'t been resolved. I keep getting asked if I have a jam city account. Jam city wasn\'t in effect back then so it\'s like I have to start over. I\'m extremely disappointed that all effort put into this game is gone!
psgamer0199 2020-12-05

I keep playing this game mostly for Hans and I\'d like more for his character... He should get more outfits like all the other characters in the game. Hans has 2 more outfits (coronation and winter cloak) in the movie and I think it\'s long overdue this game updates on that... And more Hans related items, please. A Hans ice sculpture would be really nice. And some special event item featuring Hans and other maybe of Hans with his horse Sitron? That would be great. Please JamCity, make this happen!
Isabel Crymes 2020-08-24

Enjoyable, added levels since the version I played the first time. Gives you a reward for completing challenges, then takes that reward away when the next challenge comes along. For instance, won an ice sled to put in the square. It vanishes, and a week later it is an olaf summer day challenge, and there is now a pool reward in the exact same spot at the bridge and I can\'t move it elsewhere. So. It evens out. I keep everything else from the challenge.
J T 2020-10-13

I like that you can use any unlocked character in the journey levels and switch at any time. However, the events in the game usually do not hold my interest. I would like to see more Hans-related things, such as his alternate outfits for playable characters and his statue for a collectible to go with the other main characters.
Pasha Bolokhov 2020-08-09

As you progress though the game, it becomes harder and harder to clear the levels. However, if you buy special items for real money, it becomes easy to do. This way the game nearly forces you to make in-app purchases. This could be alright, but! Imagine a little kid playing this game and having frustrating experience, yet having very little recognition of what money is. They would be constantly trying to pursue their parents to buy specially items. This is SO LOW. This is SO WRONG