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Description of Distance From Me

Distance From Me is an intuitive tool to calculate distances in a straight line between current position and any location (in yards or miles). You can specify the location manually, or search with the search engine (voice search is included) and share it with your friends.

Moreover, it is in English, Spanish, French,... which will automatically be set in your smartphone.


- Searches places by keyboard and by voice.

- Allows to refine position by marker long press.

- Allows to show elevation profile.

- Loads and saves distances.

- Captures positions from other apps and calculates its distance.

- Shares distances with friends.

- Easy access to the dev team by email.

- Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Catalonian.

(Google Play Services available needed)

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More Information Of Distance From Me

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.5 Publish Date:2022-05-24 Developer:dANDROvID

User Reviews


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Stu 2019-10-01

Great app! Simple, clean does what it says. However, any chance you could add a radius measurement? I operate on a radius distance from set points and being able to measure a radial distance on the map would be great. Many thanks. 5 stars if this can be done folks👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
David 2019-11-15

Useless. No way to search points without zooming way out and back in on map. Cannot figure out how to view distance between two points once you place two pins. The whole point of this app, or so one would think, is to actually get a distance between two points. Deleted.
Brian Passaglia 2020-03-29

My problem is it keeps telling me something like not enough signals or data? BUT every other app works fine. My phone works fine my wifi is on but your app most of the time won\'t work??
Andreas Toth 2020-01-12

Only distance app that actually achieves what it is supposed to do and in a user friendly way. Only gripe is that units do not update if changed after a distance has been displayed.
Boomer 2020-08-03

Doesn\'t work. Error message saying \"No backend service or poor network signal. Please try again.\" There is nothing wrong with my network signal.
Tigo Lofts 2020-09-05

The app works just fine however it could be improved such as Saving a location without having to go back again and ping it as a starting point I was wondering if it is possible to have an offline version for those who have issues with their Internet
Uzibah 2020-06-12

I like this app, I like its simplicity. I wish it would show driving route/s and travel times. For a free app.. It\'s pretty great! Thanks, devs.
Jeron Rebato 2019-03-26

very useful apps .i like it when i used it to my pigeon races .
joseph parrish 2020-04-16

Don\'t waste your time downloading it uses Google maps in Google maps restrict you from using this app don\'t even know why they would even put this app up if you can\'t use it
Dominico Chatto 2019-08-30

Very useful for the travellers to know how many kilometers each destination to go.