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Description of DJ Name Mixer - My Name DJ Song Maker

This DJ Name Mixer Free With Music Player - Mix Name To Song is perfect for you. Adding your name to the remix song or mixing your name in a remix song is very easy through this software. DJ Name Mixer Application with you can make a song of your name or share instant with anyone using social media. DJ Name Mixer Online - DJ Name Mixer to Song has the best or latest collection of DJ songs with very good quality. DJ Name Mixer also allows users to create a DJ name with audio mixer option. You can create your own DJ Name Mixer in these HD Voices through using audio option. This DJ Name Mixer app works very fast and saves song easily into a personal folder.

Then here is the best Sound DJ Name Mixer application for you is DJ Name Mixer. In this DJ Studio Mixer, you can add any of your favorite songs and can add the DJ effect in. Like Same, you can also add text with your audio, and you can also record the mp3 sound from this DJ Name Mixer. There is a special function given in DJ Name Mixer is that, in text and in recorded sound you can also add effects if you want. You can also adjust the Echo voice, Pitch and Sound. After mixing your music you can set them as your ringtone and as notification tone also.

DJ Name Mixer Advance - Mix Name to Song is a music mixer which help you mix your name to any song. With DJ Name Mixer any song can be mixed and your name can be added. This DJ Name Mixer App save file in hd quality. This App is user friendly and easy to use. Anyone can learn how to use it. DJ Name Mixer - DJ Name Mixer to Song is the party making DJ Name Mixer App for late night party lovers! Play this featured free version of DJ mixer app. DJ Name Mixer App your normal songs and mix it like the remix one.


Built-in sounds on music pads will help you to diversify the music.

Unlimited real-time music recorder.

Free download this mixing app and mix songs for your dance party.

Queue system to prepare the upcoming songs.

Realistic sound effects, similar to the DJ decks.

A wide audio spectrum for optimized beats detection

Easy to use.

Use a professional mixer for more flexible mixing.

Pitch and volume controls Support for all popular audio formats.

Create library of your own DJ mix song.

DJ Name Mixer App - Mix Name to Song is an application with features remixes of the song, the beginning, the loop to create, save and playlists. it’s easy for amateur DJ lovers, come with many features try it now you will love this DJ Name Mixer Editor and make music professionally. DJ Name Mixer is the most popular DJ mixer app with many amazing effects! With DJ Name Mixer, you can combine your voice with remix song into favorite song. DJ Name Mixer App is a fun and powerful DJ remix maker that lets you quickly be pro.

Create amazing Song & Ringtone in seconds with this DJ Name Mixer & DJ Studio!

Thanks for using this app, leave us your feedback and we will consider them for future updates.

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lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:1.0 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:App Bites Apps

User Reviews


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P.m morwa Motaung 2020-12-03

U can play songs of ur choice and remix them for many times as u want. Weather commercial or slow jam music. Chillers ke chillers.
SUVO GAMING 2020-08-22

This app is good but it takes a lot of time to download that\'s why i am giving 4stars.....🙂🙂
mishal mohammed 2020-12-30

Worst app ever. Waist of GB full of ads doesn\'t even let u use the app a bit. Speaking of the app, it doesn\'t even let you edit any music. It gives you the option to type something and pick a song track then play it. So all u hear is the song track and the words u typed Absolute trash 🗑️ :(
Chandru Geetha 2020-09-09

I gave 4 stars because they need to upload a guys voice also but they have just uploaded a girls voice only that i didn\'t like
Joshua Egharevba 2020-12-15

This app is wonderful, just one problem it\'s having that it takes too long to download

What the hell is going on with this app. To create music it says to choose an ad and then download them.I don\'t know that I am wrong or right but i am facing this problem and why I gave 5 stars is because to develop this app better ; )
Mbonge Rulashe 2020-10-11

I think this app is a good app but it have alot of adds and I couldn\'t use it that\'s why I\'m giving it one ⭐
Marta Flabbi-Fruttero 2020-09-23

Honestly I\'ve seen better. I couldn\'t get the add to work!

This is not at all good app for me because I am typing. Mind block song its not coming that\'s why 1star
Victor Nyoro 2020-12-27

Its just not appealing straight to the point to what it is i even didnt find the decks and the useless million ads