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Description of Doctor 911 Hospital Simulator

Get on the board of the hospital simulator and medical games and become a surgeon in doctor games ! We want to welcome the new 911 operator of this surgery simulator and doctor game : YOU ! Plan, manage and perform an operation in doctor simulator & hospital game inc , and turn yourself into a 911 emergency dispatcher and the crazy doctor in one of surgery games and doctor simulator !

Surgery games doors are always open for you ! No matter the time , in doctor games ambulance needs to be prepared for anything - this is a real surgery simulator in hospital games ! Become the surgeon of paramedic games and enjoy operation games by performing operation in that realistic games , and by studying the surgery in our hospital . Try our ambulance simulator in medical games & surgeon simulator . If you enjoyed plague inc , come and play other doctor operation games of hospital . Call 911 operator , produce cures and go on with simulation games of this surgery simulator . This is a real hospital simulator in 911 emergency - your decisions will affect patients' lives in operation games of surgeon simulator 2 .

Ambulance simulator reanimation inc lets you : to drown into the world of surgery games & emergency simulator , become a hero in surgeon simulator in that doctor games , provide patients with operation games in surgery simulator , diagnostics , and be like a 911 operator in emergency games of surgeon simulator .

Search for doctor games or hospital simulator ? A fan of bio inc or surgery games ? Try new medication treatments in parademic simulator of 911 dispatcher game , and operation technologies in simulator games , improve your hospital in our surgeon simulator , choose medicine offline in hospital simulators and make your patient healthy in ambulance games . Looking for surgery simulator or an ambulance simulator among doctor games ? Are you ready for an emergency in hospital games ? People call 911 emergency ! Enjoy our doctor simulator in that ambulance games and become a 911 emergency dispatcher in medical games like bitlife .

Study surgery in doctor simulator in hospital games .


Realistic and unique surgery gameplay of hospital simulator reanimation inc – this simulator by creators of warplane inc was developed in close collaboration with ambulance doctors , who work in 911 emergency . The point was to demonstrate an ambulance simulator of hospital games in a fun way . It is simplified as operations games in our doctor simulator , so that not only doctors would enjoy the 911 dispatcher game & surgeon simulator .

Offline surgery simulator of medical game + Low Storage Requires – many doctor games these days require an internet connection online to be played , however , our simulator games ( e . g . nuclear submarine ) are always focused to deliver ambulance game offline on even phones with low storage and other system requirements . Enjoy our emergency simulator of surgery games .

3d Graphics – in this 911 operation games & hospital simulator inc every detail of a mobile hospital inc is realized in 3d like in other surgery simulator emergency games .

Go on and try to focus on reanimation inc symptoms in our ambulance game . It is not a dentist game , and you are not a dentist . It is surgery sinmulator hospital game , no time left . Try to analyze what is the state of the 911 emergency and get the right medicines in hospital simulator ambulance game . Doctor games are not easy . Do you know how to treat patient , surgeon simulator ? Study surgery in realistic games . Our hospital simulator doctor game has a huge amount of drugs for all 911 dispatcher game emergency simulator occasions! You will have to learn and master the emergency doctor simulator in our medicall games inc in order to be able to perform an operation and save the person in our surgery simulator inc . Operate now and enjoy our 911 emergency hospital game !

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:48 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Ломакин Дмитрий

User Reviews


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Jason Garrett 2019-09-10

I bought a packet for money, unlock new game modes and no ads, but it is not working and it still asking me to pay again and I\'m not going to do that. So I want a refund of my money or somebody to fix this problem. I am really unhappy because of this! The game is awesome but if you don\'t fix this I\'d have to grade this game with one star but if I could grade it with a zero I will.
cm 24 2020-07-17

Ok I have now played a good amount of the game and have saved about 600 people and paid for ad free to get the 5x fast forward. This game is like nothing else on the play store. I haven\'t played a game that combines learning and simulation like this. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn about medicine and the human body combined with an interesting and fun simulation experience. 11/10 will continue playing and recommend to anyone
Jeremy Brown 2019-07-01

I really enjoy the complex nature of this simulation it throws you into the actions of an emt. The in depth steps of resuscitating and treating is amazing. if I had one thing to add is maybe be able to change the siren or place the (leave at home or go to hospital button in the bottom middle of the screen; most of the time I\'m too busy to press the hospital button trying to bring the victim back to life it would help a lot if it was above the actions tab.
Charlotte S 2021-02-26

5 stars until I couldn\'t restore my purchases or game data from the cloud when I reset my phone! Really fun game! I love when it gets harder and adds more than one condition. The English isn\'t 100% but is understandable and educational. Really worth paying for the extra modes. I would add something like \"flash cards\" so you can access the information at the end of the course into the game. The Course 0 is a bit long, but those last few slides on each condition are very helpful.
Игорь Грушецкий 2019-05-09

Actual doctor here. This is, by far, one of the worst simulations I\'ve ever had the misfortune to play. Comprised with superficial medical knowledge (I\'m being generous here), it forces the player to use algorithms the creator clearly doesn\'t understand. Game mechanics is awful, and some of the medications have no relation to evidence-based practice.
Gahbriel Spinelli 2020-07-16

THIS GAME IS BRILLIANT!!! Especially if you are into medicine. The feeling you get when you save a patient using what you learned is indescribable. The game doesn\'t have a direct tutorial, but, a rather realistic way to get the player to learn how to play. Never the less, this feature doesn\'t hinder the gameplay, it simply makes it much more interesting and satisfying. Exelent work, a true masterpiece.
Jennifer Schwartz 2019-04-26

This has got to be the WORST medical sinulation game EVER! You cannot do anything for your patient, except a few skills, which never helps. You have to buy equipment with money you earn in the game. It takes forever to earn money, too. You cannot place oxygen on a patient, unless you ventilate with a BVM. You cannot intubate, either. Your patient\'s oxygen sat decreases with ventilating! If I could give a 0 star rating, I would. It has potential, but currently, it isn\'t worth the time to install!!
A Knapp 2020-10-09

I was really excited as a medic to find this game and it has such great potential, however.... some functions are just so unrealistic. If you have a patient that has went into full arrest you can\'t give the proper medication, perform cpr, and ventilate at the same time in this game. Also you can\'t even get the proper medications without purchasing and it takes forever to earn cash. Not to mention you can\'t even move up on the courses without paying to which I found very disappointing.
Katie R. 2020-02-15

This game is really really great! It\'s a real challenge, and has a huge sense of fulfillment in a game. One of the downsides I would say, is that when you\'re successful, you don\'t get much in game currency, which makes the game progression pretty slow, and I can see it impacting the desire to play long term. Hope this helps! It\'s an amazing game!
Nick Noneya 2020-08-06

I can dig it, I\'ve only played for an hour maybe and I really am enjoying myself, its a tense feeling and a rewarding finish. The money is difficult to get, which is one main issue, but i think i can manage for now. I also think some English translators could help some of the errors in grammar and wording. Overall, I enjoy it, alot. Keep up the good work on this one, it could be huge!!