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Description of Doctrinal Mastery

The Doctrinal Mastery app helps members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints study and learn the 100 seminary doctrinal mastery passages, the Articles of Faith, and other content imported using the sharing feature within the Gospel Library app. The learning activities include memorizing, reviewing flashcards, and taking a quiz. Memorizing scriptures can provide a powerful source of inspiration in times of need.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:3.1.1 (30114.2) Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

User Reviews


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Brandon Wilson 2019-01-19

Doctrinal Mastery is a great app to use. However I want to suggest a couple things that could improve. In the section for \"my scriptures\" I have a lot of verses. My list is too long to scroll through them. Perhaps the \"my scriptures\" section could allow you to create sub sections and add verses within those subsections. That way you could add more verses without getting a major long list. And with the subsections you could group them into topics.
A O 2014-01-15

Love this app I have a testimony that The Book of Mormon is true doctrine and contains valuable teaching. God has done wonderful things in my life. He has always been faithful to me and blessed me. I know that when I read the scriptures and study the teachings of the Church I will be blessed. Being lazy is a factor of me falling into temptation. I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet like Noah, Moses and Jesus. Joseph Smith has done so much for us. I believe all that is good is of God. Our Heavenly Father loves us an
Pierce Bryner 2019-12-03

I love this app. The only thing I\'d like more is if \"My Content\" would be easier to add somehow (for example you can\'t highlight and add 2 verses that are not in order consecutively, such as verse 22 and 25) and if you could rearrange or even organize scriptures after you have added them to \"My Content\". But maybe this is the wrong app for what I have in mind and I should just stick to linking and adding notes to scriptures on Gospel Library. But it\'d be nice to have a bit of both for memorizing
Rebecca Hennig Oliveira 2017-03-29

Says in Portuguese but missing functionality. One the memorize (which in itself is English) works. The quiz shows no text. The flashcards ask in English if you got it right. I wanted to use this in Brazil to help the 8+ learn the articles of faith but the way it is now it is pretty much useless at least in Portuguese
Atike Chris 2017-02-26

Soul update A wonderful platform where we\'re reminded of life purpose.
Carter Mackley 2019-01-13

The flashcards would be more useful if they gave the verse and asked the user to supply the reference. Can you make it so the user can choose?
Brandon Tapan 2020-01-27

Very helpful to memorize scripture passages. User friendly.
Doug Stern 2018-12-18

I like it. Lots of ways to learn the scriptures oh, and assess your own ability to do that.
Gina Jankovich 2018-05-14

I like the features of the Memorize section that allow me to remove words on a sliding scale to help me memorize. I really like that I can add my own scriptures to study. I would love it even more if there was a way to delete scriptures I add by mistake or no longer wish to study. My Scriptures is a little cluttered at the moment because of some things I added by mistake.
Laura 2020-11-11

Best feature: you can share passages from the Gospel Library app to choose your own verses to memorize. Feature asks: be able to sign in so I can sync my content across devices.