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Document Viewer: PDF, DjVu,...

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Description of Document Viewer: PDF, DjVu,...

Document Viewer is a highly customizable document viewer for Android.

Supported file formats


• DjVu

• XPS (OpenXPS)

• Comic Books (cbz) (NO support for cbr (rar compressed))

• FictionBook (fb2, fb2.zip)


Collaboration with electronic publication sites and access to online ebook catalogs is allowed by the supported OPDS protocol.

FAQ, information about supported MIME types, and available Intents can be found in the Wiki (https://github.com/privacyapps/document-viewer/wiki).


We need your support to fix outstanding bugs, join development by forking the project!


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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:2.7.9 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Sufficiently Secure

User Reviews


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Arnúlfr Kromicus 2018-06-25

GREAT reader, and open-source too! As I promised, I give stars back for bringing back the full screen options as they were before (EDIT: new options for full screen and taps fine tuning work great!) EDIT: Thank you for adding background tinting option; much nicer to read now, esp with the hue being configurable. You deserve 5-stars now! It would also be nice to have it configurable for night mode separately (e.g. I\'d love grn on blk). Unfortunately, app is not yet great for EPUB though (no reflow, no font options). P.S. To other users whining about M$ Office formats: You are idiots! Authors NEVER said the app reads them.
Thor: The God Of Thunder 2017-04-29

Ad free, clean, customizable and intuitive interface. I can now read my xps books without any hitch. This app should be rated 4.5+, don\'t know why so many negative ratings.
Arkoprovo Ghosh 2016-03-30

Almost Awesome Dear Dev, I love using this app for it\'s support for multiple formats. However, I believe it\'d be the best thing on the play store, if it can be used to annotate PDFs, like okular or any PDF reader. Thank You.
Twinkle J 2016-12-14

Only app which opened OXPS files It is working so far. Many apps which claimed to open xps files, did not work and I had to uninstall them. This is the only one which worked for me.
Ahmad Fazeli Shoushi 2016-06-24

Wanted to say \"simply beautiful\", but alas Wanted to say \"simply beautiful\", but wgen it comes to opening epub it acts clumsily. Besides there is no option for increasing font size. There is only zoom option which makes reading epub books difficult because you have to move the page sideways to read.
Ed Landaveri 2015-10-22

Free as in Freedom Local PDF, epubs in a nice bookshelf. For critical users who need to view proprietary formats, use native apps, why badmouth an excellent app? Thanks for your work.
Adarsh Tiwari 2016-11-25

Not read all doc.s It only reads PDFs not other files, I would recommend WPS office
Table Taz 2015-08-30

Misleading app name Document viewer but cannot open .docx. it should be pdf viewer. Learned from my mistakes. I should have read the details first and not just the app name. I think those who rated 5 stars without comments are dummy accounts of the creator.
Mohammad Amin Sameti 2020-04-19

This is one good app. Everything you might need is packed in a simple, thin layer of minimalism. Just does the job right. Never going back to other apps.
Deloren Disin 2016-03-26

Excellent! I like it so much! Thank you.