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Dofu Live Stream for NFL NBA NCAAF MLB NHL APK

Dofu Live Stream for NFL NBA NCAAF MLB NHL



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Description of Dofu Live Stream for NFL NBA NCAAF MLB NHL

*** This is the best application for NFL fan, NCAAF fan, NBA fan, MLB fan, NHL fan and Dofu fan.

=> Watch free all game and more of all ongoing games for NFL - Football, NCAAF - College Football, NBA - Basketball, NHL - Hockey, MLB - Baseball.

** Dark theme Supported

*** Feature:

- Watch Live Stream all Sports in one Application.

- Live Stream for NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NHL, MLB high quality with 720p, 1080p - 60FPS

- Live score, scoreboard, standings, rankings on mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

- Customize the schedule the way you want: filter by teams, division, or conference.

- Never miss a game! You can set an alarm and be reminded to tune in.

- Updated results directly matches are taking place.

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lable: Sports - Apps Current Version:1.1.41 Publish Date:2022-05-26 Developer:DofuSports Ltd

User Reviews


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Daniel Smith 2020-11-18

The fact that an app was created to allow people free access to televised sports events, and its open to the public; automatically gets 3 stars for legally pulling this off. (Still trying to figure that one out.) Then it actually works! Is the quality perfect......no. Yes......it can be tedious finding a working link. Overall one shouldn\'t complain about something that actually works, and is free when most people paying $30+ per month, per app, for each sport. Offering this combo deserves 5 ⭐\'s
Faraz Ahmad 2020-07-27

Small navigation issue, please fix. Whenever a stream fails or you want to hit back to return to another source or a game, upon hitting back, the Dofu app is not loaded at the previous screen we left at. This is not the navigation behavior that other Android apps do. If you can fix it, that is, when backing out of the stream by hitting the Back button, please make sure the app maintains state and takes us back to the previous Dofu screen we were looking at to launch a game stream. Thank you!
Leonard Taylor 2020-08-03

Great app but one small issue when click a link it exits you out of the app which means if that link doesn\'t work or you wanna watch another game you gotta open and load the app all over again. Which gets really annoying if you are trying to watch multiple games at once or if you keep getting links that won\'t stream. Other than that fantastic app. Must have
kimberly boris levandowski 2020-12-27

UPDATE: After several attempts at opening/closing the app it now seems to be working. It\'s still much slower processing. Did a required update on 12/25/2020 for the 2020-2021 NFL season and now the app doesn\'t work. It spins & spins, then gives error message that the page won\'t load. I would\'ve ignored the update but the app wouldn\'t let me proceed until I accepted the update. Now I\'ve got a useless Dofu app. Terribly disappointed bc prior to the update it was aces. It WAS the best app I owned.
Dennis Oba 2019-11-21

Best live streaming sports I\'ve ever used!!! I love everything about it. You get notified when games are about to start and the streams are clear. Very little lagging. The upgrade to combine NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF, NHL all in one app is what I love the most. Great job!! I pray this app stays around for years and years.
Kelly O\'Connor 2020-10-18

I love being able to watch any game I want regardless of what is being shown in my local area. Only problem I\'ve ever had is with casting some of the links to my tv and I\'m sure that\'s a tech issue ghat can be fixed on my end. I love thus app! Thanks to my friend that showed it to me. GO COWBOYS!
Angelo Lerma 2020-10-26

I have this one and the NFL app and in my opinion they are the best for streaming games on my phone. Simple to use, very few ads which I understand, gotta pay the bills, and plenty of options to choose for every game. I don\'t give too many 5 stars but this one is well deserved. Oh and lastly whoever\'s on here claiming \"too many ads wa wa wa\" they are probably surviving on a steady diet of government cheese and living in a van down by the river!
Steven Reynolds 2020-10-06

Now reduced to one star due to the links no longer working to launch games after Android 11 upgrade on Pixel 4xl. It seems other users are having the same issue here. I will change my review back to five stars once it is working again. Sorry, I had to install a replacement app, but will leave this one installed in hopes of update. Thank you for reading this, it was a great app it can be again.
David Loewy 2020-11-18

I can usually livestream this app to my TV (from android phone or android notepad) for the best group viewing, but ocassionally I\'m unable to do so. On those days I just settle for a small screen, but would love to know why it occasionally won\'t work as expected. Not sure is it\'s the TV or the devices.
JandS Melaragno 2021-01-26

Update for 2021 - Something changed. If I\'m lucky I\'m able to watch a quarter (NBA) or a period (NHL) before the stream is lost\\blocked. Great app when it worked. Unfortunately for me the local sport station was dropped (two years ago) by 2 of the 3 cariers in the market, so I\'m not able to watch my local teams. 11/13/19 - Awesome! Getting to watch any game I want, is just simply awesome. If you are just a fan of one team, or a sports nuts, this app is perfect.