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Description of Dog Sled Saga

A game by Dan + Lisa

As a rookie musher, foster a dogsledding team whose skills will grow if they're treated right. Week by week, get to know your dogs' unique traits, and carve your story into the trails of the Mount St. Something region.

Dog Sled Saga has a pick-up-and-play dogsled racing. Each dog's speed is hindered by hunger. Lob a limited supply of food to them to keep at full speed. Hazards on the track await.

By the time you reach the top league, you’ll need to:

- Budget monthly league expenses

- Hire and fire dogs

- Leverage fame to earn sponsorship deals

- Bring on employees for multitasking

- Breed puppies

and more.


- Pick-up-and-play racing

- Deep team management simulation

- Unique dogs with varying attributes and conditions

- True pixel-grid art style with frame-by-frame animation

- Multi-platform save sync via Drive

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lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:1.0.9 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Trichotomy Games

User Reviews


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Matt Coady 2016-10-30

Simple adorable fun After wading through a sea of garbage IAP, pay-to-win, spam your friends games that flood the market it\'s so refreshing to see a game that is so simple, addictive and fun. Best of all it doesn\'t ask for a dime after the initial purchase. The game is an rpg at it\'s heart but instead of managing a team of fighters, it\'s a pack of dogs. Each one can be micromanaged to control their levels of exhaustion, happiness and skill. The battling happens on the race track where you compete against other sledders (CPU
Panna P. 2020-07-19

8/10 Really good game, would recommend. Only one problem: When I try to type something in (like a dog\'s name), the game freezes and has to be restarted. So I can only stick to the randomly generated options. I would hope to see this fixed, but overall it doesn\'t take much from the experience.
Lydia Wilde 2016-10-30

Love this game I could not have enough good things to say about this game at first it took me a long time to actually buy it because it is $5 but I\'ve been playing it for 2 or 3 hours every day I still haven\'t reached the end I\'m absolutely loving it and I cannot wait for more updates no regrets paying $5 probably the best game I ever paid $5 for On the App Store. 😇😇
Travis Noragon 2017-03-13

Amzing! Controls Don\'t Take very long to get the hang of and are easy! The game play Is Beautiful! And Using Pixels Makes This a One of a kind game! It\'s all worth it when you can look at it and say, \"Art Is something beautiful, In any form it\'s art, even in pixels.\" This is truly a breathtaking experience... And to witness it... That\'s a whole other story....
Jazmin Galea 2017-04-18

I loved this game so much. The game play is awesome and the graphics are the best EVER!! This has to be one of the best games I\'ve ever had the honour of playing! And a big shout out to all the people having trouble naming the pups/dogs you can still change the name by clicking the \'random\' button, it will give random names but it can still change them. But other than that... ONE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER!!!! P.S. thanks to the creators of this game :)
Alyssa Sowell 2018-12-18

Very very glitchy. Some days I cant pet my dogs. I cant rename anything as whenever I go to type something the game promptly crashes. Very annoying. Fix the issue and I\'d give 4 maybe 5 stars lol
Angie S 2017-05-14

Amazing game. Still love it! Except the game crashes/freezes when I try to name my puppy. I also notice that my achievements continuously pop up, every time. I don\'t know if it\'s supposed to do that for this game, but it\'s a little annoying. My main issue however is the puppy nameing. I\'m currently stuck, unable to play because my last save point was naming a new puppy and I cant do anything with it.
Jasper Rimmelzwaan 2016-10-31

Really nice game This is a lovely game. The pixel graphics take me straight back to the olden days, when I\'d just started gaming. It\'s well thought out. And you kinda get attached to the dogs, as you get to know \'em. However, it has some litte issues. For example: I expand my kennel from 4 to 6, the game crashes, I come back on, only to find my kennel isn\'t being expanded anymore and yet the 8k money has gone. Oopsie. Other than tiny and also rare things, superb game and well worth it imo.
Tia McDaniel 2019-08-21

My game kept crashing when i tried to load it on my device. The game is nice and all, but i really wish u could get a refund after what ive just experienced. The naming system ESPECIALLY needs work thought the harnesses do work so I dont understand. Fair warning fir those about to buy this game, it may be better on PC.
Jordan Shearer 2020-11-05

This game is really fun! I love the dogs and discovering their personalities, but I do have a major problem with the game. For example, yesterday I played the game for about 15 mins, I had the perfect puppy about to join my team and I was preparing to join League 6. Then today I open the app and NONE of the progress I had made yesterday was saved.