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Description of Domestika - Online courses

Join Domestika, one of the fastest growing creative communities, where the best experts and creatives share their knowledge and skills through professionally produced courses. Join 8 million creatives to get started or specialize in your creative discipline or favorite hobby.

Explore all the different creative categories and find the perfect course. Watch videos online or download them to watch them whenever and wherever you want, even if you aren’t connected to the internet. Choose the language of the audio and subtitles (they’re available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, and Dutch). Participate in the course community and look at other students’ projects. Create lists to save courses for later.

If you’re a Domestika Plus member, you can use your credits to unlock courses directly in the app. You can also see how many credits you have and when they expire.

What it’s like to learn on Domestika:

- Learn and share at your own pace: join online courses and enjoy them whenever and wherever you want. Download and watch them even when you’re not connected to the internet.

- The best professionals: learn techniques, methods and tips explained step by step, by expert teachers who will give you a professional perspective in each lesson.

- Professionally produced courses: a professional team produces the courses to give you the best learning experience. Videos are high-quality and you have unlimited access to watch them as many times as you want.

- Creative community: join more than 8 million creatives from around the world. Ask questions, get feedback, and offer solutions. Share your learning experience with other students who are passionate about creativity.

Find the best online courses about:

- Illustration: learn with online courses about watercolor techniques, chinese ink, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, Illustrator, vector illustration, portraits, botanical illustration, and children’s illustration.

- Photography & Video: explore courses about editing, post-production, retouching, studio photography, product and fashion photography, Lightroom, Premiere, Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve.

- Design: develop your skills with courses about logo design, branding, editorial design, art direction, InDesign and more.

- 3D & Animation: discover 3D lettering animation, video game programming with Unity and Unreal Engine, VFX, ZBrush, Cinema 4D, Blender, Autodesk Maya and After Effects.

- Craft: explore the world of artisanal crafts with online courses about sculpture, modeling, creative ceramics, papercraft, screen printing, needle felting, amigurumi, macramé, collage, and more.

- Marketing & Business: give your career a boost with online courses about branding, digital marketing, advertising creativity, project management, email marketing, community management, social media, etc.

- Calligraphy & Typography: online courses about lettering, typography, sign painting, calligraphic logos, English and Japanese calligraphy, typography animation, and graffiti.

- Web & App Design: online courses about website development, application programming, responsive web design, augmented reality with HTML5, CSS, WordPress, MailChimp, Sketch, Adobe XD.

- Architecture & Spaces: discover online courses about interior design, architectural visualization, infographics, graphic representation and digital illustration for projects, AutoCAD and SketchUp, among others.

- Music & Audio: learn everything related to sound with courses about sound design, musical production and post-production, Ableton, Pro Tools, DJ, music videos, voice-over narration, percussion, podcasting, and more.

- Writing: learn about this discipline with online courses about copywriting, novels, children’s stories, narrative writing, scripts, storytelling, blogs…

- Fashion: explore online courses about jewelry, crochet, fashion design, makeup, pattern-making, handbags, embroidery, prints, and more.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Domestika Incorporated

User Reviews


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SARAH WOOLLEY 2020-07-24

The English translation is quite poor in parts, so it takes a while to figure out what is actually being said. Because of this, you have to keep goting back or pausing, which makes it difficult to actually watch what is being demonstrated.
Iair Or 2021-01-21

I used to buy a lot of courses in the past, but new pricing and currency policies are annoying and outrageous. You get an email from them saying a new course is US$ 9.90, but then it turns out they concert it to my local currency as 39, which is actually US$ 11.92. It looks like they found a new way of making money through misleading advertising and currency conversion instead of selling good courses. And you can\'t choose the currency you pay in. I don\'t think I will buy their courses again.
Dan Socea 2020-06-18

I love the courses on the site. I\'ve purchased a few and really enjoy them. That being said, it would be great to use the app for watching and posting. Unfortunately the app keeps crashing all the time, especially when trying to start a video, or post something in the forums. Because of this I have to use the site in the browser.
Pamela Villanueva 2021-02-21

I love this app. Very easy to find courses and enrolled through the phone. The only thing I would like is for my courses\' content/videos to be displayed in a vertical list instead of a horizontal list. Scrolling horizontally isn\'t efficient as my phone is very narrow and the screen is curved. Sometimes by accident I hit the phone\'s gestures while looking for the videos I left on and exit the app by mistake which is very annoying.
Elena Vanurina 2021-01-15

Very good course I\'m having here, really enjoying it! But commenting in community (crucial part of the course) is a great pain - in mobile and tablet versions (both android) I cannot change pointer position - if I see a misprint I have to delete everything after it, correct and re-write. It would be not a problem, but copy-paste also doesn\'t work. That doesn\'t allow me to write comment somewhere else and then paste it. Very inconvenient.
Kyaw Ko Ko 2021-02-09

This update s*ck🥺. Please fix. Download button missing in \"Introduction to after effects\" and \"Introduction to Cinema 4D\". Please fix it. I am from Myanmar(Burma) and due to country political issues. Internet can be blocked anytime. I need to download for offline contents. Uninstalled and installed again but nothing happens still missing download button.
Brian Mitchell 2020-06-29

Absolutely wonderful testing. Program is easy to use and translations to English are perfect. I have had zero issues. I would recommend to Domestika however, to have English documents. My course has 5 documents all in Spanish that I won\'t be able to enjoy and use. This needs a change. I highly recommend it.
Rochelle Wilson 2021-01-14

Domestika by far is the best learning platform out there. The courses are so well presented and professional and because they are broken down into short lessons it makes it so much easier to dedicate a bit of time to it everyday. And although most of the courses are in a language foreign to me, I still prefer learning via the subtitles than to look elsewhere because of how well thought out the courses are.
Wayne Hasselman 2020-10-16

This is a brilliant site, I LOVE the courses. However this version of the app is terrible!! I pressed on my downloads to watch them, and it deleted them! Scrolling through a course sideways makes no sense on a narrow phone screen. If only I could roll back to the previous version of the app... Also, it would be nice if lists showed up on the app, or there was another way to organise \"my courses\" - they seem to appear in a random order.
Nicole Beatriz 2021-02-16

On android, the videos are of great quality but when watching on iPad 2019 - not so much. I hope dubbing will be done in the future (like how Netflix does it) because instead of focusing what is done in the lessons, I am busy with reading subtitles. And I don\'t like pausing and pausing every frame. That\'s why I haven\'t finish any of the 9 courses I previously purchased but you keep asking for feedback thru emails which I never answered back. Overall, I like this purchase one-time than subs.