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Dominos. Dominoes board game free! Domino online!



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Description of Dominos. Dominoes board game free! Domino online!

Dominoes! Domino be definitely the most dynamic board game!

Play our dominos, with opponents and create an amazing personal board game experience.

We release a separate board game edition of domino series – enjoy the top board game on your mobile. Our domino: board game offers unique features such as quest, profile, customization, friend invites and many more!

- Draw dominoes: have fun playing with tiles on either side of the table you only need to match the dice you have with one of the two ends already on the table, exciting game rules up to 101 points. (Turbo Dominoes - 1 round)

The best algorithm for generating a random number according to the method for online board skill based games like: backgammon, ludo, dice, dice poker, kanak 101 okey, bingo, mahjong.

Do you like board games such as checkers, chess, mahjong, ludo, unoo, yatsi, then you will admire Ace&Dice Domino game.

Download today and join this classic board game challenge to become the best Domino player in the game leader board ranking.

Let's play Domino?

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lable: Board - Games Current Version:1.4.4 Publish Date:2021-08-05 Developer:Euro Grasp Dominoes online

User Reviews


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Dennielle Gabito 2020-06-03

i updated the game, but still the problem i\'ve been experiencing before are still happening, the only difference are it occurs less than before. still i loved the game i\'m not uninstalling it, instead i\'ll wait for it to be fixed, i hope you could fix it totally...before i forgot there\'s a new problem with the game there is a time it does accept a wrong tiles. please fix the bug. the game deserves a 5star. oh before the second update the ads are okay but now the ads pops up during gameplay.😥
mohammed mushtaq 2020-04-18

Nice game to play online... But in this game , there is no Friend Request from Unknown players and no option to play with Facebook friends.... Atleast , if these 2 options made by the software department of this game , then it will be a very very very Nice to Play online . Whenever we will be Feel free to play game
saeed miryeganeh 2020-07-14

The game is great . Bot there are so many bots. There are not real player. Sometimes they have many luck. But if you are good player , you can win the match.
Leetta Yarlot 2020-04-10

It\'s a good game, except there\'s an advertisement after every play and that constantly freezes you up. You have to close out, losing your points to move up the levels, and then open the app again. This happens over and over and over. Very aggravating ! I\'m deleting this app.
Giovanni Lopez 2020-09-16

Fun game to play. However , I think developers should address this game combination of Draw vs Block Domino Game. I mean on 2 players you will play Draw type game. On 4 players you will play Block . Another thing is the rules . On 2 players your score when you block is the difference between your Dominó Score vs opponent score. The game subtract the remaining dominoes and gives score to the player with less. On 4 players even you win the difference in dominoes help the opponent sometimes. Fishy
Harbey Santiago 2021-01-05

Rarely ever played human players. When playing the game AI you will always loose if you bet the maximum amount you can bet. The AI always have the advantage over you when it comes to taking from the vineyard, and to the first move. I\'ve played dominoes for year\'s and never have encounter players with this AI\'s luck. If you want to be very frustrated, play this game. There are much better and fair games out there.
Enzo D 2020-07-11

This game started off as very fun.. but the moment I started playing 2.5k games ads always pop up and cost me alot And to think I wanted to invest in the game abit But I\'ll rather uninstall now
Andre Gonzalez 2021-01-23

Your games are rigged!! And its not against live competitors. There is no element of \"luck of the draw\" in the wash. The odds are grossly stacked against a live player. AI player knows your next move because it was designed that way. Zero STARS!!
Dawn Bryan 2020-10-04

Fun game, but during gameplay you cannot see the entire board, so if you have a move, you can\'t click to play, because you can\'t see the entire board, then you lose.
Victor Mascorro 2020-11-02

I like it a lot but at the end of the game with the a \"play again ? \" Option ,it should be able to increase the bet ,it make it more interesting ,...the app is not working right now what\'s wrong ?? 11/01/2020 20:30 hrs