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Description of Domo

Domo’s unique mobile solution gives you all the flexibility you need to go beyond static reports and explore what’s actually happening in your business—anytime, anywhere.


Don’t have a Domo account yet? Sign up for a Free Domo account right from the app. You’ll have immediate access to interactive, pre-loaded reports and full access to all the powerful Free Domo mobile and desktop features.


· Get insight into your business with real-time data visualizations.

· Drill, filter, and analyze data to answer your key business questions.

· Use ‘save as’ to create new cards with your drills, filters, and edits applied.

· Combine human insight and data to drive results with snapshot annotations

· Collaborate with anyone in your company with integrated chat.

· Know when you need to take action with custom alerts.

· View important trends and stay on top of your ever-evolving organization.

· Use the company directory and interactive org chart to get in touch with the right person, fast.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:3.0.8602 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Domo Mobile Development

User Reviews


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Luke Benson 2018-11-15

Best Business Intelligence platform in the world. Mobile experience is incredible.
Josh James 2016-07-14

Exactly what I always wanted I love the UX!!!
KC Lim 2017-01-24

Excellent UX! This allows me to take my data everywhere I go, great in-app messaging and alerts to collaborate teams around our insights. 10/10!
Bryan S 2020-11-16

Needs update... Some tiles are dark and when you pull reports you can\'t read the text
Duc 2016-09-16

Very good app for on the go access Love the improvements to the Android app and the way the notifications and Buzz is integrated. Some features are much easier to use than even the Web version. One feature that doesn\'t work is if you use html code to enhance the Summary number, they show up as html code in the app instead of the nice formated view as in the Web. The same html code in the table card does work properly though. Another feature that can be improved on is DOMO apps are not responsive and resized properly.
Abraham Castro 2020-03-03

Pretty good but I hate how convoluted the log on process is. This is only exacerbated by the app randomly logging me out constantly.
Matthew Newsom 2016-04-22

I have waited forever for this. So far it looks great and is very nice to see cards come up quickly and cleanly on a mobile device.
Brett Child 2018-01-21

Very useful for checking my Domo cards while away from my computer. Being able to use buzz has also been super handy.
Travis Simpson 2016-11-03

Great company great app Functions how I\'d expect. Great additional functionality
Jake 2020-11-24

The new dark mode is easier on the eyes and the battery life. Unfortunately, the text hasn\'t changed to white so half of the cards I am unable to read; due to this.