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Domoticz - Home Automation

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Description of Domoticz - Home Automation

Control and monitor your home devices like lights, switches, fans, various sensors/meters like temperature, rainfall, wind, Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, electricity usage/production, gas consumption, water consumption and much more at your fingertips with the most coolest automation system "Domoticz - Home Automation". The app automates every appliance at your home and you can control it through the mobile device from any place. Turn off or on the bedroom lights sitting at living room. "Domoticz - Home Automation" app supports NFC and allows you to switch on the AC or other appliances when you are almost reaching home. Through geo fencing feature the app can detect your location and accordingly alerts you with the managing of the devices.

The app "Domoticz" has a great user interface with easy user controls. The app also supports widgets that helps you control from your mobile home screen directly saving your time to turn on or turn off the device. The app is perfect to save the unnecessary electric consumption thereby saving the money. Be personalized and get your control in your fingertips. The automatic device controller app "Domoticz" supports finger print feature to ensure the security of your devices.

Monitor the gas and electric consumption from your mobile device and configure its usage as per your requirements and budget. The app is the best to plan your monthly budget over various devices. The app also sends the push notification to any configured mobile device to alert you with the usages and consumptions.




- NFC Support! Toggle switches via NFC tags

- Geofencing (multiple), turn light on when your almost at home

- Android Wear, control your home from your wrist

- Widgets, put widgets on your homescreen

- Multiple server config, connect multiple domoticz servers with one app

- Fingerprint security

- Custom views

- Talkback features

- Notifications

- Alarm feature

"Domoticz - Home Automation" app is compatible with all the Android smartphones, Tablets and all the Android Wears. Be smart.! Configure multiple servers for an easy and efficient use of the application. Download the smart automatic device controller app "Domoticz" and live a smarter life.!




We are constantly working hard on making this “Domoticz - Home Automation” app better and more useful for you. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello. If you have enjoyed any feature of the “Domoticz - Home Automation” app, do rate us on play store and share among your friends.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-11-24 Developer:HNO Mobile Games

User Reviews


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George TJ 2020-02-11

Works OK but somehow limited in terms of aesthetics and day to day usability. I bought the paid version and apart from no ads, I can\'t see any difference.
Nigel Wyborn 2020-05-08

After latest update, it is completely broken. Gives oops error screen, but correctly updates location to server, each time I start the app. Up till now it has been great, now it is broken. Uninstalled, and reinstalled, has no effect. Started from scratch . No effect. I can log straight in to the Https interface in browser on the same device no problem, so it isn\'t network setup. The app is at fault.
Nicholas Gosling 2019-01-26

Simply the best app going for domoticz. I use it everyday.
Valentin polqnov 2019-11-23

Works fine but the widgets is very badly occupies a lot of space and shows very little....
Daan Derksen 2018-03-04

Does what it is supposed to do but unfortunately has some small bugs and it seems even though it received financial support the development stopped.
Nuno Pereira 2020-11-05

Last update fixed the issue with remote server! Thanks for the quick turnaround.
Antonin S. 2020-05-10

The Domoticz app is well built, user-friendly, and has tremendous support and development. Once a while, updates may somewhat break things, but in my experience the developers are quick to respond, and when those are indeed bugs (a lot of the time playing with settings and fresh installs will fix things), work actively to fix the issues swiftly. The graphs could be improved, in my view ; could be nice to zoom on a timeline. Generally speaking the graphs in Domoticz could be a little better, maybe this is Domoticz related, and not the app. Either way, it\'s a small issue for an otherwise fantastic app. Go ahead, get the premium, the developers deserve largely the support in my view.
Duncan H 2019-11-23

App works well, but would benifit from some more eyecandy. Also, introduction of secondary axes on e.g. temperature/humidity graphs would be a good idea.
Leo Stahl 2017-04-02

How can I see or change how often the data for the widgets gets updated? Otherwise this app is very good!
Jos Blom 2020-12-22

Widgets and graphs are not up to standard and not always functioning properly.