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Description of DontKillMyApp: Make apps work

The official DontKillMyApp app is here - make apps finally work properly even if you do not own a Pixel.

Helps you set up your phone background tasks so that your apps can finally work for YOU even when not looking at the screen right now.

See how is your phone doing and test different settings with DontKillMyApp benchmark.


• DKMA benchmark: Measure how aggressively is your phone killing background apps

• Guides: Get actionable steps to overcome most background process restrictions

• Make a change:️ Help smartphones stay smart by sharing your benchmark report to dontkillmyapp.com

DontKillMyApp is a benchmark tool to see how well does your phone support background processing. You can measure before setting up your phone, then go through the setup guides and benchmark again to see how much has your phone been slacking in the background.

You can share your report through the app to the maintainers of the dontkillmyapp.com website who compile it and base the overall negative score on it.

How does the benchmark work? (Technical!)

The app starts a foreground service with a wake lock and schedules repetitive task on the main thread, a custom thread executor and schedules regular alarms (AlarmManager.setExactAndAllowWhileIdle). Then it calculates executed vs. expected. That's it!

For more details check the code. The app is open source available at https://github.com/urbandroid-team/dontkillmy-app

This app is open source and this project is maintained by volunteers who care about the Android ecosystem, feel the current pain and want to make it better.

Special thanks to Doki (github.com/doubledotlabs/doki).

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.5 Publish Date:2022-01-25 Developer:Urbandroid (Petr Nálevka)

User Reviews


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Habib Wakil 2020-11-01

This app is stupid. Doesn\'t do anything to help the average everyday Joe that just wants to know why their phones isn\'t working properly, nor does it fix it. After 8 hours of benchmarking, it just shows some stupid graph with a short explanation on how to read it that just amounts to jibberish. The graph rendering is too small to distinguish anything EVEN on the big screen of a surface duo... I can\'t imagine it for a phone with smaller screen. Also, after done... This app just thanks you, sorry
Debsuvra Ghosh 2020-07-17

DontKillMyApp tests how aggressively Android devices kill their apps in the background. And it does it well. One can run multiple benchmarks for different periods of time. After recent updates, the result page is more comprehensible. Users are encouraged to report their benchmark results so they can make an accessible database of devices killing background tasks. It\'s a nifty little app for understanding how Android from your manufacturer treats your apps and whether you\'d want to switch to a custom ROM for better management.
B.S. Saigara 2020-12-13

The measurement report for my tablet is 100% for 2hours test. So I can rest assured that the running apps in my tablet can carry out their tasks uninterrupted and unhindered and my tablet is not killing tasks just to save battery unnecessarily. Of course I presume that you are experts who know their job and are reliable! Thank you.
Dave Murray 2020-10-15

Tried the app as my phone (Umidigi S3 Pro) keeps shutting down YT Music app exactly five minutes after closing the screen.Ran the benchmark for three hours and it came back 100% so I\'m non the wiser why that app stops running.Apart from the graph I can\'t see much more use this app is.
thefunky1 2020-11-22

I only got app today and I don\'t pretend to know enough to properly rate it but, I kinda dig it I let the app have it\'s way with my phone for a couple of hours and a report was generated and said my Note 20 was OK 😎 So far, so good
Alex RS 2020-08-20

It\'s a very good app, but it can be wrong about the device, it was actually wrong about mine. It said my phone is a Lenovo P2, but it\'s a Z6 Pro, also by Lenovo. The guide it provided to make the phone not kill my apps was very simple to understand, but it\'s wrong as well. However, I\'ve seen countless others whose device was correct, and the instructions were accurate as well, which is why I still give it 4 stars.
A Google user 2020-08-27

Ver.2 refused to run. Soon after starting it, I got the error \"... app has stopped\". Asus Zenfone 3, Android 8. Previous version was ok. Update: Thanks for the info. According to the reason you mentioned, I just cleared the cache and data of the app and it started correctly.
Colby Richison 2020-07-03

App works great, would be nice to have an explanation as to your score percentage.
George Williams 2021-03-10

I started my first benchmark, before it could finish the hour, I opened my phone by mistake and it had some info about Android 11 and battery saving things that affect certain alarms we set. I locked the phone to allow it to finish and opened it 30min later and it read 100 across the 3 Tests. There should be a detailed description regardless of score. For example, a Person goes to the Doctor and gets a Health Report by email with the #100 in the Subject Field and the rest blank.
Jet Rat 2020-07-10

Nice general advices, but I don\'t understand, what does final score or graph beneath it mean. 99% alarm score - it means, I have 1% fail... of what? When? Can I see some particular data, errors and advises? Unexplained percents and graph \"look smart\", but don\'t count. Can I do anything in my particular case?