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Description of Door Slammers 2 Drag Racing

With the biggest update to Door Slammers 2 to date, come check out what we now have to offer the mobile racing community. Modernized with high-definition graphics, brand new garage and rejuvenated track, your ride will look better than ever soaring down the strip.

Feel the thrill of a 5 second ¼ mile run at over 200mph! Door Slammers 2 is the most realistic drag racing game you will find on mobile devices. From building your own drag car from the ground up to piloting across the finish line in a Real Racer’s car, DS2 has something for you!

Hone your reaction and ET as you strive for the perfect run in the bracket class or drive to the edge of sanity in the heads-up and grudge racing events.

Race online with your friends or with other racers from around the world in live multiplayer action.

Race as some of the biggest names in Drag Racing: Big Chief, Donkmaster, Murder Nova, Infamous, Jeff Lutz, Mark Micke, Bill Lutz and many more!

Like big wheel racing? DS2 is the first and only mobile drag racing game to offer this option.

Work your way through the rankings and climb your way up the daily Top 10 List!

Reinvigorated 3D Graphics:

Smokey Burnouts, Header Flames, Nitrous Purges, Wheels Up Launching, Functional Parachutes, Gear Shifting, Custom Paint, Hood Scoops, Wings and Wheelie Bars

Single Player Action:

Practice while test and tuning your vehicle to optimum performance.

Race against computer to better your skills.

Rise to the top in the license test.

Play career mode created for offline racing.

Head-to-Head Multiplayer Action Classes:

Dial in the perfect number in Bracket Racing.

Big Wheels Racing in our dedicated donk room.

Cross the finish line first to win in Heads-up.

Index Racing where consistency is crucial.

Have a Grudge? Put your money where your mouth is in our Grudge room.

DS2 give you a wide variety of options for customization, allowing you to create a truly unique vehicle just the way you want it.

Engine Customizations Available:

Small Block, Big Block, Mountain Motor, Carburetor, Fuel Injection, Tunnel Ram, Turbo, Nitrous, Blower and Fire Breathing Fender Exit Exhaust

Chassis Customizations Available:

Hood Scoops, Custom Wheels, Paint, Lettering, Transmission, Wings, Brakes, Parachutes, Wheelie Bars and Suspension

Crave for more competition? Qualify for and take part in our daily top 16 bracket style tournaments starting at 6:05pm EST. Walk away with free gold if you got what it takes to be in the winner’s circle!

Warzone Classes:

Bracket, No Time, 6.0 Index, Outlaw Drag Radial, x275, Outlaw Pro Mod, Nitrous X, Insane Pro Mod, Ultra Street and Radial vs. World

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Free to Play:

Door Slammers 2 is free to download game. Unlike other games that force ads to be watched, this is only an option in DS2. You do not have to pay to disable ads. Gold is available for purchase for those wanting certain options on their vehicles.

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lable: Racing - Games Current Version:310394 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:Horsepower 1 Studios

User Reviews


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Timothy Stone 2019-01-16

Loved the game until I attempted to spend my real money to upgrade to turbos nitrous or blowers. I was willing to spend the $19.99 for 500 gold plus the free 400 gold so I made the purchase. Well..... Upon spending the money I did not recieve the gold. I thought maybe I needed to log out and back in. Still nothing. So I contacted google play who advised me to give it 4 - 6 hours. So 48+ hours later I still never recieved the gold. I feel ripped off. Emailed the developer with no response.
Austin Rode 2019-05-27

I love this game it kills hella battery though. The only reason I\'m not giving this 5 stars is because there is an extreme limit on how far you can go without paying real money. I don\'t even mind if the turbos and nitrous are 200k or some outrageous number for the upgrade. They are real money only though and now I have all the cars I want upgraded but I have 1million coins in the bank and wish I could play with more setups. I won\'t spend real money on a game though. Make everything attainable.
Peter Kay 2019-08-30

keeps crashing before end of race, I\'ll try the game in a few months and hopefully the designers will look into this problem and fix it, but for now you only get 1 star and I\'m deleting, well just downloaded again to give it another chance, and same thing, can\'t finish race without crashing and game just stops, deleting once again. Guess designers don\'t care if someone is having problems with their game ☹️🤔 Anybody else having this problem, please respond or a thumbs up or something...
Peyton Humphries 2020-12-31

Amazing game! I love the different selection of cars and trucks, the latest up date is not in my favor but it keeps it fun! If it were in my opinion I think wing and hood options should be expended a lot and different motor brands cheaper more expensive or even car brand parts ( ford racing, ls motors, etc) I think rotary motors should be added as well to expand the variety of people who play. This is by far my favorite racing game and I plan to play it for many years to come!
Cowboy Rodriguez 2020-10-16

I just want to start off by saying I\'ve never felt like any dev\'s are this hands on. I believe that this game is in it\'s best state yet. I haven\'t changed my review for a while since the new update. I needed time to really play through it. I love the game it\'s really good lots of cars and customization. I like the new hold system but I would like to see in the future to trade gold for cash. Because this the game is not 5 stars but it is 4.
christopher mclean 2021-02-18

Awesome game but you guys already know this. Something i really hope to see in the future is the introduction of Japanese and European cars and a roll racing mode and/or half mile racing possibly and maybe even possible engine swaps? The alchohol v8 is awesome but the game could use some diversity. Ik that wouldn\'t be easy but it would be cool to have. But again awesome game guys,keep it up.
Wilson RC 2020-12-30

I will start with the bad. I wish you didn\'t need gold for all things that make you go fast. And I wish there were more vehicles like Jr. Dragsters, Funny Cars, Pro Stock cars, and Drag bikes. I drag race myself and the tree timing is way off. Other than that, its a great game.
philip schalkwyk 2019-01-18

The game is one of the best Drag racing games on mobile that i have played so far and the best will be no ads. But it has bugs that need to be fixed, the cars and options for parts are awesome. But the performance side is very repetitive, though you are choosing different cars. The horsepower mostly will stay the same, doesn\'t matter if you tune or fit better parts or choose a different car, it doesn\'t effect better race times.
Paul McGeorge 2020-07-18

I\'ve been playing Doorslammers 2 for nearly a year now and I can honestly say, after loading and trying just about all the other drag racing games, this is by far the best! If you want realism, you\'ve got it. Right down to the last little tweak prior to taking your ride to eliminations, its as real as it gets. I\'ve had a few issues in the past but their support team, cheifly Jeff don\'t miss a beat getting me back in the game. I\'d give a 6 if I could.
Brian Langdon 2021-02-18

I been playing since the 1st & to see how far this game has come is incredible. I know it focuses around the grassroots & true drag racing scene I would love to see this same company do dyno either chassis or hub dyno even if it didnt involve tuning. Also I would love to see the SFWD guys get some love. Let\'s face it they are established in grassroots drag racing as well. These are THE ONLY GUYS I can see doing it right! EDIT: LOST ALL oF MY PURCHASES EVEN THO IM USING THE SAME GOOGLE ACCOUNT!