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Description of Dope Wars Classic

The classic drug dealing game, with old school rules.

In DopeWars, you are a drug dealer moving from one borough to another, buying and selling drugs to earn as money as you can.

You start with $2,000 and 100 spaces in your trenchcoat. You owe $5,500 to the loan shark, and he's charging a high interest rate for that. So, buy low, move to Brooklyn or Manhattan, sell high. And finally, go to the Bronx to pay the loan shark back.

But it's not that easy, some bad things can occur during your move, such as muggings, and cops. Fortunatly, good things can occur too, like finding drugs on a corpse, buying extra pockets, or meeting a nice friend.

* Choose game duration : 30, 60, 90, 120 or 360 days

* Online leaderboard with Google Play Games

* Save and resume game

* Available in English and French

I love to read your comments so please tell me the features or bug fixs you'd like in DopeWars Classic.

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:2.0.2 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Olivier Dupont

User Reviews


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Leah Hiner 2016-04-17

Needs a few things I can\'t believe no one\'s mentioned the pocket prices! Or the character stories and sound effects. The original game used to tell you what the averaged value of a drug/gun in your pocket was. That way you knew if you are making a profit or not. Or you could reduce the value by purchasing more of a drug at a lower price (ie: you bought 10 weed at 500, but it goes to 300 in the next city. So you decide to buy 10 more, making your pocket value 400.) I find this missing bit of info incredibly important.
Brett Ahearn 2017-06-13

This game is fun, but I feel like it needs an update. If I\'m capable of shooting cops, I\'m capable of shooting muggers. Also, if I\'m some kingpin drug dealer, wouldn\'t I own my own car and not take the subway at some point? Why not expand on weapon choices? Knives, bats, and melee weapons to deal with muggers that have lower chances of working on police. You could make this game SO much better if you gave it a little more love.
Curtis Crosby 2017-07-20

Just like the good olé days!!!! This takes me back to the good olé days win98. This game is simple, yet Its random generator keeps you guessing. You could add catchy phrases, a difficulty system. Even a random chance generator giving you crazy modifiers increasing odds and other things. Maybe giving you the option of alternating between guns when shooting officers and, adding a few more officers. While playing the 365-day I killed agent Smith after I never ran into another cop. Regardless I love this game and it\'s true to the original
Kevin Taylor 2015-12-09

Love it, just wish more drugs we\'re used. I am having a blast with this game. Only issue I have is you pretty much know what drugs to invest in after a few games. A few drugs don\'t ever go very high like cocaine heroin, let alone have events like speed and opium. Just wish they would include other drugs as well.
Steve Rosenbloom 2019-01-05

My friends and I played the heck out of this game in high school, back around 2000 or so. It was simple enough to run on mobile devices of the time and that you could just pick up and play for a few minutes, much like popular mobile games of today. This version plays exactly how I remember it 20 years ago on palmos. It\'s a flawed game, as your score comes down to luck once you get the basic mechanics, but it\'s still crazy addictive. Only complaint is the ads are unnecessarily hard to close out.
Karl Rice 2017-11-11

Great game. Never played it back in the day as I never new it existed until now. And I don\'t know why people are saying their are too many ads, I only ever see one permanently at the bottom of the screen. I would give it 5 stars but reading the reviews I think there may be room for improvement. I will watch this space. Great overall game.
Adam W 2016-02-09

Not random I hit a high score of 45000000 as soon as I downloaded the game months ago, and now I can\'t get over 20000000.... It seems the game does whatever it can to screw you over
Lulu 1 2015-06-26

Pretty Dope I had played this game in 1998 when it first came out (I think that was the year) and I rocked it then and still trying to ROCK it now. It is still a cool game
Chris Roth 2019-01-07

not nearly as good as the old one. the prices vary way too much and there\'s too many to keep track of. Then half the time you buy something and all of a sudden the next place you go to seems to not even have it.
Michael Rodriguez 2016-05-02

Pretty good Need a shop. An entrepreneur like yourself needs a shop on the black market to procure certain necessary items...like pockets or a car built for drug running or possibly a private jet with a pilot for hire. You shouldn\'t have to do all the work yourself, should you?