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Description of Dot Habit - Tracker In Dot

No need to write everything just to monitor your habit, with Dot Habit you can represent it as dots so you could easily check your progress. Aside from that, it offers a lot more.


- Monthly dots in home page to track your monthly progress

- Timeline feature if you want to add notes in your dot

- Calendar style tracking with icon notes and dot to know if you put notes on that specific date

- Dots for the whole year, this will help you check your progress for a certain year

- Change of theme like dark mode

- Easily organize habit by tagging them

And many more to come when the user suggests it. Thanks

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More Information Of Dot Habit - Tracker In Dot

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.81.0 Publish Date:2022-02-17 Developer:iBuild Lab

User Reviews


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RF RF 2020-08-22

Amazing application! Habit tracker with dot is a great feature of this app. The app provides tips and tricks on forming better habits. The app has very nice looking interface and is very easy to use. This app is an absolute joy to use everyday and has helped me become far more disciplined and sticking to habits that I used to find very hard! Thank you very much!
Lauren Wolfe 2021-02-01

I like this app but I don\'t understand why there are no dates on dots when you\'re previewing a month, it\'s so basic. Another thing that\'s missing is widgets for easy and fast tracking. What I do love is simplicity, super colorful design, and user friendly interface
No Yehl 2020-01-13

Way too much ads
Burton Jay Sabino 2020-08-31

This is one of the best habit tracker app right now. It is easy to use. You just have to create an activity then set time. You can also choose different icon which fits to your activity. The UI is very pleasing too. Great app!
Brett Piercey 2020-10-30

Good experience so far, however it doesn\'t look like you\'re able to set habits that you don\'t want to complete every day (work habits from M-F, workout 3 times a week). Other apps have this function and it allows you to keep your streak going over time. Without this function may need to find a different app that meets my needs better
Kalynn Erickson 2021-01-27

Just what I needed! Simple, no fuss, and I love the custom icons and colors along with dark mode. A skip feature was recently added, and it\'s super helpful for not breaking a streak if we have a habit every other day or only on weekdays/weekends. I really like that we aren\'t limited to checking off only on the same day, and we can go back in time to check something we might have forgotten. The notes feature is great too!
Vinita grin 2020-11-05

Ahh took a lot of searching to find this app. Love it. Simple and best, and no forcing to buy premium drama. 🚩Feedback: Please provide the option of archiving a habit. An old habit which we don\'t want on the screen but don\'t want to delete the data. Thanks.
Gwen M Ray 2020-12-30

Best habit app. I love being able to have a separate box, color, and icon for each habit and the ability to arrange them by drag and drop. Making notes and favorites on certain days is a great feature. The sound it makes when you check off a habit is very satisfying. Didn\'t give it 5 stars because it would be nice to set the habits for specific days, such as every other day or weekdays (would pay). Also would like the box layout to match each month so you can tell where weekends are by sight.
Jimmy S 2019-10-24

Overall it\'s a very nice, simple, straight to the point app that gets the job done. I just have 2 suggestions. First, please add backup / restore in case we switch phone. Second, when opening a habit, please make it show the current date instead of the beginning of the month (it saves a lot of time not having to scroll and find today\'s date). Thanks.
Yan K 2020-10-01

Easy to use. Straight forward and intuitive.