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Double Win Slots- Vegas Casino



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Description of Double Win Slots- Vegas Casino

Start your amazing Vegas Night!

Double Win Slots invites you to join the world’s most exciting and rewarding casino game, transporting you to the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas! Wild Buffalo, Vegas Night, Gorilla Chief, Night of Wolf and other slot machines are available for your enjoyment, along with a large variety of never-before-seen bonus features. Forget your trouble and enjoy happy hour with us!

Double Win Slots gives you:

★ Daily Tasks for you to complete and get HUGE bonuses!

★ Amazing rewards when you level up!

★ New and stunning featured slot machines!

★ Invite your friends to win the jackpot! Share the excitement!

★ Wonderful quests will set you on the path to riches!

★ Exclusive and exciting mini-games, only available in Las Vegas, and here!

★ Install Double Win Slots now! You will discover an incredible world of Slots and Casino games. Wherever you are, you can open the Double Win app to experience a wonderful night in Las Vegas!


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This game is intended for an adult audience (18+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer 'real money' gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on gameplay.

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lable: Casino - Games Current Version:1.71 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:Royal Slot Casino

User Reviews


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courtney Adams 2021-02-18

I love the games. I love that you get a money bonus every 3 hrs.i love the extras like shoots and ladders and world Cup. I like when you get special bonus every hr. and a half. I am still loving the game. I am still loving it. you are my favorite of all the diffe rent sites. I still love all the previous things I. said. Love, love, love it. Thanks, loving it. Ditto😁 five stars for sure. 🤗 still loving it bunches. Fabulous playing. Ooh ra. I love the Extra f it is being nicer. ☺ 🤗 fun, fun 😃
KatieForLife 2020-04-01

I do love this game. But you do have to learn its little \"tricks\" sorta speak. It can take quite awhile to get a head, but if you play a hot game, don\'t give up so easily. There were times I had to keep upping my bet until I was getting at Max bet. Then the game WILL PAY OUT! Keep upping like I said. The game has alot of AWESOME free perks and is very generous on free $$ , and after playing for a few years, I have never once paid for coins. And I\'m still playing. So it is possible. Good luck!
Rocco Falsetta 2020-05-31

I find myself playing everyday and have yet to lose interest. The variety available has a good balance that keeps you interested and doesn\'t overwhelm. the different challenges available every few days keep the game interesting. Always seems fresh and new. Best app available. No other app even comes close for me. I can play for hours without getting bored. 2 thumbs up. Other games should take some pointers from this app, because it has the formula down cold. I cant get enough.by far the best app
John Spruitt 2021-03-01

M the new updates, bigger and better rewards are inspiring me to play longer. The graphics are unbeliveable. The games prizes are astondding!!!!!!! These new games are off the chain. Twice the thrills in same game. I\'m really shocked that this last update is beyond and better than any other games i\'ve played this year. Thanks!!!!!! This thrill is habit forming.
A Google user 2020-07-04

fun game. lots of extras! huge prizes! great game. i recommend this game. Game keeps getting better! U can get addicted to this game. new updates all the time. it has big wins! it gets more addictive every day. The prizes just keep on giving. It can be addicting. Gets better and better!! The prizes r huge now! New slots all the time .! The new slots are awesome!!😝
Ray Stein 2021-02-26

Changed my mind after the last couple of weeks, was at 4 trillion coins forced to bet max bet just to complete daily tasks last one was to get three free spins. Played almost all day off and on and never did get it . On top of that you added more adds in the game itself. Didn\'t mind watching for points, but this is now as bad as all the other games. Might try again in a few months, but doubt that anything will change. Too bad, used to really think this game was different.
On the Brink 2020-07-08

Really enjoyable games, and quests. Probably one of the only slots game you can continuously play. with most of the others, you take big losses and can only play for a short time. I would however, like to see more coin packs and boosters in the $.99 to $1.99 range which would encourage players to buy more often and likely spend more than say the 4.99 and up range. Thank you for the hard work during a time where we find ourselves at home looking for fun things to do! Still my top game to play!
A Google user 2019-08-08

Used to be fun when came out.The minimum bet has gotten out of hand, tells you to bet more to win more then pays less. Went through 1.6 billion in thirty minutes only winning back what I bet a couple times. The support must not understand coding been telling them about a bug for awhile that interrupts game play then removes all wins. They sent me a coupon for a purchase and said see if it works now, it didnt nor did I make a purchase. How stupid do you think people are. DO NOT FALL FOR GLAMOUR.
Dianne Norris 2019-12-28

Constant pop up ads to purchase even during play. Boring if you don\'t purchase because you lose, lose, lose. Games nowadays are all about the developer making money off you than you having fun. They\'re always free to download because they constantly harass you at every spin or hourly bonuses to purchase. Uninstalling. Don\'t waste your time on this one.
Ramona White 2020-02-28

Great games! Having lots of fun! I spend hours playing these games. Satisfying entertainment. This just gets better all the time. Still playing my heart out! Just found a great game with many different payout features---this is awesome!!😍😍😍😍😍 I\'m loving it!!!! These games are soooo entertaining and like the games I play in my favorite casino. I\'ve had huuuuuuge wins. I really enjoy these games!