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Description of Download Progress++

Shows progress bar directly on screen by mirroring notifications containing progress bar

Tired of pulling down notification panel every time you want to check progress of your ongoing downloads? This app allows you to have progress bar of your ongoing downloads right in front of your eyes; saving you from interrupting your current activity.


- Supports Android 4.3+

- DOES NOT require root nor Xposed Framework


- custom styles: line or circle with percentage

- adjustable position and other visual elements

- parallel downloads supported

- custom colors and sounds

- per-app progress bar settings

- smart detection of apps that generate progress bar notifications

General requirements

- requires "Draw over other apps" special permission

- requires "Notification access" special permission

- requires Storage permission for custom sounds to work properly on pre-Marshmallow devices

- app guides you to enable these special permissions when needed

OEM specific requirements

Some OEMs like to implement their own "optimizations" for battery and RAM on top of Android often breaking standard Android features and behavior by mindlessly killing everything without exception including services that are essential and should not be touched.

Paradoxically, such "optimizations" make things worse as it is far more energy inefficient to create app from scratch than to start it from cache.

MIUI requirements:

- Enable Autostart for the app

- Enable Popup window while app is in background

- Set battery saver to "No restriction" for the app

- Disable any "deep cleaning" features OS may have

OnePlus requirements:

- Disable deep cleaning feature


Visit official support thread at XDA for more info and support


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More Information Of Download Progress++

lable: Personalization - Apps Current Version:3.0.2 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Ceco Apps

User Reviews


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Dave Raymond 2019-02-12

Awesome! Just like Xposed, \"StatusBar Download Progress\" which I won\'t go without! One thing missing though, is the ability to change the color. I\'ve found bright yellow (not neon) to be visible no matter what! But if you\'re not using Xposed (Rooted or not), this is the app for you! Once you\'ve used it for a while, you\'ll never be without it again! No more seeing the Play Store sitting at 100% forever, wondering why it\'s paused, because with this app you\'ll see that it\'s really only at 50%.
Eric Kwoka 2020-05-04

Works awesome been using it for years now! One feature I would love is if it could be set to instead animate in a circle around the camera punchout instead of just a line.
Gitansh Bindal 2019-10-30

Edit - can u add some settings for curved screen, as more and more phones are now having curved screens? Old Review - I was desperately missing this feature after upgrading to Nougat because we didn\'t have xposed yet. But this app, created it\'s magic without root. Thanks to the developer. May U achieve new heights in the field of development and attain a awesome name and fame.
ishaan lakhani 2020-06-08

First of all, a heartly thanks to the developer for his help. The app is really amazing, it lets you display the progress notification over each and every app with display settings for each and every app. Well done brother 💪.
BebéTechManiac 2018 2020-05-27

Last update caused a license detection issue, to resolve it I ended removing, reinstalling the app. Please add a backup feature, custom configurations are now gone.
eddyo1993 2018-10-10

Love It. Would be great to add the option for the bar to go around the curved edges on the S8 front since it cuts out before it even gets to 100%
Asad AxE 2018-12-05

Amazing app ;)
Ashok Soni 2017-03-23

Xposed is still not here for Nougat and an alternative is always good. Thanks for the app. Really needed it, working well as intended.
Akash Gupta 2020-06-03

Just such a simple app! And the app is so helpful. Really encourage to buy the app. It\'s such a small feature but worth it.
Icedventimocha Bitches 2019-11-16

Awesome. Great job brining this without the need for Xposed