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Description of Doximity - Medical Network

All healthcare professionals can use Dialer in the Doximity app. Info on how to setup: https://blog.doximity.com

Doximity helps over 1 million healthcare professionals take the friction out of everyday challenges that are unique to clinicians. The tools you already use, conveniently in one place and designed to make your life a little bit easier.


- Free, secure and simple telemedicine tools

- Call patients without using *67

- Voice call, video call or go straight to voicemail

- Keep up with the latest clinical news in your specialty. Earn free Category 1 CME.

- Quickly look up office info for any other physicians, NP, PA or pharmacist

- Find clinicians based on specialty, location and clinical interests

- Send HIPAA secure faxes from anywhere. Sign, date and annotate documents.

- Reconnect with former medical school classmates, co-residents, co-fellows or colleagues

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:8.11.1 Publish Date:2021-06-04 Developer:Doximity, Inc.

User Reviews


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Linette Williamson, MD 2020-08-08

The dialer app no longer works. Has been a constant complaint that many users since late last year. Uncertain if they are actually going to the application.
Peter Greco 2020-05-01

Works well for me. The video feature is extremely easy for patients to use. Developers: PLEASE fix the (beta) video feature: in my use, the video images are reversed (left-right): my own image looks like I am looking at a mirror (left is on the right and vice versa), and so is the patient\'s image. This could lead to critical mistakes or at least terrible confusion in medical care! The behavior varies depending on platform of the patient (Android vs iOS).
Aisha Ashraf 2020-07-24

Doximity has been a lifesaver since we started working remotely. I can hide my cellphone number while patients see I am calling from the doctor\'s office. Because I cover two offices, I can make it look like I am calling from either office. With the fax feature, I have been able to fax any pertinent documents to the office for scanning into the EMR. With the video feature, I can conduct teaches without needing to bring patients to the office. Overall, it\'s a gem!
Stephani Jahn 2020-01-18

Useless without dialer. That feature isn\'t available to most professions at this time, and my hope of it coming to mine anytime soon is low: the app has the counseling profession buried under \"other\" and \"other\" again (psychologists and social workers are a level above, more recognized). I got verified but all that got me is the chance to update my work address. The search and news feed aren\'t things I need, so I\'ll delete until the dialer is offered to counselors.
kimberly mora 2020-01-01

Fixed! Thank you! This app is a lifesaver!
oliya daniels 2020-05-04

AWESOME!! Great quality and connection ease. Was worried on how I was going to contact patients with COVID19 restrictions. Other app wouldn\'t let you put in a number for caller ID, so some pts wouldn\'t answer unknown number, but Doximity allowed you this option. Thank you Doximity you guys definitely made this telemed transition easier. Thanks!!!
Michael Will 2019-05-13

Excellent App for Medicine. Great to see Colleagues, Medical School classmates, and especially Medical information . Extremely Informative. Like reading a new medical journal anytime or anywhere. A doctor\'s doctor App.
Andrew Morton 2020-04-23

Awesome! Thanks for the video (and dialer number change) capabilities! We have integrated this app into our office workflow.
Dennis Novak 2020-05-30

Update May 2020 Bugs long resolved! Very useful for calls. I\'m still working on how text works. Fax is next. Thank You Doximity! Doxy.Me isalwo excellent Re evaluation November 2019. The issues I listed have resolved. Dialer now works fairly consistently, with just one more step needed since merged with Doximity...it is VERY useful! Hot and cold. good articles, but don\'t always open. DoxDialer harder to access and resists copy/paste, in spite of disclaimer, more than before update
Robin Atkinson 2020-03-31

I cannot get the dialer to appear on my phone. Contacted support no answer yet. I need to call patients securely. I uninstalled the app and reiinstalled the app. No help, problem is the same.