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Description of Dr. Moku's Hiragana & Katakana

** New app! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.drmoku.app **

Learn to read and write Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji in just one hour with Dr. Moku!

"After a half hour, I was blazing through each exercise: highly recommended for beginners". - The Huffington Post

The Dr. Moku system uses mnemonics to help you learn the Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji automatically and effortlessly. Mnemonics are memory tricks that use humor or a memorable personal connection to help you fix and break associations. Your brain has no choice but to remember.

Dr. Moku is perfect for the complete beginner or those struggling to memorize Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.


• NEW! We added some essential Kanji Mnemonics to get you started.

• NEW! Hear Dr. Moku explain each Learning Screen!

• NEW! Audio Charts for the entire syllabaries (Pro version)

• Animated writing guides.

• 2 different Learning modes: Manual (allows you to learn at your own speed) and Autoplay (Each symbol and audio clip play in sequence)

• 4 Quiz types: Visual Recognition, Audio Recognition, Writing Quiz and Reading Practice.

• Introductory guide to learning Japanese, with video and pictorial examples.

Each screen presents a Japanese Kana character along with a mnemonic clue. Read the clue, listen to the clip and move on to the next one.

With Dr. Moku you will be amazed at your ability to learn and recall Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.

Don't believe it? Watch the demo video and you will be able to read your first word of Japanese in just 90 seconds.

This is a free app which includes 25% of both Hiragana and Katakana. You will be able to read basic words with this!

The In-App purchase unlocks the entire Learning Systems and more features such as Audio Charts and complex Quiz and Practice modes.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:4.6.6 Publish Date:2022-05-20 Developer:Bob Byrne

User Reviews


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Ahnastasia Rose 2016-03-21

Amazing! I learned hiragana in hours!!! Wow, Thank you sooo much for this app! I\'ve been studying Japanese for a month with books and online sites, but for some reason I was having a really difficult time memorizing hiragana and katakana. After weeks of studying with books and getting little progress, I was so surprised when this app taught me the whole hiragana alphabet within 2 HOURS after downloading it! And the method they use to teach you makes it so easy to learn! It doesn\'t even feel like your studying, honestly.Wish I could rate 10 stars!
Late Night Thinker 2016-03-19

unbelievable this made me learn almost all hiragana letters in under an hour. you don\'t even realize you\'re studying! it\' s fun, funny, entertaining, and extremely helpful. You need to get this app right now. don\'t read anymore reviews, just download and have fun!
poopy Love 2020-09-16

This app is fantastic!°○°I would have given this app 5 stars but for me is the purchasing part, I understand that you need to make money and by all means go ahead,I\'m young and i dont have a single dollar to my name So this makes it had for me but I\'m not complaining. This is a great app i would definitely recommend this to all my friends interested in learning Japanese.
Kostas Vas 2018-01-15

Definitely a helpful app and i like it but i think it\'s full version is too pricey for me and i believe most of the people. I would instead charge 5€ the most because a big price discourages people from buying an app and especially learning a new language. Anyways keep up the good work.
Zeb Holt 2020-02-21

Extremely useful and well designed app. I learned to read both hiragana and katakana in a week, something I never thought I\'d achieve. The mnemonics are fun and really emblazon the letters in your mind. Highly recommended.
Merci 2018-12-02

I\'ve come back to this app twice because of how helpful it is! Trying to compare and memorise the letters with the pictures has stuck to my mind well. Please give this app a try, it may help you out in the long run.
Dirty Drop 2020-05-19

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Honestly, one of the quickest ways to learn Hiragana and Katana. Intuitive and easy to use. That being said, there is no reason for this app to still be a paid version. You are limited in what you get unless you pay, and although it is cheap, I don\'t think, based on the age of this app, that it should still be looking for buy-to-unlock features.
Jake Tatman 2020-06-27

Fantastic. I was sceptical of it would help me at first, but I\'ve had more success memorising with this app in three days than I have had on my own in the last month. The memory cards in the app are clear, entertaining and show a good sense of humour.
Rebecca Synnestvedt 2016-06-09

Is just a demo The system seems really great, but it\'s about $3 for the full hiragana, and more for katakana. I dislike that the app isn\'t labelled as a trial version, it feels dishonest. The app is basically a glorified advertisement. If it were clearly labeled \"trial\" I\'d give it 4 stars, even though it\'s more of an ad than a trial.
Sombie 2016-12-28

Keeps crashing I loved this app, I even bought the full version but at the minute it keeps crashing on \'learn hiragana.\' can\'t get past more than a couple letters