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Description of Dr. Panda Restaurant

In this app, kids will be introduced to cooking through fun and exciting mini-games. They will be exposed to a number of foods from different cultures, all from Dr. Panda’s cookbook which contains 10 different dishes and drinks; including pizza, apple pie, corn soup, Chinese stir-fry and fruit smoothies.

For kids, this game combines meal time with fun time, without any mess!

To prepare all of these delicious things, kids will complete varied activities such as slicing, frying, toasting, mixing and baking. Besides preparing and serving food, they will also have fun while feeding the animals, decorating the dining rooms, cleaning the tables, and recycling garbage.


✓ 8 adorable animal guests to serve and feed

✓ Learn the basics of cooking with Dr. Panda’s 10 recipes

✓ Learn to help with the housework via 3 additional minigames

✓ Touch & Discover: Fantastic artwork, fun animations and sounds

✓ Kid-Friendly: Easy-to-use interface and no reading required

✓ Kids Safe: No third party advertisement or any in-app purchase

Privacy Policy

As a designer of kids’ games, we understand how important privacy is in this modern, digital world. You can read our privacy policy here: http://www.drpanda.com/privacy

About Dr. Panda

Dr. Panda is a developer of games for kids. We develop games with educational values that help kids learn about the world. This game is safe and does not contain inappropriate content, in-app purchases or any third-party advertising.

If you’d like to know more about us and how we design games for kids visit our website www.drpanda.com/about. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email at support@drpanda.com or contact us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/drpandagames) or Twitter (www.twitter.com/drpandagames) or Instagram www.instagram.com/drpandagames.

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More Information Of Dr. Panda Restaurant

lable: Educational - Games Current Version:21.3.68 Publish Date:2021-10-04 Developer:Dr. Panda

User Reviews


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alex m 2013-12-23

Really good game for kids My only suggestion would be to change the receipe for the corn soup. Kids are prompted to put their finger in the frying pan to spread the butter. Using a spatula (or accelerometer) would be better to promote safety around the kitchen... Also, there\'s a missed opportunity with salt/pepper. Putting tons of salt/pepper on foods - especially sweet foods - could lead to a funny animation when the animal eats. I tried to cover the apple pie in salt & pepper, and the monkey loved it just as much...
jez ansell 2013-12-10

Slow!! Another enjoyable game with one problem. Multiple taps of the screen are needed to get a response which is frustrating!! All the other Panda games we have are one touch response! Have re-installed a number of times with no success.
B W 2019-01-14

Just a warning to those parents like me who are purchasing the app for their child using thier own account. This app is not available for Family Sharing. The developer is not interested in updating this or any of their other older apps to include Family Sharing. I have purchased many Dr. Panda apps previously and will be sure to avoid in the future.
Angel Coughlan 2014-06-12

More games I like it, but can you make a dr panda school *like daycare not like teach me* with realistic leave and class times? Like 3 o clock leaving, 8 o clock coming in, 12 o clock lunch, stuff like that
Kawaii princess 2018-12-23

100% fun I gave it 4 stars because it is simple but I like simple games so I didn\'t give it 0 stars
Jarno Mäkinen 2020-08-16

***UPDATE 16th AUG 2020: Stopped working after Android 10 update on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019)*** Very enjoyable game we often keep coming back to. The game starts repeating itself very quickly so there isn\'t much to play but for small children this does not matter.
Chris rainford 2014-02-11

Great Great, fun, entertaining for all, every doc panda game is amazing. But I suggest you to take that one step further, like doing day and night. Egg, sausage and beans or cereal for breakfast, a variety or sandwiches for lunch, dinner youve almost nailed, but why not try spaghetti or chicken wings. Then pudding. Great. Just a suggestion for doc panda makers, but doc panda games suggestion to all.
Atari Johnson 2019-12-17

Cute game. Fast paced and colorful. Five stars. Thank you Dr. 🐼.
ེ НཇLLФ 2019-10-30

Game requires access to SD card...no🖕🏽😁🖕🏽
Duck C: 2019-07-25

it took my money!!! I cant get a refund!!!