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Description of DragonBox Big Numbers

Put your child in charge of building a wonderful world for the Nooms.

Learn how big numbers work through play and exploration.

Learn to perform long additions and subtractions.

Grow, gather and trade resources to unlock new worlds, and build houses, and shops.

***Perfect for kids between 6 and 9, or kids who have mastered DragonBox Numbers***


- An innovative interface that makes solving long additions and subtractions easy

- An infinite amount of additions and subtractions to solve.

- Over 10 hours of engaging gameplay

- No reading required

- 6 worlds to explore

- Learn to count in different languages

- 10 Different resources to collect and trade

- 4 Noom houses to furnish and decorate

- No third-party advertising

- No in-app purchases

DragonBox Big Numbers is based on the same pedagogical principles as the other games in the award-winning DragonBox series, and works by integrating the learning seamlessly into the gameplay, no quizzes or mindless repetitions. Every interaction in DragonBox Big Numbers is designed to heighten your child’s understanding of mathematics while motivating them to keep learning through play and exploration.

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More Information Of DragonBox Big Numbers

lable: Educational - Games Current Version:1.1.4 Publish Date:2021-08-07 Developer:Kahoot DragonBox AS

User Reviews


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Tore André Lie 2019-04-04

Brilliant app. But. We are able to mute music, but not sound effects...???? Really???? How hard can that be to implement..? One common scenario is when we are driving. I use my Phone as source of music, wilst jr. Uses the app. But being unable to mute The sounds of The game renders listenig to music usless, as The game-sounds fights with The music. Edit. Thanks for The feedback. :)
Corey Swift 2019-05-28

My six year old can\'t get enough of this game! She tells me about every upgrade she earns, with great excitement. The fact that there are no ads or in-app purchases makes me recommend this game heartily to anybody with a kid learning math.
Robert Clowes 2017-06-24

Another classic. Wonderful and beautiful piece of work. It is very hard to make programs that don´t just drill maths but teach concepts. Dragonbox succeed again. My son loves it. Oh and it doesn´t just teach long addition and substraction but the proper way of writing numbers. Extra bonus for my son who loves to write his numbers from the bottom. The program excepts these but also shows him the right way to do it. We had a bug. When my son adding bees and the sum clearly showed 8 plus 2 in the first column it called out 8 plus 3! this is all the stranger as it still accepted 10 as the correct answer (I guess this problem was fixed). ... This happened several months but has never repeated. One small thing that upsets my son. He has traded for a second fisherman but he never wakes up and fishes, only sleeps. Frustrating for a six year old. I think my son learnt loads about numbers from this app. Well done dragonbox.
Kristina Carroll 2020-06-23

I bought the app for my son about 2 weeks ago (?) and neither of us can figure out what the game wants him to do. The very first game level. The tree has 3 red apples, then you go to a game board, but the apples don\'t drag anywhere, there\'s no clear instruction. Right now I feel like I\'ve wasted money. I contacted the support portal; waiting for a response.
Matt Chambers 2020-09-30

My 4.5yo is picking up long addition at an amazing pace when we play this. Subtraction is a bit harder for him to grasp. The gamification truly works. I have some ideas for things that could be improved but they\'re too long to write here so I\'ll send an email. Thanks for the great edutainment app!
Joelaine Ferrer 2018-11-10

I tink it,s fan becos off levels is fan
Lauren Ner 2019-07-06

lovely and enjoyable way to learn math
A Google user 2017-03-31

Best maths app ever. My 4 year old is so addictive to it. Hope the new multiplication/division app comes out soon since he unlocked most of the worlds already. There is one problem though. Some of the exchanges (the one where the guy exchange you diamond to unlock a new world, and the one where they exchange ice cream/cup cake for coins) has really bad graphic. We cannot see how many items to exchange for how many coins. It would be great if you fix that
Jthan S 2016-11-12

Another gem by WeWantToKnow! My son loved the original Dragonbox Numbers, and now he\'s going crazy over this new one. While the mechanics are very different, once again it has superbly fun gameplay, but with long addition and subtraction so fully integrated that the child needn\'t even realise they are learning maths. Working with big numbers becomes something natural and exciting, and done for a purpose rather than just as an abstract concept. They can then take this enthusiasm into the classroom.
C Berry 2019-07-06

don\'t upgrade all progress reset