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Description of Dragonscapes Adventure

Go on a tropical adventure to mysterious new islands and discover dragons!

Join your best friend Mia and her crew on their tropical adventure to a remote island! While there, you'll discover and collect new dragons and help build them a home on your island. How many will you find? Let's find out!

Dragonscapes Adventure is a casual energy exploring game where you find and merge dragons to discover new ones. Build a home for yourself on a tropical island and craft various products to fulfill different orders, while joining Mia on her adventures to new islands.

App Notes:

• This app requires an active internet connection to play. Please make sure your device is connected while playing.

• Dragonscapes Adventure is completely free to download and free to play. However, some items in the game may be purchased with real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

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More Information Of Dragonscapes Adventure

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.2.14 Publish Date:2021-10-14 Developer:Century Games Pte. Ltd.

User Reviews


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B. Knicely 2020-10-31

Good casual game but there\'s room for improvement. Energy takes too long to replenish considering it takes a lot of energy to do land clearing. There are other ways to gather extra energy but once again the usage rate makes it useless. Quest are kinda all over the place and production times are longer than necessary. Between the energy issue and production there\'s no way to continuously play. Graphics aren\'t bad but the fixed screen makes it hard to get to certain areas on the map.
Daniel 2021-01-15

It\'s a fun little game. Good graphics and an interesting storyline. There is a ton of stuff to do. Biggest issue (the only one really) is energy. There\'s never enough and you\'re given such a small amount that accomplishing anything will take forever. You can buy energy with money, but it\'s not anywhere near fair. I understand the devs need to make money, but what they\'re asking is highway robbery prices. If you want a quick 10 minutes once a day game then this is for you otherwise move on.
Angie Tribble 2021-01-05

This game was a lot of fun at first. But as you get higher up in the levels, they don\'t actually upgrade your energy past 70. Most things take at least 50 sometimes 60 energy to wipe out. So you end up only having 2 minutes of gameplay and it takes a lot of resources to make anything. I went from enjoying this game to being really irritated with it.
Kate Cunningham 2021-01-10

Decent App. 4 Star just because I\'m not one for spending money on games, so the free way of getting things done isnt so bad. Yes \"Energy\" can take a bit to earn over time, but there are multiple ways of gaining it, to be able to complete task. Have been able to get through 1st 10 levels easily in 1 day. As you level up, it does take longer, but that is to be expected. So far no glitches on my end, would be nice it stays that way! Hope this review helps anyone unsure of looking to download!!
Michelle Bryant-Thomas 2021-01-19

Loved at first then everything changed after I got to level 20. I have to stop playing just to gain energy so I can clear resources that take a lot of energy. A vicious cycle. So I decided that I will just wait for the energy and not do anything extra like events because they are timed. You can\'t wait for energy to refill when you have days to finish an event.
Jessica Carroll 2020-12-31

I love this game! You don\'t have to spend money. Ads aren\'t terrible. It\'s your choice to watch, but watching them does give you more energy or gems. This game gives you a ton of options to get more energy or gems with out spending money but had some pretty good deals if you choose to. I actually play it a couple of times a day. I like that even if you don\'t have full energy you can still start to cut something down. I\'ve played games where you have to have full amt &that\'s more frustrating.
Christa Sloan 2021-02-11

this is a really fun game and i want to keep playing! RE: I think as a response to your query, I would like to suggest that there could be new ways to earn energy. Whether that be by watching ads, or participating in partner events with other games, or simply doing tasks in your dragonscape farm so that you can earn energy to keep playing the game! I don\'t like running out of tasks!
Sasa Melisa 2020-12-25

I love this game! The characters are cute, and I like how I can play this game casually (not too much thinking or action). However there are some things that don\'t make sense: 1. The energies spent doesn\'t feel balanced with the max energy and recovery time 2. Sometimes I spend more energies to clear bigger trees/rocks but I get less resources. 3. Production time over one hour is way too long, especially if it\'s for time limited quests. I hope these can be improved, but anyway it\'s a good game
Eva M 2021-02-28

This is a very fun game keeps your mind thinking. You just have to be very careful with what you choose to do, resources like wood and rock are very limited you don\'t get enough to finish quest unless you purchase. I am most likely going to delete because I love a challenge but I hate when I can\'t complete a challenge due to lack of what you need and be forced to purchase if you want to finish. If is one thing if you miss use your resource and have to purchase but when not given enough to finish
Eli Lever 2021-01-22

I actually love this game, but my low review will have to echo what people are saying about energy. I usually don\'t mind spending money in a game, but $20 doesn\'t even last 1 day for me. It actually makes me really upset because I love this game so much. I unfortunately may have to uninstall it for the sake of my wallet and impulsive spending problems :(