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Description of Draw Cartoons 2 PRO

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As the name implies, this application lets you make full-fledged 2D cartoons. Drawing cartoons sounds hard, but we've made it as easy as possible with the use of motion smoothing techniques. You only set the start and end positions of the character, and the program creates a smooth movement

Each character is a skeleton of several bones with pictures. You have a whole library of characters and objects at your disposal (dragons, people, cars and much more). There is a character editor - you can make up creatures and objects out of "bones". You can draw bones inside the application, or you can cut pictures from photos

There are many other tools for advanced animators. For example, a camera that allows you to make dramatic close-ups (just like in horror movies). Or speed effects, a tool that allows you to slow down or speed up individual fragments (if you need to make a slow-motion animation of dodging bullets)

You can add music or voice over your cartoon

All your animations can be saved as video (MP4 format) or GIF and sent to YouTube. By tag #drawingcartoons2 you can find works of other animators there

You can also save items and send them as separate files. That means you can offer someone a figurine of your superhero so that another person can use it in their works. We have a whole community to share

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More Information Of Draw Cartoons 2 PRO

lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:2.43 Publish Date:2021-10-04 Developer:Zalivka Mobile Cartoons

User Reviews


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NoStopBarsAGuich Official 2019-01-03

Очень удобное приложение. Можно легко нарисовать мультик, научится у других рекомендованных авторов и добавлять предметы у других пользователей из ВК. Благодаря уведомлениям можно знать, когда мультфильм экспортирован и быстро его открыть. Что хорошего в обновлениях, это возможность создать свой пак прямо в приложении, менять эффекты скорости без перерисовок, а также встроенные паки со множеством предметов, созданных другими проф. пользователями и так далее. Приложение может занять тебя в свобод
Snowcone Stars! 2017-06-12

Omg the update sucks. I can\'t add anything any more. Don\'t know how to use and we cant add real pics!! Please im begging make it better to understand like and make it so we can add real pictures!
owenschannel 2008 2019-03-20

I\'m rating it 1 star cuz I bought it and it says license error now I cant use it😡
Steven Charles Cacciattolo 2020-07-22

It is a great app and simple to use but the recent update has messed up the create items part example I save a model so I won\'t lose my progress but than i save on it and when i want to edit it an error pops up and i can\'t work on that model I hope you fix this,thanks Edit: please, I am begging you, fix the item maker bug as I cannot make anything with this bug,I beg you,please fix this
Prince Vegeta 2021-02-14

10/10 app I love it its limitless in animations limitless
Nothing_art 2019-05-13

When i try to install it, it says it \"won\'t work\" and it is an error can you please fix the bug. No matter how much i try to install it, it still won\'t work 😥
Dominic Reid 2019-06-17

this app is so fun and is a great time killer. You can make your own things and pose them to animate it or you can look at the library where its predrawn and you have awsome tools to copy, paste, up, down, delete and more stuff!! it is so fun and the full version is cheap
Rahul Kumar 2020-06-06

Everything was good... But after update... It is showing licence error & the main issue i am getting is ... (Animation for ranges of frames is not working) I cant use auto animation in selected frames... Eg. H have 20 frames.. but i only want to use auto animation in 3-16 frames... It is not happening now... When i am selecting frame ragges an pressing ok... But its not applying actualy.... Fix it
metrix Dc2 2019-07-30

the new update really sucks instead of you being able to tap the joint and just drag it while adding frames to make it easier and faster to animate it stops that i wish ya could fix that
ewan fans coolkid 2020-04-06

The best app that I have found for animating EVER!!!! amazing quality animations and it has lots of cool characters to choose from, you can even make your own!, but there is one mistake, sometimes, when I have a character that is animated, I will click on \"edit unit\" and absolutely nothing will show up, please fix this but for now, this is a great app, please download!