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Draw Something Classic

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Description of Draw Something Classic

Draw Something is the “World’s Most Popular Drawing Game”. Have fun with your friends and family exchanging doodle art. Sketch a perfect work of art and participate in our contests. Pick up your brush and start painting now.


• You don't need artistic skills to have fun with this game. Doodles, stick figures and sense of humor are welcome.

• Enjoy the addictive turn based drawing game in Draw & Guess mode. Sketch and show your creativity with colors.

• Guess what other artists have drawn in Guess Something mode.

• Loads of new and updated words to draw! From Science to Pop Culture, we’ve got you covered.

• Make new friends through art. Challenge friends for a quick match or partner up with new ones!

• Practice drawing and unlock color packs. We’ve got all the colors of the rainbow and then some for the best sketching and painting experience!

• Get featured on our Facebook page if your painting is awesome.

• Earn badges and unlock achievements for the words you draw.




Follow us on social media for updates, features, competitions and much more!

- Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/playdrawsomething

- Twitter: @WeDrawSomething

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More Information Of Draw Something Classic

lable: Word - Games Current Version:2.400.080 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Zynga

User Reviews


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Corey Duckworth 2020-04-14

Fun Game, Awful Ad Experience. This game used to be so much fun, and it still is fun. However, this game is full of ads that are major time wasters. I got physically nauseous when I realized that I would have to watch a 30 second ad every time I finished my turns and it sucks! You can\'t even purchase ad relief. You have to invite friends, and then even if you do get 5 friends to start playing it\'s only gets you ad free for a couple months. Nearly instant uninstall.
Jara Christensen 2020-05-07

1. There are SO many ads. After every turn, watch an ad. And guess what? You can\'t purchase your way out of this one. You have to invite 5 friends and get them to use the app. Oh but it doesn\'t stop there, that only gets you 60 days of ad-free sanctuary. 2. Sometimes the game just loads and loads. 3. I\'ve been playing for 1 day and half of the drawing prompts are already repeats. It\'s easy to guess what your opponent is drawing when you literally just drew the same object twice.
A Google user 2019-03-27

Tried installing again after several years to play with my wife. Still fun enough, but highly disappointed to see that there\'s no option to pay to permanently disable ads. Tried installing paid version to see if that would have no ads, but just got an installation error. I\'ll play here and there for my wife, but I wouldn\'t say it\'s worth downloading at all unless you\'re good with ads, and I won\'t be using it outside of games with my wife
3 Angels 2019-04-06

It\'s a great game!! But I think it would be better if you had a paint bucket to fill in drawings quicker but everything else is great it helps me become a better artist.I recommend this app to all of people!
Krystine Watson 2020-04-06

Too many ads, most of them are a full 30 seconds, between every game round. It\'s too many, and I usually just end up quitting the app. I should be able to skip after 5 seconds or only appears after 3 rounds or more... total drag. Id pay $2-3 to eliminate, but the absolute only way to get rid of them (temporarily) is if 10 other people download the game via your recommendation. I\'ll probably just uninstall it, the amount & frequency of repetitive long ads are just that annoying.
Priyanka Rani 2020-03-10

I used to love this app! Especially when they had Draw Something 2. This one lacks the drawing tools, so you just have one type of thing to draw with. I hate that they added ads! They never had this before, and you can\'t exit out fast. Like I get when you want extra bombs or coins to watch an ad, but for everyone else, just let us skip it! Kind of disappointed with how it is now. I wish they could bring back draw something 2.
H. B.E. 2021-03-06

Whenever I try to start a new quick game, there is barely any results. It will try to find people then just stop. Some are the same people that keep resigning. I\'ve tried to find where to block them and it doesn\'t look like we can anymore? There is also a constant notification going off on the top of my screen that says \"checking drawings\" and I have no idea why. Also a big battery drainer. This game used to be better at one point. I wanted to play this with my kid now but not sure anymore.
Teresa Ihm 2020-01-11

The new changes are horrible! I\'ve played this game for a long time, but I am not happy with the new format. There is only one free category, so I bought a new category for 99 coins just to see what it was like. You get the category for 2 hours, but it only pays 1 coin per drawing!! Ridiculous! Please go back to your previous format! The game was much more fun then. Does anyone even read these reviews??
Becca Ogunbase 2020-07-21

Absolutely LOVE this game! Super fun to play! I play with my whole fam! I\'ve experienced some game trouble and no longer can play the game... But it is an issue with my device and not the game! When I contacted support, they were VERY helpful and tried EVERYTHING to try to get the game working. Since I play with my fam, I used my mother\'s phone to login to my account, and it worked! (I was instructed to do so by support) Not a bad game! Just a crappy phone! Would definitely recommend!!
Tracy Bragaw 2019-05-19

This is such a fun and simple game, even for people like me who can\'t draw at all. It passes time and really makes you use your imagination a bit to come up with different ways to depict a word. Coins are easy to acquire (but not TOO easy) so it makes buying palettes a lot quicker, and there are quite a few to choose from. Overall, I totally reccomend it to anyone looking for a fun interactive game with other people. I also highly suggest using a stylis to help you draw. Go play me @tracystakis