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Description of Dream Cat Paradise

Dream Cat, the feline of dream exists everywhere in the world. Even in your pocket! Are you ready to find these cute little cats from your everyday items.

- Discover new Dream Cat from nearby QRcode or Barcode. More than millions different Dream Cat are waiting for you!

- Collect cat’s accessories and costume. Dress them in your style.

- Enjoyed with ultimate cuteness of these little cat.

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More Information Of Dream Cat Paradise

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:3.2.5 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Ammonite Studio

User Reviews


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Regina 522 2020-11-30

I love this game! The adorable outfits and and cats with all the variations in looks and colors and the daily login gifts and events are amazing. I only wish I could feed the cats while they are in the hotel. Great game for the whole family. Thanks for all the time and energy put into this game ❤️
Lianhua Stardrops 2019-12-11

I love this game so much!♡♡ I love how there are so many varieties in cats, how to obtain them, and which blends we can make together. It\'s not so limited in options. My only complaint is that the hit boxes for selecting things is a tiny bit wonky. I have to tap something multiple times to select it. Otherwise, this is exactly what I expected! Amazing artwork and a beautiful theme. Great job, my friend!!♡♡
Sarah BunBunny 2020-05-04

It\'s an adorable game, I love the art choice for it as it reminds me of a few old games I used to play. I enjoy how you can easily find a cat via QR/Barcode, it makes it very interesting to see what different cats you discover. Also the breeding function is a nice touch. Although on the surface it doesn\'t feel like there is much to do, there\'s actually a lot to invest in. A nice feature would be an index that records each new cat you find, could add some Stardust as a reward for finding them.
Pfläumle 2019-12-15

This game is really fun and great, but after the latest update all my cats are suddenly gone and the game is basically unplayable and corrupted. The only fix seems to be resetting data, where all time and money spent would just disappear for nothing. I don\'t want to do this in case there is a fix later, but for now, it\'s just unplayable and I can\'t recommend it, especially since the devs don\'t answer email.
Crystaliii 2019-11-24

It\'s a good game, the scanning barcode idea is very fun and interesting and unique, the artwork is very nice too, I love the idea of this game, its just once you\'ve done everything that there is to do, you have nothing but to leave the game and forget about it, there is no minigames, and no ways I know of, of getting more stardust except buying them with money. Like I said before the game is wonderful and unique, it just would get a little boring after a while just waiting for somthing to happen
Reba Greene 2020-12-31

Its very cute and i love the art, but i wish that you could sell your cats to get money back instead of just releasing them. I also REALLY wish there was some sort of encyclopedia to record the kinds of cats that you\'ve encountered to really add another sort of collection aspect to the game.
Abigail 2020-05-06

A few days ago I opened my game and all of my cats were GONE. I\'ve spent money on this game and I\'m understandably upset. My account hasn\'t been reset though because my currency is still there, just my decos and cats are missing. When I try to load my cat hotel, it just infinitely clocks. Customer service is literally non existent since I emailed them about it and have heard NOTHING back.
Lilia Yvonne 2020-09-08

I like the game its so fun and the cats are sooo cute and ive got so many mysthical at the event <3 my only problem is ive got to release some of cats such as common,uncommon,rare and some higher one cause ive got no more room for them ,..... I wish that theres a minigame or ads where we can get stardust (╥_╥)
Evelyn Garlinge 2020-11-14

I wanted this game for ages and I was so excited when I got it. But when it downloaded, it just said: Download complete. Downloading content. This may take a while. Please by patient. Then it closed itself. I tried reopening the app, even restarting my phone but nothing worked. Please fix this as I really want to play this game!
Jia Xi Li 2020-04-16

I think it\'s a pretty nice game, I mean the cats are so so so cute! And I love how you can dress them! But I recommend for when you find the cats, instead of having a bar code have them look around their house for the cats. And one more thing, it would be lovely to start off with more coins and stardust.