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Dream Holiday - Travel home design game APK

Dream Holiday - Travel home design game

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Description of Dream Holiday - Travel home design game

We've all been home for a long time now. Your feet are itchy, you nervously google flights on skyscanner and accommodations on airbnb. You have it. The travel bug.

With travel restrictions in place it's not easy to travel for real, but you can still go on a virtual holiday! Enjoy Spain, Hawaii, Bali, Italy and many other exciting places and decorate beautiful homes along the way. As real estate agents and interior designers like to say: location, location, location. That's what successful home design is all about. Home design games don't have to be boring, With fun characters, interesting conversations and most of all luxurious home design your relaxation is only one click away!

Join the interior designers on a trip around the world, get a taste of local food, sights and create the perfect homes for your client's home away. This virtual holiday will let you design, relax and enjoy travel and home design like you never have before.

Play match 3 puzzle games to make money and use it to decorate dream homes and houses around the world. Can you satisfy your clients' taste and style and create extraordinary and unique home design?

Show off your home design skills now!



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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.2.0 Publish Date:2021-08-20 Developer:CookApps

User Reviews


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Chawana Norman 2020-12-20

Nice game. Ive tried others and found that they have too many ads..time out too fast..they dont let you earn enough money..this one lets you earn up to 750 in cash to decorate..the cost of furniture is low..enabling you to make enough to decorate at least 4 - 6 pieces before i play the puzzle. Puzzle is the power ups and special effects that keep me interested in the game. The boat was pleasing to decorate. Havent got stuck yet or purchased power ups so i will see how the rest of the game goes.
Joanne Hanna 2020-12-07

This one is the best I\'ve come across in awhile! I don\'t want to jinx myself but so far no adds!!!👍💯😁 The first design was a yaught ! That definitely made things different than the others! I\'d recommend this especially if you really dislike adds ...😜 And I\'m pretty sure you\'ll have fun with this game!!
L MJ 2020-12-16

Love the designs & decor! Hate the Match 3 games required in the game to win \"money\" for decorating. Just wish these types of games would let you just decorate instead of playing additional games in order to play the main game. Feels like I\'m playing the Match 3 games more than the actual designing game that I want to play. Will probably do a couple more designs & then uninstall as the Match 3 games get more difficult. *sigh*
Carrie Boltz 2020-12-19

I really like this game. There\'s not a lot of ads to sit through (only if you want extra tries to pass a match three game, etc). I am stuck on a level though, I can\'t find anymore to remodel in the room and it won\'t label it \"completed\". ???
Shavell Sexton i 2020-11-28

I enjoy playing this game more then any of the other match 3 design games (& trust me, ive tried nearly all of them). Its easier to get the coins for the designs and the puzzles arent hard either. These are my favorite games & im glad i found one that wont make me mad very often lol... Keep up the good work! Great game!!
Debra Lane 2020-11-18

I like this game so far. It gives you a chance decorate without having to win match games after choosing 1 or 2 items AND it doesn\'t take 2 or 3 days or a week to win the games. It\'s tiresome to have to play the same match over and over again...so when that happens I delete the game. Thank you.
Melissa Monou 2021-02-08

This used to be one of my favourite games but recently You have taken away the opportunity to get an extra 3 moves at the end of a round by watching a short video. The fact that this feature has been removed, makes the levels really hard to pass. I suspect the underlining reason for this is to make more money by encouraging people to purchase gems to get extra moves. I just think its such a shame as it was a brilliant game before that
amira bagumbaran 2021-02-16

It would have been five stars if the continuation of levels is fast.
Lisa D 2020-12-18

Very easy to play so far,just finished level 19. Only had 2 short ads. Music is nice and I like the match jewel games. Decorations are nice too. Really enjoy it.
Life 2020-11-22

Very nice game.what would be nice is have a daily wheel to win boosters to play there has to be a way to collect boosters 1 of each does not help.and when you come into the game everyday should have a prize like booster 1 day next day coins something like that,hopefully items do not get too expensive to get.creating teams for team chests tournements to win alot of coins and boosters would be nice,thank you for creating the game,please if you make more rooms to decorate nothing spooky or scary