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Description of Dreamfora: Daily Goal Setting

Bring real change to your life with the easiest goal-setting app. Set your goals automatically and customize based on your interests. Build powerful, life-changing habits and improve your productivity! Plan for the long term.

Goal setting is made simple and beautiful with Dreamfora.

No distractions, no ads.


1. Long-term Planning Made Quick and Easy!

⚡ No more stress planning! Dreamfora allows you to set goals with just a tap of a button!

🚀 Discover your passions. Find a dream you’d like to achieve and get started with our plans.

🧠 Utilize achievement plans, guidelines, tips, and resources brought to you by experts.

2. Make Your Journey More Productive and Pleasant

✔ Use daily reminders to stay on top of your workload!

📈 Keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly progress in a way that is easy to understand.

⭐ Embark on a beautiful journey of personal growth with Dreamfora's comforting user interface.

3. Find Your Daily Motivation and Inspiration

💜 More than 1000 handpicked quotes to make each day your masterpiece.

✅ Focus on your daily routine and keep track of today's habits and tasks.

4. Join the community of 700,000+ happy Dreamfora users

🌈 Encourage and be encouraged by users with similar dreams and aspirations.

🏆 Invest one second a day and applaud the accomplishments of your peers.

Hundreds of goal achievement plans across 8 categories (updated regularly):









Go from dreaming to doing! Start planning with Dreamfora.


Tell us about your experience with Dreamfora! We're always open to feedback and suggestions on how to make Dreamfora the best app it can be. Let us know what you think at: https://dreamfora-v2.nolt.io

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:v1.8.7 Publish Date:2022-03-16 Developer:Dreamfora

User Reviews


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Mangiliman Andrea Beatrice 2020-10-04

This is great! I love how this is so visually pleasing and easy to use. As someone who has tried out different to do list/habit apps, this is definitely a keeper. I give it four stars because I always have to sign up whenever I open the app the next day which is kind of annoying sometimes 😕. This is totally not needed but I would like to suggest that you\'d allow widget/s for this app. Anyways, thank you for creating this app, I love itttt!
Dio- chu 2020-07-30

Simple yet helpful app. I love the calm vibes the background gives. And though it takes a bit to load when you open it, its a pretty decent app. Good for people who are beggining to manage their time. Its very easy to use and I love that. Edit: By the looks of it, the creators seem commited to improve this app. Their service is helpful and they provide plenty of feedback. Which is good as you dont see that much often nowadays. Keep it up!
Vanshika Gairola 2020-09-24

It\'s a good app to create the tasks and goals. The UI is amazing. Giving 4 stars just because I feel if there would be a dedicated timer for each tasks...that would be really great. I hope you come up with that feature soon so that we can judge our productivity with time based progress reports. It would be really helpful for career section.
ツWill 2020-12-14

Good! This is such a good planner for your life! I really love it! But sometimes it can glitching and lagging. Sometimes buttons can\'t be pressed and I have to re-enter to the app to fix it. Task and habit list don\'t scroll smoothly. It make me annoy a bit, however app is so good. I will be looking forward to updates. I believe that app is going be the best among his competitors. So I wish It would have a dark theme, be more smoothly, and have more wallpapers.
Made By Mel 2020-11-09

I love the lay-out and how it is set up. The template goals are very handy and give a perfect idea how to use the app. The visual is amazing. I am not giving 5 stars because I have trouble opening the app. Whenever I open it, my screens goes white. After clicking on the back button a few times I am able to get in. This makes me anxious about losing all my input 😬
Theara X-Man 2020-08-08

Frankly I\'ve been actively using it for a few months now and it has lots of great stuff embedded in the app that other editor\'s choice app in the same category can\'t compare. Unfortunately, I had to switch to other app because those app are also available on the Appstore in which I can synchronise with my other phone, but I am more than happy to use Dreamfora again when it is available on the Appstore. Thanks Dreamfora 😚
Olga Lavrukhina 2020-12-18

I\'m shocked. The app doesn\'t work. I use it only fifth day. It worked well till this day. Today I marked some habits just as usual, I closed the app, I open the app again in an hour and what I see? Nothing. The habits I marked before are not marked! It\'s so simple function, but you failed it.
Shining In The Sky 2020-05-19

After trying many alike apps I was surprised to find out how neat and pleasant Dreamfora is. It looks and feels great. The fact that there are no pop up ads or \"premium\" version, makes me happy and I want to actually support developers with some donations, besides it really does look like they care about users and are trying their best to improve the app. I think it has a great potential, especially after adding such little but nice things as dark mode and widgets. Big love, keep it up guys <3
Tilak Mangal 2020-10-08

Though I liked the overall, it still has a lot it could have done. Firstly, Habits is a waste. You can only archive it when you have achieved it. But habits are made gradually. There should be some option to checkin it once a day, week or month. Also no option for daily tasks and schedule settings need improvement. Overall, much better than other apps. Great visual and have good concept.
Mars 2020-03-14

Im very pleased that the app lets me have an option to create my own goals and have control or have guidance from the experts! Would be nice if there were time based reminders on tasks and habits and if the tasks that were due were included in the \'today\' but overall Im really thankful for this app, I hope it continues to improve 💜