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Dreamscape combines the strategy and engagement of popular base-building games with imaginative reading passages and interactive questions to create a ferociously fun literacy game! Players of Dreamscape are dropped into the realm of dreams and are tasked with defending their “dwell” (the place where their own dreams live and are created) from invading “reveries” (dream creatures). In order to collect resources and build new structures to defend their dwell, students must read passages and answer comprehension questions. The goal of the game is to build your dwell to higher and higher levels, create new reveries of your own, and collect shards to climb up the leaderboard and face-off against other players!

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lable: Educational - Games Current Version:2.57.2 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Eyeread Inc

User Reviews


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Katy Henry 2019-04-03

This is an engaging app for students. i use it daily in my 4th grade classroom and my students love it! The teacher interface is easy to use for progress monitoring and holding students accountable.
Gavin Kramer 2020-02-20

This game is the best reading game I have ever played it tells you hard and easy questions and really helped me out on reading !plus it is very enjoyable and it will not get boring! Ha you thought this game is pretty fun but I will never play it at home
shaaan 711 2019-12-22

This is the best reading game i have ever heard i always play it at school when its time to play with our computer its so cool nice who every did this game you did a fantastic job at this game and worked hard thank you and thanks for the great game you put.
Grayson Wynn 2020-12-05

i love this game so much but the one thong they can fix is it takes so long to load in the game but other than that i love it
Mariam N 2020-04-04

It is a great game it is fun to play. In their free time most kids would play video games like fornite but honestly when I am bored I play this game.
Tuyết Thái 2020-11-17

Um I have this problem where in the heroes section I can only see the pets section but not any other category except for the equipped ones. Can help fix this problem? But overall this game educational AND addicting.
Janissa Santiago 2019-06-03

I really like the app but on my mom\'s computer it froze and wouldn\'t let me move my screen. My moms computer is a mac and that\'s why i dont really play anymore
A Google user 2019-09-11

Soooooooooo much fun and helps students read fast👍👍👍
Sarah B 2019-04-06

love it so much fun I love leveling up and the story\'s.but how do you do multiplayer. by the way I\'m 9 almost 10.Ok dreamscape I want to know how to do the brand new single player and earn the red things.
Partha Sinha 2020-10-03

Good game but I wish u could buy stuff with the shard things▪︎ and could u pls fix the team thing it doesn\'t work when u create a team