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Description of Dress Up Games

For all fashionistas and virtual doll styling fans here is the ultimate makeover app with tons and tons of clothes to rummage through.

Style gorgeous models for 6 different occasions: prom night, shopping run, wedding, international beauty pageant, pop singer contest and a movie star award show. In each occasion, there is a separate wardrobe, with glamorous dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, capes, shawls and veils. Pick among dozens of chic hairstyles, fancy shoes, stylish handbags, luxurious jewelry and other accessories. Certainly you can also choose the race of the girls.

The game boasts a huge selection of garments - likely more than you've ever seen in a cosplay & fashion simulator. Set your inner fashionista free and train you skill as an outfit designer / image maker for famous actresses, celebrities, top supermodels and glam socialites on the red carpet. Join the world of glamour, Hollywood and Broadway, and imagine you are a superstar, actress, supermodel, music idol or just a crazily rich VIP shopaholic posting hauler videos with millions of fans and subscribers. For even more fame and glory, become the Beauty Queen of the world and marry a millionaire (e.g. some handsome actor with an oceanside mansion in California). Pick a trendy hairstyle and put together amazing bridal or festive outfits for your celebrity model.

If your friends also love dressup apps and digital girl makeovers, be sure to tell them about this great new app! Download it and play it for free, forever, on your Android phone or tablet - it's really the best you've ever seen.

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.1.3 Publish Date:2021-12-17 Developer:Dress Up Makeover Girls Games

User Reviews


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Violet Williamson 2021-01-17

Love love this game! Highly recomend it! The models are realistic looking and you have alot to choose from. A great variety of clothes, accessories, hairstyles and events to choose from!!! You dont have to buy anything!!! There are just a very few items that you have to watch a video to receive...but the selection is still great even without those! I can play for hours and not get bored! I love how you can mix and match individual pieces to make endless interesting and different outfits!
lollipops 2021-01-19

Wow! This is amazing! I love how the models look and my 6 year old sister loves it when I make a model look like her. his app is so enjoyable and makes me feel like a clothing designer. Thanks for the app and one real good thing is that it doesn\'t mather you to buy something it just lets you play! Totally recommend you getting this app! ❣️
Nicole Murphy 2020-12-22

This game is so fun you don\'t have to watch that many ads and you can just dress up girls England you have your so many options that you have there\'s just one thing I wish that you um didn\'t have to own Watch an ad sometimes for a pretty things but over all that this Is the most detailed dress up game I have ever played
Kamal Mahatoo 2019-12-17

It is so fun it has different clothing and accessories to pick from when I am bored I come to this game I really like how it can work with out internet connection so I can play it anywhere........... who ever reads this I think you should download their came super fun 😄
Angel Manalili 2020-06-19

This is a good game but I can\'t tap the bride,prom,actress and pageant and if I wanted to pick those four it won\'t work I don\'t know why please fix this piece of cake game creator I wish if we all have reviews that is impossible to fix if it comes to the game I wish game creators could fix that kind of games on our devices immediately
Bambisanani Lubuzo 2021-01-17

This is a nice game, I just wish you could add some more people like there\'s only a bride,pageant, shopping, actress and singer. Add more like cleaner,prostitute,business woman,etc. Otherwise it\'s a nice game
Topcare homesolutions 2020-10-21

Best game ever fun interesting and amazing it is so much fun I am totally addicted 😉 to it everything is free I love this game. The only problem I have with this is that it doesn\'t have competitions if it did it would be so much fun pls make my wish come true . But for me it is deserves 5 ⭐ . Do not hesitate to download this game thanks
vynika tatavarthi 2020-08-12

This game is amazing. I am addicted. There is not that many ads in the game. In fact it is the perfect amount. Some great things about the game is that you can pick a occasion and then there are different clothes categories. To use special clothing items you need to watch an add. It is amazing.
Marilyn Magnus 2020-10-20

It was fun at first but then there were so many adds.There was a point where I could not even go to the game.Then it got super boring sice you were just picking out outfits and accories for a online creepy looking doll thingie magige. When I got this app I was so happy but after I got it I was bored. This app is super, super, super BORING.I defently do not recomend this game. If you read this and disogree I am sorry but this my opinion of the game. This is not the game for me and you.Sorry.
Zoe Winton 2020-07-01

it\'s a very fun game with many options. In fact I would play it for hours sometimes. The only thing I don\'t like about it is that you can\'t do makeup. I think this game would be a lot more fun if I could do makeup. In fact, I will change the rating to five stars if you just please add makeup on the game.