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Description of Drivvo - Car management


We help you control FUEL, refuelling, MAINTENANCE and expenses (registration, fines and financing) and revenues. Drivvo is a finance manager for your CAR, MOTORCYCLE, BUS or TRUCK, for personal use or for professional drivers (Taxi, Uber, Cabify, 99, motorcycle couriers and truck drivers).

Managing MULTIPLE VEHICLES and getting the gas consumption calculation just got a lot easier; get fuel efficiency reports sorted by fuel and gas stations, showing which one is best for your car.

You can also restore data from other apps.

(Fuelio, aCar, Carango, Carrorama, Fuel Log, My Cars, Car Expenses, Fuel Manager)


Find out how much you spend on gasoline or ethanol, registration, fines and save much more. By registering refuelling, expenses and services with this app for your car, you will have access to its monthly costs, average consumption, cost per km, average km/liter, oil change and even instalments of its financing.

With Drivvo, you will have a CAR APP at hand, helping with fuel calculation and management of preventive maintenance, therefore saving money. No more forgetting a maintenance, fine, taxes or financing instalments; leave aside the monthly expenses spreadsheet.


★ Refuellings:

Keep track of refuelling is the most important part in the financial control of your car. It is possible to obtain information on gasoline consumption, an important data to calculate the monthly expense of your vehicle, presenting through reports and graphs the information as average km/liter, costs per kilometer traveled, kilometers traveled, as well as fuel calculation, whether gasoline, ethanol or CNG, by gas station.

★ Incomes:

To make life easier for drivers who uses their vehicle as a working tool (Taxi, Uber, Cabify, motorcycle courier, truck driver, etc), DRIVVO also allows the recording of revenues. Designed for those who use the vehicle professionally and need to know, in real time, the expenses and revenues related to the vehicle.

★ Routes:

With this app, drivers will have not only personal but also professional financial control. You will have a financial control of your business travel receivables, so that you can claim them back.

★ Expenses:

Drivvo allows the driver to have complete control over their expenses. Being possible to register taxes, financing, insurance, fines, tolls, among other expenses.

★ Services:

The driver can input and view expenses and services performed, like oil change, brake check, tire rotation, filters, tune up, etc. This is a very useful tool to understand all the maintenance performed on the vehicle.

★ Reminders:

Drivvo APP FOR CARS also assists in managing vehicle reminders for regular services and expenses such as financing, oil change monitoring, tune ups, tire rotation, taxes and fines, being able to schedule by kilometer reading or date.

★ Ethanol or Gasoline:

Identify which fuel is the best with the Flex Calculator: know which fuel is most advantageous by only entering the price of ethanol or gasoline.

★ Pro version advantages: ★

• Backup data of your vehicle in the cloud

• Synchronize data between devices

• Keep all your data safe

• Unlimited income registration

• No advertising

• Export the data concerning their vehicles in CSV/Excel.

• Setting and share the graphics generated by Drivo.

• Receive future Pro features for free.

• Receive technical support within 24 hours.








★ Two fuel tanks

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lable: Auto & Vehicles - Apps Current Version:7.7.10 Publish Date:2022-01-09 Developer:Drivvo

User Reviews


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Bryan Chan JC 2019-05-04

this app built up its user base, then suddenly one day they decided to make the data sync option limited to Pro version, forcing their existing users to pay in order to get the data sync option (which was previously free). It is not like they are renting any server for our data. they are using our own google drive to sync the data. Just a bunch of greedy people here.
Kiyan 2019-05-30

Fantastic app BUT... ... Could definitely do with a feature allowing you to pair fuel receipts/service invoices with the entries! That way there wouldn\'t be any need to match up physical copies with their corresponding entries in the app when needing to supply evidence for vehicular expenses etc.
David Bergman 2019-04-22

Its a very nice car expense tracking program. They have GREAT customer support as well. I had a question about the gas fill up section and it was answered right away. I recommend it highly. I plan on tracking all my my expenses for the new car i recently purchased. David
Zeeshan Arshad 2019-07-25

The reason for giving this one star is not that the app is not good, but because of their removing a simple option of syncing data to google cloud, which is now in paid pro version. They should have first given a timeline that data sync will not be available in next version. Now it is a useless app without sync. I\'ll be shifting to a new app soon now.
Andreas Heru Prakoso 2019-05-06

- It will be better if there is night mode. - Fuel efficiency should be highlighted more (forr example using a different color font). - It will be better if we are able to attach PDF or JPG files into the notes section
Sumith Kottila Veettil 2019-05-21

I am using this App only for fuel management and it shows different daily average at different places. Same issue with the cost per km calculations. I have taken Pro membership and it is not worth for it...
Ali Sattari 2019-07-16

I subscribed to pro version to export my data (and subsequently import in another phone\'s Drivvo). The export doesn\'t export all of the cars and all of the data (no column for this in csv file) and the initial import in a freshly installed Drivvo (with import from Drivvo csv type) doesn\'t work! There is nowhere else in the application to import data after you setup and create and account either. I have been using this for ~4 years, but feel locked in with this kind of data management and won\'t probably use it anymore.
Barry Swank 2019-04-03

Will not give me mpg between fill ups, which is the main reason why I wanted to use this app for. Entry interface is clunky for fill ups. I prefer to enter total cost and amount of fuel dispensed.
Matthew Maldonado 2019-05-04

I really like this app for the most part but one thing that frustrates me and kind of ruins the experience is that I\'m not able to save pictures along with my service records. I\'d like to be able to save a picture of my receipt along with my service log entry. Please consider implementing this in to your app and it\'ll be a 5 star review from me. Don\'t ask me to email, just implement what was said above.
James Hensley 2019-08-13

very easy to use. Keeps track of my fill ups, estimates wheb the next fill up is, able to keep track of oil changes and when the next oil change is. You can also plan out when to do routine maintenance on the vehicle. it also tracks on how much has been spent on maintenance and other expenses. Very easy to use. Ended up getting the Pro Version for a year which is well worth it. I would recommend!