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Description of Droid Tesla Demo

This is a demo version for Droid Tesla Pro!

Droid Tesla is a simple and powerful circuit simulator.

Perfect for students new to electronics circuit design and construction,

hobbyist and tinkerers and even seasoned professionals who want a quick,

handy tool to perform electronics circuit design calculations.

That's interactivity and innovation you can't find in best SPICE tools for PC like Multisim, LTspice, OrCad or PSpice (trademarks belong to their respective owners).

DroidTesla simulator solves basic resistive circuits using Kirchoff’s Current Law (KCL)

in much the same way a student in a circuits class would,the simulator systematically forms a matrix in accordance

with KCL and then proceeds to solve for the unknown quantities using various algebraic

techniques such as Gaussian elimination and sparse matrix techniques.

For non-linear components, such as the diode and BJT ,DroidTesla engine searching for the approximate solution by making an initial guess at an answer

and then improving the solution with successive calculations built upon this guess.

This is called an iterative process.DroidTesla simulation uses the Newton-Raphson iterative algorithm

to solve circuits with non-linear I/V relationships.

For reactive elements(capacitors and inductors),the DroidTesla uses numeric integration methods to approximate the state of the reactive elements as a function of time.

DroidTesla offers the Trapezoidal(I'll add a GEAR method later) integration methods to approximate the state of the reactive elements.

Although for most circuits, both methods will provide almost identical results,

it is generally regarded that the Gear method is more stable, but trapezoidal method is faster and more accurate.

DroidTesla for now can simulate:




-Potentiometer (available only in pro version)

-Light Bulb (available only in pro version)

-Ideal operational amplifier

-Bipolar junction transistor (NPN PNP)

-MOSFET N-channel depletion

-MOSFET N-channel enhancement

-MOSFET P-channel depletion

-MOSFET P-channel enhancement

-JFET N and P (available only in pro version)

-PN Diode

-PN Led diode

-PN Zener diode

-AC current source

-DC current source

-AC voltage source

-DC voltage(battery) source

-CCVS - current controlled voltage source

-CCCS - current controlled current source

-VCVS - voltage controlled voltage source

-VCCS - voltage controlled current source

-Square wave voltage source (available only in pro version)

-Triangle wave voltage source (available only in pro version)

-AC ampermeter

-DC ampermeter

-AC voltmeter

-DC voltmeter

-Two channe oscilloscope (available only in pro version)

-SPST Switch (available only in pro version)

-SPDT Switch (available only in pro version)

-Voltage controlled switch (available only in pro version)

-Current controlled switch (available only in pro version)

-AND (available only in pro version)

-NAND (available only in pro version)

-OR (available only in pro version)

-NOR (available only in pro version)

-NOT (available only in pro version)

-XOR (available only in pro version)

-XNOR (available only in pro version)

-JK flip-flop (available only in pro version)

-7 Segment Display (available only in pro version)

-IC 555 (available only in pro version)

-Transformer (available only in pro version)

-Graetz Circuit(available only in pro version)

If you are making an

oscillators you have to put a small initial value on some of the

reactive elements.(see the examples)

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:6.21 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Vladimir Djokic Djole

User Reviews


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Praise Nwokoye 2016-10-26

The simulation of the LEDs didn\'t work out well. The simulation of the LEDs isn\'t good enough. For instance, I simulated a circuit with the app with 12 amp of current passing through a LED but the LED didn\'t show any sign of damage in the app.
Random Man 2017-05-06

Gave this a shot, the scope seemed to fiddly and buggy, for wave gen simple scope operation here would be awesome Tried the Demo Everycircuit. That proggy is still lacking compared to my PC spice apps, but its interactivity is amazing, its building a very good program that in future should be worth owning and already IMO worth the $20 I plan to spend. The one day Everycircuit expiry limit on the demo sucks. You guys need to look at this proggys dev.
Aled Thomas 2020-07-08

won\'t even open until you give it permission to read your storage. it\'s a \"demo\" app and should not need this permission unless it\'s doing something it shouldn\'t be doing, i would recommend you avoid it. at best its poor design, at worst is its malware Btw I have an electronic engineering degree so I\'m pretty sure it\'s not my \'knowledge of mathematics and electronics\' is not the problem, does it need the storage permission to check my knowledge is good enough to be allowed to use this app?
Jacob McCracken 2015-03-05

Never had a chance The first time I opened it it said trial version expired? I\'m not spending $12 on an app that has a broken trial period...
A Google user 2018-11-06

Selection is horrible. Can\'t connect more than 2 components together to the same wire without major difficultly. Seems to want to select an entire component, the label or something entirely unrelated to what I\'m actually trying to select.
H. G. 2015-01-24

very good app for electronic student.. the only thing, components ( not too many ) and the custom theme not changing the color and cost more than other app with more function. This app is good but the price it\'s not.
Kyle Micallef 2015-10-05

Gnu port Technically this and the full version can be copied and distributed by anyone freely, since it uses SPICE. On a functional note, copy and paste would be exsesivly useful. Also saving does not appear to be working. Also the junction nodes sometimes appear to connect to the wrong side and can display it awkwardly. I really like these kinds of circuit building apps, this one appears very technicaly functional. Copy/paste and save is needed. Saving is working now, I\'m not sure why, perhaps I was pressing enter instead of the check mark logo. Nope, it was because manual flip switches are not allowed in free version, which basicly voids all user interactivity from all projects, and makes things more difficult for begginers. Still appears very technically functional though.
Robs L. 2017-01-27

Need improvements.... like show node\'s voltage in simulation mode, increase o decrease voltage, resistance, capacitance,etc of components in simulation mode.... :(
abcdef fedcba 2018-05-30

It give me wrong results
Abhishek Verma 2016-11-16

Very Helpful.... The resistor and other values generate most accurate and desired results....and lastly very cool examples to try out.