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Description of Drugs.com Medication Guide

The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. All mobile-optimized to speed up your browsing experience.

Key Features

My Med List

Add your medications to instantly assemble relevant medical information in a simple, easy to read personalized format. Access in-depth consumer information, FDA alerts, drug interactions, plus food, allergy and medical condition interactions. An invaluable tool for medication management and adherence. Now offers offline support.

Complete Drugs A to Z listings

Fast search, accurate suggestion engine and the most comprehensive database of drug information available online.

Pill Identifier

Identify any meds simply by entering an imprint, shape or color. Database updated daily.

Interactions Checker

Provides a list of interactions that may occur when different drugs are taken at the same time. Also checks food interactions automatically.

Q & A

Ask a specific question about your medication. Search on thousands of questions and answers.

Health Professionals

Quick access to all the tools you know and trust.

Many helpful tools. Try the Symptom Checker. Lookup specialised databases for side effects and dosage information. Not quite sure how to spell a drug name? Use the phonetic search.


The app requires full network access to gain access to the Drugs.com drug information database.

The app requires access to "Photos / Media / Files" to allow the app to be installed on the SD Card. We do not read your photos, media or files.

Important Notice: You must not rely on this application alone to remember to take your prescriptions or to replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult with your healthcare professional.

Drugs.com does not provide medical or treatment advice. Always consult with a physician.

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About Drugs.com

Drugs.com is the most popular, comprehensive and up-to-date source of drug information online. Providing free, peer-reviewed, accurate and independent data on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines & natural products. Drugs.com is a multiple Webby Award nominee and attracts more than 25 million U.S. visitors per month (Comscore, June 2016).

App Support

If you have any feature requests, suggestions or you simply need help, please visit https://www.drugs.com/apps/support/ and our responsive support team will prioritize your request.

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More Information Of Drugs.com Medication Guide

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:2.12.8 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Drugs.com

User Reviews


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Rajiv Kumar Dewan 2019-08-10

one of the worst apps I have had the misfortune to down load and indtall. I searched for a well known antihypertensive drug Polycap and later for its manufacturers Cadila and got no results but absurd suggestions and was prompted to download another app. Shocking to see how such apps are on Google Play Store.
Angela Bednar 2020-03-11

I can keep both mine and my son\'s med list just fine, and love the interaction checker and pill identifier along with all the info on the drug that\'s available. What needs to be developed is in-app medication reminders. Email reminders are useless, they are not alerts. This is not new technology, people. While you\'re at it, refill reminders would be cool too. Also, sharing my list is way too convoluted. All-in-all, this app needs a lot of work.
The Enigmaone 007 2019-02-20

This app has been a life saver in many ways. Unfortunately I take several medications and use this to pair which is best to take together throughout the day. I normally don\'t comment much on apps but this one works great. This app has helped me to find meds to ask Dr\'s about since my condition doesn\'t fit inside Reg. treatment\'s.
Douglas Brown 2020-07-02

I am a school nurse. This is by FAR the most useful, user friendly app I\'ve found. The pill identification feature is often very helpful, as is information on drug Interactions. Twice I\'ve found that a student was getting a wrong med. This is not a substitute for professional guidance but is a very good, easy to use app.
Bethany Gallion 2019-12-31

I take care of a disabled Veteran ( spouse) and a 21 year old with autism (son). This app helps me keep their meds always at hand, I print the list for their physicians before each appointment. I can always check for interactions with any new meds. It really keeps everything organized. I love it!
Christine Murray 2019-03-01

This list is VERY old. It was probably updated no later than the mid-1980\'s.
Phillip Schmidt 2020-12-14

I use this app to track all of my medications including OTC\'s. Having it on my phone makes it so easy if I have to go someplace that doesn\'t have access to my medical records immediately. Also the OTC\'s are not recorded in any doctors medical records so I have that as well. Plus it also let me check all the interactions. If I have any questions I can talk to my pharmacists and he\'s always helpful but sometimes if he doesn\'t have the answer he himself has opened this app.
Keith Roberts 2021-01-07

So helpful. Great tool. I take 22 different meds and by taking a few minutes to load them all in here I finally have everything organized. Not only that, but all my safety concerns with the different combinations and interactions are clearly highlighted and explained. Whenever one of my doctors adds something new, all I have to do is add it to the list, and the interactions with all the others are automatically updated. Besides all that, it prints a very nice wallet size list for me.
Hannah Soreng 2020-01-12

I find the app very useful for tracking my many meds and checking interactions. However there seems to be a bug with the sharing feature. When I try to share my med list, it shares a link to create a new profile instead. I have had to manually type the URL for my profile in order to direct the recipient to the right place. This is an important feature for me because it makes it easier to give doctors accurate info and because I want a friend to have an up to date list in case of emergency.
Donna Parisien 2019-11-02

This app has helped me organize my medications in my mind. I take approximately 20 different medications each day, having a list helps me to sort and set up my meds. The printout is extremely helpful when going to different doctors, bringing all your pills or trying to remember them all is very difficult if not impossible for me. I also like having the list to check off when I\'m ordering medications. Since I can\'t think of any improvements to suggest, will have to give it but full 5-star rating!