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Description of DS cloud

**You must own a Synology NAS to run this app, and be running the latest version of Cloud Station 3.2 on your DiskStation to get the full set of features**

**Due to the new design of Android 6.0, the path of the external SD card is changed upon Android system upgrade. Devices upgraded to Android 6.0 will lose the configurations of sync tasks whose local directory is in the external SD card. The data is intact, but the tasks will need to be re-created.**

**DS cloud does not yet allow you to sync a folder in the external SD card other than the DS cloud directory on devices running Android 4.4 and onward.**

**Files added from "My Files" app on Samsung smartphones running Android 6.x are unable to be synced by DS cloud due to the app's design. Please use third-party File Explorer apps to add files into DS cloud.**

DS cloud is the counterpart to Cloud Station for your Android device. It allows you to choose the folders on your DiskStation which you want to sync to your mobile device and make available for offline viewing. DS cloud also gives you total control over the sync criteria: for each folder, you can set the maximum file size as well as the type of files you wish to sync.

Find all detailed features about the app on our website:

www.synology.com > DSM 5.2 > Mobile Apps > Software Specs


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More Information Of DS cloud

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.8.1 Publish Date:2021-03-08 Developer:Synology Inc.

User Reviews


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Julian Farr 2018-09-07

Looks like it would be perfect for me, but I can\'t get past the fact that we can\'t sync to our chosen folders on an external SD Card without rooting the phone. Many other apps permit this, but this has been a problem for years now with no fix in sight from Synology. This alone renders this app almost useless for me (and many others who\'ve moaned about exactly the same problem).
Eduardo Archilla 2018-05-28

I have to log back in every time I hit \"back\". That\'s dumb as hell. Ever heard of a \"Remember me\" check box? ...AND YOU DARE SYNC MY ENTIRE PHONE TO MY EMPLOYER WITHOUT MY PERMISSION? For ***** sake, it should be easier to get this right and not almost destroy my career in the process. Given how amazing your desktop app is, I\'m dumbfounded by the mobile app\'s design. It\'s the opposite of how seamless and beautifulthe desktop version is. Not using this for the next two years for sure. Hopefully you get a redesign by then.
Cheech Pencavel 2019-05-21

Stuck on \'reconnecting\' and doesn\'t sync.
Pavel 2019-09-03

Very resource consuming application, drains battery on the phone like crazy. It does not allow to sync all files from mobile phone SD card with NAS at all, only main memory is allowed
Fred Johnston 2018-10-24

TWO HUGE problems... 1-Photos/files loose their date, you replace with the sync date! My Total Commander app does it properly! 2-My photos do not show up on my gallery, no matter what i do. I need to sync to sdCard/dcim/SynSync... in a subfolder! PLEASE make this app as good as your other stuff! You are better than THIS! I\'ve been a huge Synology supporter for YEARS! This is just plain BAD! SORRY!
Mike Shipway 2020-08-15

OOPS... The way it should work is that you scan a QR code on your phone and bang... you\'re ready to go.~~~~ It DOESN\'T work because of a load of jargon and geekspeak, loops of useless help files that are NO help; that are impossible to follow, unless you have a PHD in gobbledygook, rendering the programme\'s ability to function, a frustrating waste of time and money. ~~~~ If there was a badge available for making something potentially brilliant, rubbish, Synology would win the platinum. ~~~~ When will the programmers and geeks who have been using it for years, understand that it\'s their customers who haven\'t been using it for years, being the ones that need clear, concise and simple instructions, as if they haven\'t used it before?
Christiaan Lefering 2018-07-02

Hard to use and does not sync files when added. Cant even upload files from this app and need to add files with androids file system and restart the phone before it starts syncing.... Clearly they love apple more since it works perfect there incl upload buttons and other features
Rico Rodriguez 2020-04-15

Update: 4/14/2020: have been using it for about two years, app is still amazing. I hope it stays around forever. Original: 11/29/2019: App works great for me on local network and internet. I use it across devices incl ios, pc, Android and mac. It\'s like having a personal Dropbox.
Georgijs Samoilenko 2017-07-13

App needs more development: - You cannot set sync direction. A must have feature, so for e.g. I can set some folders read only. - You cannot have multiple sync links with different credentials. - You cannot just click somewhere to force instant manual synchronization. Not having either one of this features limits flexibility very much! Hope you will implement them. Thanks.
Christopher Kosel 2016-03-19

Not compatible w/ v6 RC My review hasn\'t changed with the latest update. Even though the notes attached to installed app suggest compatibility with DSM 6, it ain\'t so - it does not work. The price of being a tester I guess.