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**You must own a Synology NAS to run this app, and be running the Note Station 1.1 package to get the complete set of features**

Whether for creating your weekly to-do list, sharing information on projects with your teammates, or simply describing your best holiday memories, DS note’s editing features make it easy and pleasant to take note of anything you want, anywhere you need, even with no network. Use tags, notebooks and shortcuts to organise all your notes, and share them instantly with anyone you want. And that’s always safe as DS note keeps it all in sync with your note library on your Synology NAS server, your personal cloud.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.11.6 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:Synology Inc.

User Reviews


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Jean-Yves Toumit 2017-01-04

Not that bad but 110Mb! Come on! This app is generally ok, even though the are sometimes some sync issues. But taking 110Mb??? Come on! You can do better than this! I\'ll have to uninstall it in a while since my storage is becoming full, and this app is the first on top of the list when sorted by size!
Derek Gregory 2018-08-14

After the update today it doesn\'t sync. It\'s no use if it\'s not reliable. It needs to have inline thumbnails of pdf attachments. Without that it is useless for me. Searching content only works if you know the content. Browsing by opening links is too no good at all. A minor irritation is that the pen tool is not very smooth.
A Google user 2017-01-06

Still extremely frustrating I love the idea of having notes on my NAS but each time I force myself to use DS Note it makes me want to abandon it. List of problems is very long: Text input is laggy even when notes are just few sentences long. Text autocomplete destroys words that are already written when you use backspace or try to add a letter in the middle - it duplicates parts of the word you are trying to write. When you paste text from the browser formatting you get inside DS note is bizarre - sometimes letters are huge or they have strikethrough you can\'t disable with app formatting tools or text is being pasted with unremovable under- or overlines. \"Clear formatting\" button does nothing to fix this. Checkboxes on lists do not sync checked/unchecked state correctly sometimes. It really is impossible to rely on DS note and treat it as a serious tool. What is really sad support seems to ignore feedback - I\'ve reported some of the problems months ago and they are not fixed and they didn\'t even bother to reply. Synology have great hardware and core system but mobile apps seem to be just an afterthought. It\'s a shame.
Quinn Farol 2018-10-26

As a long time Evernote user, I have to say this app has much of that major functionality (80% of features for 0% of the cost) and I REALLY like it. As of a few weeks ago though, syncing became \"unsuccessful\" on my Galaxy S8. If syncing can be fixed and maintained reliably, this app is at least 4 stars. Very good work by development team but syncing is a minimum requirement for an app like this. Also, online \"clipping\" of articles could do a better job of extracting correct data BUT I understand that is a tough one (especially for a free software). Thanks!
Unknown Codrin 2020-11-29

Not reliable. Take too much time to log in, and after some time it delog you and you have to wait again. This is true for every app from synology, android and pc. And I own 2 NAS from them. I don\'t know why some people think that synology is a software company and not a hardware one because from my experience with their software is very bad.
Ralf Henning-Venske 2018-09-01

Since 27 August 2018 the app DSNote has stopped syncing to Android. Unfortunately, due to software update it stopped working. Hotline always made promises. They should remove the app or provide acceptable service. I hate it now this is not Synology like ..
Nb Bb 2016-08-10

Terrible piggybacking on Skitch and more 1. Once decrypted, note stays like that, decrypted- what is the point of enc? 2. Image editor is Skitch, why not let user pick default one, Samsung Note series has a way better img editing ability than Skitch, even Evernote will drop it. And because of Skitch, I am still paying for Evernote, what\'s the point of all marketing gimmicks and stabbing Evernote when it gives me what I need, and my Note Station that I bought your server for, is sitting idle, and waiting for me to put it on sale.
Marcel Hoffs 2019-08-20

Good app, just wish it had a bit more modern UI.
Gregory Walsh 2017-04-11

I need the ability to rearrange my to do list via drag and drop, not ratings or dates. Also it destroyed the subtasks in one of my to dos, just overwrote all tasks w text from the first task listed. Note: I went to edit a checklist recently and it deleted all previous notes. I tried to keep it from replicating to the NAS, but too late. I want to like this, but come on! Stop deleting my stuff.
Felix Groll 2020-12-15

works fine for what it\'s for: synching with my note station. but eats up mobile data like crazy. i already have disabled background data usage by default. still, once a month or so the app uses up 1.5GB of mobile data during the night. seemingly doing a complete download of my notes database… there is no in-app option to disable the behaviour and disabling background data usage in the system settings does not seem to have any effect…