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Description of dS Smart Home

A digitalSTROM Smart Home offers the perfect smart home experience for every requirement and every age, for every property and every budget. It offers you unprecedented comfort, flexibility and safety.

Practicality comes first: That is why we offer you various options for operating your smart home. Whether via push button, voice control or smart-phone app.

With the new digitalSTROM app, we now provide you with the perfect app for controlling and setting up your digitalSTROM Smart Home. Take advantage of the many new possibilities!

Important Note:

Please note that in order to use this app the digitalSTROM server should be updated to the latest firmware.

Update: Starting with the Version 1.9.0, it is possible to use the app without having to connect your dSS to the dS Cloud. However, it is still necessary to have a my.digitalSTROM account in order to use the app. A new my.digitalSTROM account can be created here: https://accounts.digitalstrom.com/

The highlights of the digitalSTROM app:

• Simple and convenient

The new dS Smart Home is the perfect app for the perfect smart home. Setting up and operating your digitalSTROM Smart Home has never been easier and more convenient. Whether light, shading or music - the app offers everything you need to make your life easier and more comfortable.

• Clear structure

The app has four tabs (Favorites, Cockpit, Rooms, Settings) that help you to quickly switch between different features:

• Favorites: In the Favorites the most important scenarios of the whole flat are displayed. And you can add your personal favorites. These can be scenarios from the rooms, individual devices or user-defined actions.

• Cockpit: the cockpit shows the current energy consumption and that of the last 7 days, weather and climate readings, current alarms and warnings, and user-defined states. In the detailed view of energy consumption, the individual circuits are displayed to the second. The climate data details show the temperature and humidity readings from the past days and weeks..

• Room overview: All rooms (including scenarios, devices and buttons) of your digitalSTROM Smart Home are displayed in the room overview and can be operated directly.

• Settings: In the settings you can add further installations (for example your holiday home) and have direct access to the tutorials or the help page.

• Custom actions

Add custom actions to your favorites and retrieve them at any time.

• Create and edit scenarios

New scenarios can be easily and conveniently created and existing scenarios can be adjusted or deleted as needed.

• Control of the SONOS speakers

All SONOS speakers integrated into your digitalSTROM Smart Home can be operated via scenarios or the Play-Pause-function and the volume can be adjusted.

• Overview of rooms, scenarios and devices

Check the different measured values (e.g. temperature or humidity) and the current state of scenarios and all devices for "light" and "shading" for every room of your digitalSTROM Smart Home. Any changes made are displayed in the app immediately.

• Make temporary settings

Adjust the current brightness or color of lights and the position of shutters, blinds or awnings at any time easily. With a long click (3D-Touch) on a scenario or device you can open the temporary settings and make adjustments.

• Control your heating

Check the current temperature in the rooms, choose between Comfort and Eco mode in each room and set the desired temperature for each mode and room.

• Assignment of buttons

Try out how the various clicks on your light and shading buttons work and adapt the displayed scenarios to suit your requirements.

• The home at a glance

In the cockpit you will find information on current alarms and weather warnings, the user-defined states as well as the current energy consumption in your home.

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User Reviews


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Christian Schneider 2020-05-16

The greatest feature compared with the old digitalSTROM apps is speed! I use the app now all the time!
Markus Buehler 2019-12-31

Im Vergleich zu den alten App\'s schon viel besser (das war auch keine Kunst ;-) ). Aber jetzt unbedingt den eingeschlagenen Weg konsequent durchziehen - ich hatte euch und meine Investitionen schon fast abgeschrieben. Auf den letzten Drücker scheint ihr die Kurve noch zu kriegen! Bitte weitermachen!!!!
GersteKind Dettenhausen 2020-11-29

Viel besser als die Vorgänger App ( dS Home Control). Lädt viel schneller, bietet viel mehr Details. Guter Job :-)
Michelle Brydon 2019-07-22

Gut gelungenes neues App für DigitalStrom! Ich finde die neue App echt gut und es ist viel leichter mein Smart Home zu kontrollieren als bei den alten Apps. Ich hoffe die Funktionen Zeitschaltuhr und Benutzerdef. Zustände können auch integriert werden in die App in Zukunft. Was noch sehr nützlich wäre ist wenn man den Licht An/Aus Schalter der in jedem Zimmer angezeigt wird auch zu den Favoriten hinzufügen könnte.