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Description of DSM-5 Differential Diagnosis

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FREE PREVIEW – View select topics to experience the 6-step diagnostic framework and interactive decision trees to discover how this app can help all health care professionals narrow down an accurate psychiatric diagnosis.


All clinicians are trained to make accurate diagnoses. Beginning with the patient’s presenting symptoms, they ultimately narrow down multiple options to one condition. The DSM-5 Differential Diagnosis Handbook can play a critical role in this process by improving the diagnostic process of psychiatric conditions. Leveraging latest DSM-5 classifications from the American Psychiatric Association, users are able to use a trusted 6-step process when dealing with, sometimes unfamiliar, psych conditions.

Exclusive, integrated interactive decision trees provide a step-by-step process of asking yes or no questions to find a tentative diagnosis. When the initial diagnosis is reached, tables of differential diagnoses are presented to help confirm or present new options.


• Interactive decision trees for narrowing down psychiatric diagnoses

• Algorithms for enhanced assessment

• The latest DSM-5 classifications and ICD-10 codes

• Helpful tables of differential diagnoses

• Detailed entries featuring definitions for each psychiatric condition

• Expansive guidance on all 6 steps of the differential diagnosis process

• Universal Index Search help find topics quickly

• “Favorites” for bookmarking important entries

Author: Michael B. First, MD

Publisher: American Psychiatric Association Publishing

Powered by: Unbound Medicine

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User Reviews


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Sean Cilento 2015-11-23

I could throw darts more accurately Thank god I didn\'t pay, I tested the one availabe preview, which was anxiety... The dx was ptsd and the questions they ask suggested everything but...
DK B 2016-01-09

More deceptive crap. Says free, but then turns the screws to make you pay up $69. It is shameful that Google play doesn\'t enforce honesty by its vendors.
Nikki Volodin 2019-03-12

THIS APP IS A SCAM! Paid for the app, apparently their was a bug or something because after paying it i was not able to access the content. contacted unbound and took them forever to respond to me. When they finially did, they didn\'t offer me any solution and just refunded me. Then had the nerve to say they were going out of their way to help me, by offering me a 10% discount. When on their webstore, they are offering a 10% discount. This app and their customer service don\'t deserve even 1 star!
Ashley Fullingim 2016-10-15

No thanks It says free but everything I clicked on was not available for preview. It should say lite so I know it\'s a preview and it should walk me through what I can do with the full version. This app is annoying. I\'m not paying 69.99 until I know it can deliver what I need.
Calvin Lidmark 2019-03-24

I like the app and the various features. i think it will be a useful tool. However, I\'m surprised no one had noticed the algorithms were not visible. In fairness, once I let Support know, they went right to work on it. Quality Control identifying the issue ahead of time would have made my purchase experience better. I hesitated to purchase the Emergency 5 Minute Consult because of the glitch. I would also suggest support access on weekends. Otherwise, I\'m satisfied with my experience. S
Jomomma 2019-04-20

BPD 1 diagnosed with 5 questions, two of which were rule outs for substances and medical conditions. This app is very simplified and not useful especially for the price. I asked for a refund within an hour of purchase and was denied... dont make the same mistake I did....
Rosa Caban 2016-11-19

Highly, not recommended, it appears scam, catch 22... Very discouraging and totally unacceptable, it leads readers no where. Why indicates it is free!!!? It is a FREE HEADACHE!!! It always leads to asking for $69.00 if access is desired, It should not say free!!!!!
KJ Black 2015-09-04

I gave it 1 star because that was the lowest I could go It says it\'s free but as soon as it downloads it requires $69 to look at anything
Bill Conner 2016-03-14

It\'s not free! They allow a brief preview of selected disorders and want 69.99 for the full version. Very misleading.
Sammich Bogimon 2017-04-28

Blithering nonsense. Stand under a highway overpass and look at the graffiti to get an idea of the aesthetic. Read The Great Omar in the horoscope section for more accurate results. After installing software this Mickey Mouse, it is always good practice to check your logs to see what permissions it is asking for and where it trying to connect. Nobody could expect this to actually sell.